Slash's Lifestyle ★ 2018

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    Slash's Lifestyle ★ 2018
    Slash's Lifestyle ★ 2018
    Slash's Lifestyle ★ 2018
    Slash Income, Houses,Cars, Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth 2018
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    Ajoutée Il y a 2 ans


    1. Sang Pengembara

      Slash's House, Car Is fake.

    2. David Parsaulian

      Very nice personal Profile, he is a real gentlement for all his carreers, for his family and for his pets too. I think he has a lot of Pets, such as a Phyton.

    3. Eddie Gunner

      dman, if you made video about Slash, you should put some better music in it,, not this crap ...


      School? drop out.

    5. Paul Paulo

      Weight 68 kg, is that his hair?

    6. religionrock

      I thought Slash was happily married with kids with one and only wife just like Bon Jovi,this video demolished my whole image of Slash.

    7. Mark TheRegularDude

      You missed out on Slash's Snakepit and various other important details... GOD AWFUL SONUNDTRACK TO THIS VID

    8. Chelsea Smith

      Had to turn it off - background music is terrible

    9. Holden Tribut Seite

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="572">9:32</a> the dog makes the same face he does on stage

    10. Jorge

      Slash is NOT 150 pounds😂 you think he's a highschool kid still? The man has gainz

    11. G LEEP

      아부지가 슬래시면 뭔 기분일까

    12. Wesley Duarte

      Agora sabemos que Slash puxou a mãe na feiura! Kkkkkkkk

    13. Derek Stocker

      Great video BUT not that backround noise!

    14. Antonio Culebro

      Cash was born 4 days before me that same year 😳😳😳

    15. Márk Váradi

      The video is fantastic, but dude the music is awful... Slash deservs his best music to this. Just my opinon :)

    16. Emily Atkinson

      man his house is awesome just like him

    17. Paweł G

      So much excess...

    18. e call1

      Slash is closer to 190 lbs...

    19. Gersey Gal

      I Love Slash...But this soundtrack SUCKS.....

    20. Marcus Chatur

      There is no way that he's 68kgs

    21. rightyourwrong

      lol they had his stats like he was a fighter. i want to know what is hand size is too in case he wants to b QB

    22. Crabs Rice

      68 kg Bullshit

    23. AussieSailor 53

      That snake would eat that tiny little dog no worries.

    24. 拯救月球

      you should show his guitars.

    25. Sammy Plueddemann

      Why are you playing that shitty music in the background it completely disrespects his influence in rock music

    26. John Smith

      Not bad for a high school drop out.

    27. Gary

      That music started and I immediately began masturbating.

    28. Vladimir Divis

      This is shit video...slashes origin is stoke on trent UK.

    29. bianco8

      the most overrated guitarist ever

    30. Rayfter B.o

      Porque carajos le ponen esa cancion a slash.

    31. sumdyude

      His choice in women is terrible

    32. Oblivion Light

      I woke up in Shash's Bugatti. I WOKE UP IN SHASH'S BUGAAAAATTI!

    33. Darren Richter

      Riff King!!!

    34. andreas kümmert - OFFICIAL

    35. lenny108

      In 1991 Izzy Stradlin left the band abruptly. He cited Rose's behavior and the other band mate's constant drinking and drug addiction as reasons. He was the backbone of GN'R as its rhythm guitarist. Rose instead of solving the matter kicked Izzy in the back while he was walking out the door. This was the end, my friend. The band broke up. Completely unnecessarily

    36. Norb Pranger

      Ahh the moment they show the Velvet Revolver caption, but show a picture of SMKC. Yup, this is legit.

    37. Little Pete 871

      My dad was 120kgs and yet he looks bigger

    38. fangie0210

      CRAP MUSIC!!!! And you didn't use any of his work, because.....!!!!??? Ahhh, you're gay, that is why!~!! What's next, the Wiggles music for Led Zep!!!!???? Fuck knuckles!!!!

