Slash // Bad Rain (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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    'Bad Rain' is taken from Slash's latest album 'Apocalyptic Love' which is out now on Roadrunner. Click here to get your copy

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    1. HeaBe Jan

      La mejor de todos los tiempos✌🏼

    2. floppycheese96

      when you lost all the original footage right before the deadline and find a rule 34 artist to cook something up real quick

    3. Josue Sanabria

      2020 y aun la escucho que buen temon

    4. Baja Samostalni Jahač

      Good my Parcela 7

    5. Alp Germaner

      Good song. Happy 2020

    6. M4teus 0liveir4


    7. HeatherMetal YUM

      That song an exact potrait painted to the depths of drug addiction so articulately by slashes guitar. Just a wicked little tale...expertly told by slashes guitars voice

      1. HeatherMetal YUM

        Oh ya and myles kennedy perfect . he is. The expert singing. God level .

    8. Roberto Nuñez


    9. Radamanto7


    10. Andros Bryant

      Did Miles Kennedy just Hollowify?

    11. Vinicio Escobar

      Que slash regrese a los guns and roses con steve adler con axel roses y todos los integrantes originales

    12. Thazin Nyi Nyi


    13. rollin' stoned

      freaker's ball 2.0!

    14. Richard Piza

      Como es que esta joya tiene solo 3 m de reproducciones

    15. Shihab Mahmud

      Thank me later Blood lust tonight, bite my tongue and hold it in From deep inside she hates the every part of him In the rupture of the midnight sun She is longing for immortal love You who hangs high, tell me will it ever end? Oh, oh, whoa, oh Here’s comes the bad rain Falling from an aching high Here’s comes the bad rain Don’t when it’s gonna stop She’s somewhere else, should be lying next to me Under the spell, tangled in the ecstasy From a day she gave a streaming life Let them pray on her like a sacrifice Since you deny everything so brazenly Oh, oh, whoa, oho Here’s comes the bad rain Falling from an aching high Here comes the bad rain Don’t know when it’s gonna stop Hanging in the madness of this love she wants to run the tell is sun And so I’m lost away,…

    16. Hakan Yüksel

      And that kids, is how i met your mother.

    17. julio


    18. Alena Cerhanová

      That's it. My new guitar is called Bad Rain.

    19. neonowy świat


    20. jose andres zetina cruz

      Will it be on Spotify? ._.

    21. licantropavampiresa

      The granddaughter of jessica rabbit going down

    22. Enerv8 Studios

      2019 I'm Here

      1. Вадим Рожков

        : )

    23. Chuck Buhl

      That's my kind of people 🤔 miss all of you

    24. Chris Thomas

      Slash....... love the way you lean on the wah wah pedal at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> minutes

    25. Marcos AcL

      Como Eu Amo Essa Música

    26. Chris Thomas

      Love it.. !!! Love the wah wah.... but of course Trower will always BE the MASTER of the wah wah Listen to this -

    27. Simone Marchetti

      Slash at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> hahahahhahaha

    28. claudio c

      from dusk till dawn

    29. Deathbat Cover

      Slash y su magia!👌

    30. Roger Nuica

      Pure Art.

    31. Vero Salvador

      Elle envoûte comme la défonce si tu veux ! C'est juste trop excellent ! ♥ 🍸# Fernando c!😉

    32. Vero Salvador

      La j'adore 👆🔝🔝🐛😉😇😈😎

      1. paradoxe

        Oh, une française !

    33. Keila Mora

      Engel? Rammstein???

    34. Axel Bueso

      Bad rain...♡

    35. SR Lucan

      2019 still holds up

    36. A E S T H E T I C *

      so EPIC OMGGGGGGG <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a>

      1. Lucia Ribeiro

        W. Axl Rose = *November Rain* Slash = *Bad Rain*

    37. JD E

      2019 everyone??

      1. Вадим Рожков


      2. A E S T H E T I C *

        Me ux

    38. Margarita Mejía

      2019 ? :3

    39. Matt Tomato

      It makes me laugh as the rhythmic guitarist appears with a guitar at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="188">3:08</a> and then at minute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> appears with the bass

    40. Naza Stabilito

      this the cringiest thing on earth, thank god there is a dislike button

      1. everythingisgonnabe oKKE

        How sad are u xd

    41. Vero Salvador

      Ça sent le vécu! 😑

    42. Martin Balbi

      Que buen videoclip la xoncha de mi hermanaaa

    43. Mikail Doğru

      2019 ?? Is there any body here ? :((

      1. Ema


      2. Dom Ex

        2020 new song for me love this , Slash is an awesome guitarist , such a shame about axel rose loosing his shit think how big guns n roses would be now

      3. Lvice

        2019 and 2020 :-)

      4. BRUCE LEE

        My daily drug dose!

      5. Edward Burzum blood


    44. Makoto Sempai

      Puro gringo

    45. Ignacio Silva

      Good song

    46. 天SaraLaPsicopata

      muerte a todo aquel que vea esto

    47. Josue Sanabria

      me gusto este video la animación cultural se nota igual que en guitar hero 3

    48. Samu? seu?


    49. darkmusik919 666

      Oh fuck, i dont know, but i like this song

    50. 22megaton

      *WHY* out of all the god-forsaken shit-holes in Mexico, did we have to meet here?! ‘This place is as good as any other’ Have you ever been inside of it? ‘No… look, it’s a rowdy place, it’s out in the middle of no where so there’s no cops. Plus, you said you wanted to meet in the morning, and it’s open “dawn till dusk”’

    51. Alice Manson

      Greatest hits !!!

    52. Esteban Urueña


    53. markarts

      Anyone know the animators from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a>? I love the creepiness of it

    54. B.A.D. and Proud

      Anyone else thought of the Titty Twister in From Dusk till Dawn?

    55. cwel :D

      Zdecydowanie moja ulubiona z tego albumy 🙂

    56. Karen Martínez


    57. Julio Regalado

      Me gusta

    58. İnfxrno

      Nice solo

    59. Anónimo

      Pero que acabo de ver !!! 0o0

    60. Leonard Kocák


    61. reddeadsinister6969

      By slash’s standards, I thought this song was rather weak.

    62. Jagar Alagoria

      Video synopsis- a dude goes to a monster vorearaphile stripclub, kinks and scary shit ensues. Fuck I love this song.

    63. Stephanie Sky

      Such a great song an super sick video.

    64. Fernando Tovar

      Christy Mack

    65. Catshapped

      This really looks Bukowski like to me. I his short tales bizarre things like these used to happen to the excluded (lumpens) in those ambients they frequented , always something odd, something that made you not think you were quite in this reality, also the strippers, the legs, all the aesthetic makes me me think of him and his vices.

    66. Inferno Nativo

      Am I the only one who thought about Jessica Rabbit when she came on stage ? The way she looks with that hair and makeup and the way she walks... also the wall thing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">01:17</a>... Jessica Rabbit for sure

    67. Kabirdix

      This reminds me of a scene from one of the crappy Scooby-Doo films when the two went to a club for monsters.

    68. Peter Lopez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a> Ahhh so that's where all the animation money went

    69. See Esta

      I can't take Myles voice sorry slash! he sucks!

    70. nishant arya

      The meaning according to me Bloodlust tonight, bite my tongue and hold it in From deep inside she aches for every part of him In the rapture of the midnight sun She is longing for immortal love New moon hangs high, tell me will it ever end? Oh, oh, whoa, oho ^^*This Para represents the man is a very good lover and his woman wants love tonight" Here comes the bad rain, Falling from an aching heart Here comes the bad rain Don’t know when it’s gonna stop 8 ^^Now the sex has started. bad rain meaning rough sex* She’s somewhere else, should be lying next to me

    71. Tommy Hicks

      The Predator VS Venom ?

    72. Breno lima god of war breno


    73. 彡Dark Kurayami


    74. Skittles Taste The Rainbow

      Still a banger

    75. ali hp

      da fak is wrong with slash music videos

    76. Monster Kat

      MonsterKat is Bored NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Delightfullydemented65

      I've tried and tried...but Myles Kennedy's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me...makes me cringe. Sorry Myles, it is what it is

    78. Matt Potts

      This is g as fuck

    79. oscar gomez garduño


    80. DaRoflDoflZz

      this music video is so fucking stupid

      1. Cordz R