Slash | 1966 Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck


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    Slash's rise to rock royalty featured a variety of iconic Gibson models, but it was the 1966 EDS-1275 Doubleneck that both diversified his sound and solidified his guitar-god aesthetic.
    He bought it from a small music store in Indiana in 1990 and put it into rotation almost immediately. Using the natural chime and chorus of the twelve-string neck and composing epic solos on the other, it became a favorite tool for studio and stage and an indelible part of Slash's sound.
    Gibson is proud to present this exacting replica of the original guitar, constructed and aged by the skilled craftspeople of the Custom Shop in Nashville, TN. Only 125 models will be sold worldwide, each hand-signed and numbered by Slash himself.
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    1. Ralph MARX


    2. Hard Rock Master

      I won't be impressed until he plays the solo from TSRTS.

    3. tio milcho

      Chimbas de guitarras 👍

    4. Gumper YT

      Que dijo?

    5. Yohanis Rodríguez

      Pensé que la iba a tocar :v

    6. J. B.

      HEYYYY GIBSON!! How's about making an Epiphone version of this guitar for the rest of us who don't have a Bentley in the driveway?

    7. Ito Sanchez

      Gibson´s and Rayban´s muppet...

    8. Wadena_ _support is slash wearing a tom petty and the heart breakers shirt ?

    9. Br7ce1

      He didnt play it

    10. 왓업이

      한국인 보고 있다 손!

    11. Cris Torres

      All hail guitar lord: SLASH!!!

    12. Andrei Tuico

      Well that’s one way to get back up from bankruptcy and divorce

    13. Dariel Chavez

      How much?

    14. Tim

      How can one man keep a whole company afloat

    15. Ryan Lockett

      This is why Gibson has had financial problems; there are few working musicians with 13k laying around for a guitar not to mention the higher-end Les pauls that go for between 3 and 10 grand. Gibson doesn't sell badass guitars anymore; they sell a posh, pre-packaged lifestyle aimed at Boomer retirees and their ilk that ironically don't have any gigs.

    16. Juan Aguirre

      Why are they all so worn out?

    17. riccardo giannino

      Fender is the best

    18. Allen Sampang

      adds 6k to the price for some scratches and a legend's signature *only Gibson can do that*

    19. Alexxx X

      Gimme one of this guitar please😢

    20. Alex Garnett

      He's a nice guy our Slash

    21. Lukas Dkhar

      What i've noticed, as far as interviews are concern, Slash has a good vocabulary.

    22. Callum Miller

      Imagine restringing that 😂

    23. Mike Naykki

      Nice! 👍👍🎸😎

    24. Paul Blart Mall Cop

      god all that checking was probably done by hand with a scalpel or something, my wrists are aching just thinking about it

    25. HellWarz Newz

      this should be an Alex Lifeson double neck gibson story or Jimmy Page

    26. JakeJonKing

      Love his Shirt

    27. Bogdan Anderson

      Steve Howe played one as well.

    28. Jimbo Slice

      more overpriced junk

    29. Haziq Azman

      A solo from Slash on that double neck is what i came here for. sigh

    30. mark garcia

      Slash is literally the only artist Gibson can retain. Such a trash company man smh. I only buy used Gibsons from the 90’s for the last few years

    31. James Francis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> fun fact: Paul Stanley used to play a black doubleneck live in the '70s

    32. Bryan8329

      "do you have those guitars that are, like, double guitars?"

    33. What Me Worry

      Slash is a one trick pony. Fucking boring player.👎😛

    34. Phil Frank

      I don`t like these razorblade "cracks".

    35. ITZRENZOHDistic

      Thats literally Jimmy Pages Guitat But Black

    36. Phenix returns

      SLASH +Gibson = amazing sound demo

    37. rockbottom

      Thanks gibson for buying it for me😂

    38. H&SAnimations

      gunter sloush

    39. perfect cell

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> that's Gibson's quality for ya

    40. keseysvenisonchili

      this just in: slash STILL does not use effects pedals.

    41. R B

      Name of the song at the beginning of the video??

    42. Criss Reznor

      Anyone else bummed we didn’t get to see slash rip that double neck?

    43. Dave Wick

      You also love the energy posting weird shit on your instagram

    44. Ian Sanders

      It’s weird to hear famous guitarists voices

    45. Barbara Zanetti bucchioni


    46. ぺんしる


    47. Eathan Straker

      Gimme gimme!

    48. Francesco Liuzzi

      Fender forever

    49. ccbbh4477223

      Love the shirt--RIP Tom!!!!!

    50. Anh Tuan Pham

      gibson fall because of this


      I wish I had one Gibson and a amp

    52. FaZe g Kin

      Wow no word just wow

    53. Karim Belkhelfa

      Nice Bitches Bro ahahh my wife can kills me i will die happy ...!!!

    54. лысый помедор

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> he starts playing

    55. tom law

      Yeah because Slash is so well known for his double neck SG...

    56. Trulius Julius

      Booooo we wanted guitar playing not guitar player talking.... But slash is cool 🎸🎸😎

    57. Daniel TR

      Out of stock :(

    58. James B.

      They do not look exactly the same. Slash's EDS-1275 has no pick-up covers, and the PUS are likely Seymour Duncans Alnico II (even Adam Day is not sure but Gibson surely took the axe appart).

    59. そー


    60. yuri kirino

      Jimmy page better

    61. Speed Cola

      Slash is overrated shit

    62. Vladimir

      Worst guitar ever. Because it’s overpriced.

    63. Gene Phillips

      Better come with a fuckin case!!!

    64. tactical goat

      another guitar for the rich kids to mess around

    65. Antonio Santos Fox Guitar


    66. FilipWizard

      His shoe looks like headstock from guitar

    67. Giliberto Paparauchas

      Alto banana

    68. The Social Robot

      I can’t buy that, I’d need to use two string swings. That’s 26 dollars worth

    69. Reco

      Tocate algo en la guitarra para el video slash careta

    70. Dabs & Tea Time

      Doesn't even play it ffs

    71. Piotr Ślusarczyk

      Honestly I'm tired of super fancy expensive guitars for dentists... Slash dude... amateur musican never gonna pay that kind of money for some old new Gibson By the way, how I can trust company who announced bankruptcy few times...Quality drops so lowww man... Gibson should start making good quality guitars for "normal" pepole.

    72. BigboyDulan

      Why is there a shit stain on the back?

    73. Liberio Escriba

      After all these years this man proves that he can still produce the highest level of disgusting, tasteless shit.... 😧😧😧

    74. Wizzle

      ....and You can get a Damn fine copy off Ali Express for about tree fiddy. But dont do it if youre a sissy and can't string your own guitars.

    75. