The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat (Audio)

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    Official audio for The Weeknd's “In Your Eyes” Remix feat. Doja Cat - available everywhere now:
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    1. kristina gojkovic

      i dont get the comments what happened? why is this bad timing?

    2. Si Abe


    3. Si Abe

      This remix is best ever doja made better this song

    4. xAntixHentaix

      It’s about to be a hot summer bummer.

    5. Paty Mejis


    6. Samuel Vitor

      Cancelah ou não?

    7. Larry

      Doja cat made out good on this one. Just getting mad money and exposure off of Abel's work.

    8. Paty Mejis


    9. Mari Vern


    10. Parresia Publishers

      sigh i love you abel

    11. Hybrid Prince.

      I literally saw this before in time Before the ... I uhh I can’t say it but I just hope tht someone understands my pain. I just know the multiple times are real the timeline is real and I can’t jeopardize it if I do , I lose


      The Weeknd excluindo a música depois de descobrir que a d0j4 é racista

      1. Alison DiLaurentis

        amore nao tem prova alguma que ela é racista rs

    13. Light

      This trash

    14. DiZzY_AlY_YT

      yo keep it up my guy im with ya

    15. Izzy Bee

      Só toca aqui quem fala Português

    16. Dawg Dawg

      Isn’t she cancelled. Wrong timing lol

    17. Tyler DeZutter

      IMO the original is so much better and should’ve been left alone #canceldojacat

    18. toskaria

      bu kadar iyi bir şey görmedim

    19. Freshouttafvcks freshouttafvcks


    20. Quinn Felipe

      I love this 💕

    21. Ashley Guzman

      Me: (xo fan) "who invited her?..she doesnt even go here."

    22. Earthling Being

      I love this. His voice reminds me of MJ


      She belongs to Wesley

    24. Luna Ortega Cruz

      I love in your eyes I play it on my iPad everyday

    25. Power G

      Lana Del Rey be like: 👁👄👁

    26. Alan Sala

      She made a remix to my fav song.....can i not love you more doja? 😍😍😍😍😍

    27. h b

      i dont want tiktok to discover the weeknd. kids will ruin it

      1. Tasnia Miah

        His song was already on musically

      2. Julius Caesar

        as if he isn't already mainstream af

    28. Azuma

      i love this so much person is person art is art

    29. Angela Cubilete

      Love this song... but talk about bad timing...

      1. Doja Lover

        the videos of doja isn't real

    30. Angel Cisneros

      El remix que no sabía que necesitaba.

    31. veronica salazar

      si se dan cuenta al principio de la canción suena como el sonidito de stranger things cuando van a jugar en los vídeo juegos

    32. Raquel Medeiros Medeiros


    33. Frivvifox2019 FrivvifoxLauren7Billieeilish

      Martin Luther king I have a dream Years down the road your dream still needs a little work with Peace & Love It's because Adam eat the bad Apple I bet

    34. Potato Chip

      Doja is cancelled but her music is still good🤧

      1. a n

        @Potato Chip she didn't tho

      2. Potato Chip

        Doja Lover said who?

      3. Potato Chip

        Alison DiLaurentis she literally said she wishes she was fully white come again.

      4. Alison DiLaurentis

        people aren’t cancelable, she’s a human just like me and you and there’s none proof that she is racist

      5. Doja Lover

        the videos of doja isn't real

    35. Nirmal Kumar

      She is another version of Nicki minaj

    36. Barbara Justus

      Everbody few week ago: OMG they did a songgg Now: it was good while it lasted😭

      1. Doja Lover

        the videos of doja isn't real

    37. bowen voowy

      There’s not one song that he makes that’s bad and it’s insane

    38. Kinya

      Doja Cat is undeniably talented... bad energy stay far away from her music !

    39. elo ddalgi

      Dance dancing dancing

    40. altaf Abdallah


      1. bowen voowy

        And Doja is black too.. And I think that Doja was never fully accepted by Black community cuz she is half white and neither white community did And ppl with mixed races they

    41. a mol

      me looking at the top comments with love and affection 👁👄👁

      1. Doja Lover

        the videos of doja isn´t real

    42. Marie


    43. •Betzabeth GZ•

    44. Hel7oh

      Summer 2020 ❤

    45. Social VIbes

      Hate the way I feel love, only hurts with real love..... Dis my best line 😉 Check out the lyrics 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

    46. Kaelen N.

      I feel like this song was in on my block

    47. Machete 20

      I still like doja cat,

      1. African Logic

        racist love doja cat

    48. AyyItsSnow

      Lmfao like do research or shut up not just a stupid Twitter tag

    49. Fati

      k, what does 2020 have to tell us more? 2020, is there more? what are we supposed to say...

    50. MJ

      That is Dojas eyes

    51. Jane Doe

      Shoulda been the ORIGINAL!

    52. caustic NOStalgia

      I'm angry at Doja but her in this song is giving me the feels

      1. pablo

        I don't know if you have already seen it but she did an instagram live today, that you can find on youtube, where she explains everything.

    53. Vuyani Masango

      Plot twist, the weeknd knew he was working with a racist all along...

      1. Doja Lover

        the videos of doja isn't real

    54. Azuma


    55. ansam M.A.G

      Can’t stop listening to this 🤤🔥❤️

    56. an se

      Some people on the comments here played by the fake rumors [and this industry is like that some spill the rumors to ruin other's career] and Doja is super talented woman who is gonna survive this and STOP THROWING DIRTS ON HER PEOPLE Even in Black community they be judge other black people's skin colors light or dark and that's foolish... And Doja is black too.. And I think that Doja was never fully accepted by Black community cuz she is half white and neither white community did And ppl with mixed races they grew up with blaming the other side cuz of insecurities and cuz of haters... Let her be Her and leave her alone She is moving forward no matter what ppl judge her past (I am sorry if there is any grammatically wrong sentence I am Korean) And this song is AMAZING

    57. kadie

      my 2 favorite artists in one song i- work of art ❤

    58. Pink Bettas

      Why does this song feel so nostalgic

    59. Prince of Twerk

      The cover is exactly the same as BASTILLE's Blame 🤔

    60. Annika Dahlqvist

      Ooooohhh 👌👌👌👌

    61. Selenay

      Now that Doja debunked all the dumb rumours regarding her on her live, let's enjoy this beautiful remix ❤

    62. Mheay Fajardo


    63. Sade ß


    64. Maeva R

      Love the weeknd😍

    65. Matheus

      galera, quem é clóvis?

    66. David Oates

      This needs to happen! ---->

    67. Dafinny Miranda


    68. e

      time to re-stan

    69. not again

      They should do a tiktok dance for <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a>

    70. who cares

      This song is too good dangg!

    71. Shemz Love

      5 days ago Meme: Turn it up 2 days ago Meme: Turn it off

    72. Bruno Martins

      Muito boa, tá de parabéns 👏👏❤

    73. Henry Lalnghakliana

      I loved it💙

    74. Amai S2

      A Doja tem uma voz tão bonita 💖💖

    75. Vanes B.

      Every artist bring the 80s 90s back now like wtf

    76. Laila

      shes so talented hjsjf

    77. m z

      Abel pls punch me in the face

    78. Leann Stéfan

      now that that whole fiasco is over, im ready for dojas verse

    79. Madison Bittner

      80s music vibes are becoming trendy...and I’m living🙏

    80. Story Time

      The first thing I said when I heard this song..sounds like the 80's which IMO was the BEST time in music.. and vocal Micheal Jacksonish..