    39. Xenomito


    40. Javier Marval Ross

      that's not slash !

    41. Evan Blair Whitfield

      Let me indulge the idiot who uploaded this: if you can’t play GNR or Slash’s music behind this video due to copyright reasons, then don’t do it, period. Get your head examined by a qualified doctor, and your ears replaced by a qualified mechanic. Nuff said.

    42. Ian Renault

      Please change this horrible music....

    43. LLAMA FRHD

      No pinball as a hobby.

    44. Александр Бердников

      this video is peace of sh*t dont beleive a word

    45. YoSoyWaka04

      Has puesto la foto de un Ferrari ensombrece por un 458 Italia..........estás muy verde en coches

    46. gabriel ruiz

      La cagaste¡¡¡ con la musik intro😕😕😕😕👎👎👎👎 no tienes ni puta¡¡¡ idea de quien estas presentando¡¡¡

    47. George H Gordy

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="523">8:43</a> Slash auctioned off that 1966 Corvette in 2011.. the Winning bid: $115,200.. Do a little research man

    48. Etem Avgül

      son is cops slash :)

    49. mariana moisei


    50. Andrew Boraine

      WTF , this is one of the worst cut and paste jobs I've seen. Waste of time

    51. The Italian Skunk Whisperer

      I wanted to see the houses and cars but couldn't wait for it to end because of this annoying irritating music.

    52. White lion

      458 and the Enzo Ferrari look the same to you?

    53. Ru Git

      dislike for terrible background sound

    54. Gabriel López González


    55. Toa Mataafa

      Back ground music is awful pls turn this grab off..not even Slash’s style of music.

    56. Quarantined Citizen

      Did I just saw the devils image at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a>?? 😳😳

    57. surrealfx

      Other than the various inaccuracies like the random Enzo picture that was thrown in italia montage. He also doesn’t own the Stingray either. He auctioned that around 4 years ago or so.

    58. Rolando Salindeho

      how bout slash's snakepit?

    59. HorseWaterDrink

      what about the vodka , the heart problems, and the OD

    60. John Day

      You have a picture of a Ferrari Enzo in the middle of the pictures about his Ferrari 458 Italia.

    61. kyle Mckinnon

      Gay music for a video on slash's lifestyle, i mean come on you probably just got those photos of google

    62. Luis Ve

      Slash is not originally from california is english !!!

    63. Roel Heijmans

      Thanks for making this! This was awesome! A huge slash fan for more than 30 years now and he is the reason I started playing the guitar back in ‘92.

    64. tim kat


      1. Church 2

        But maybe there is no god.

    65. Tom Nekuda

      Good livin' if you can get it! Lucky dog!

    66. Adrian Saycon

      yeah it is slash lifestyle but it is not slash music style lol....

    67. pelimalol

      The music is most annoying

    68. Sweet Cyanide

      Is this just for views because the music made me sick.

    69. Alabhaya Tandon

      23July - Sun sign is Leo , not cancer get ur facts right

    70. plotonisradd

      slash never left velvet revolver , they disbanded . Aston martin never produced a car called "silver" that is a DB11 on the picture

    71. Zawenh

      Walaupun Dia Di DO dia sukses

    72. Broken Lions

      Do you know the difference between rock music and rubbish music?

    73. Marlon Villapando

      The picture behind Slash is not from him. Those supercars belongs to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    74. Wardo Cabrera

      Para empezar muy rápido pasas la información ni se puede leer y otra que música más gay pusiste para ponerle a un estilo de vida de un rocker 🖕🏻


    76. Monsieur Pipo

      Clip is Ok but music sucks !

    77. Cdog inth'house

      Really AWESOME digs man. 😃

    78. Leonard

      Such bad research. Bands, Cars, etc. are ether not correct or you show two completely different things for one

    79. Tomee TooTone

      At 4 mins in video, that's Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Not Velvet Revolver.

    80. köttfärslimpan

      how can slashes kids be blond if he's hair is black and the mother red?