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    We declare this the day FULL OF bloopers. Stranger Things Season 3 bloopers have arrived! (Pssst, this is the line David Harbour was talking about.)
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    1. Shawn Finnegan

      This show sucks

    2. Nick Guba

      2:22 LOOK AT MILLIES FACE 😂😂

    3. Tarantula Teen

      No one: No single soul: No planets: Hopper: It’s your Grandma

    4. mollycerys

      it's a your *grandma*

    5. mollycerys

      nobody: millie: **says sorry to a dummy**

    6. TheConfidentialEnderman


    7. Phumin Kailo

      The cat

    8. Little Loopie


    9. Sergio Flores

      Blooper reels are fun but I always wonder how often and how mad the director or crew gets at failing multiple takes because of laughing cuz these vids always make the moments seem light hearted but then in interviews actors mention seeing directors lose their shit often so like personally I would be scared of screwing up scenes 💀

    10. Rheyzan Mulu

      "its your gramma *dies*"

    11. The life of Jordan Carter Robinson

      Next season season four bloopers

    12. [Dêliläh NãliHQ]

      Lmao we're gonna need more of these 😂

    13. Sugarcookie Studios

      *it's your grandma*

    14. juanelondon2005

      Plot twist: It isn't your grandma

    15. danksister

      etcha grama

    16. cc gal

      *ell opens door* *ell talking* I'm ketchup *max talking*and I'm mustard *both talking*and together we ketchup and mustard!

    17. Covarrubiapenelope Covarrubiapenelope

      hello eleve ilove you sorry

    18. Shaka

      Make a show in Portugal

    19. Shaka

      Stranger things please come to Portugal

    20. ASMR Alinah

      Is it just me or did Millie’s accent slowly fade away

    21. Simar Gautam

      Nobody: Hopper: It’s your grandm-skskdbjsjdsbahUsisorlk

    22. •Potatoe & Coal•

      We need more Steve

    23. Weelaya12 Xx

      No one; Not a soul: Not even hotel trivia go: David: I T S. Y O U R. G R A N D M A

    24. {OvErKiLl} Kerez

      No one. Finn: YEAHHHH!!

    25. Weelaya12 Xx

      Sadie at the start having a total British accent

    26. Tegnet

      2:10 He said it. Crazy season. Sadly not in a good way. Sorry, but this show went from a perfect blend of horror, thriller, drama and comedy... To a comedy with a tiny bit of drama/thriller. Terrible compared to the first season. Compare Joyce and Hopper in season 1 and season 3. They're not even the same characters anymore. Horrified people who kept the show grounded... But are now wisecracking jokers. The first season did good, so "oh shit! Better milk it for all it got! Don't matter if we don't really know how to write anymore!"

    27. Daniel Berglund

      2:38 Shake, shake, shake, Senora, Shake your body line!

    28. Tfue

      This is how many’ days until season 4 👇🏽

    29. cattastic kid

      Eleven: *does the floss* Me:😦😧😲

    30. Charlie harker

      Nobody: Not a single soul: The girls: I'm ketchup and I'm mustard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. crazy for myself


    32. Anna Kate Shukes

      I love your Bloopers you guys are so funny and crazy love u guys you guys make me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!

    33. ProGamer

      Legend has it the grandma scene is stil shooting haha now give me 3000 likes

    34. vbddfy euuyt

      There’s no single bloopers for alexei? *sad cherry slurps*

    35. Cachoorrinho FIÁ da Puta

      Um amor por essa série 😂♥️

    36. sidaep

      Did Finn just Break the walkie talkie ? 😂

    37. JustinPayton

      Need more Steve and Billy.

      1. vbddfy euuyt


    38. Moonlit

      1:44 the cat! 😂😂😂

    39. em b

      “Russians - what? *bleurufjejebdhth”*

    40. Marijo Solis

      AI LOVE

    41. Kath KittenPlayz

      For the next few days all I’ll be thinking about is : It’s your grandma

    42. Ole Abdallah

      Why is the world so boring.

    43. Hilda Gilordenghi

      Stranger things milie bobie 3 temporada

    44. Freezer_ R6

      Its youre grandma

    45. Ari

      No one: Not a single soul: Not even the spider: Everyone in the comments: no one: Not a single soul:

    46. Laces Below


    47. Alma Ortiz

      I really love this series is beautiful ❤️

    48. MrCovaxed

      im so pumped for season 4

    49. The robot club Angeltherobotguy

      Hopper: "It's your Grandma" Eleven:😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Mike:😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

    50. TubeCaramel

      Season 3 was one big blooper. 😑

    51. A_Thicc_ Sister

      It's your GRANDMA


      Its your grandma xD

    53. TheDGFan

      I need the Music from the beginning !!!!

    54. Ducks & Potatos

      Noah: “A day...FULL OF GIRLS!” Finn: “YEAAAAA!!! YEAA!

    55. ellee

      this was my favorite season. can’t wait till 4 ❤️

    56. Ogre Man

      how could they not say "as you wish" to Cary Elwes?!?

    57. 콧수염물린

      тевирп, русским фанам👀👊

    58. Meyson the movie On 25 Nintendo vids

      It’s your grandma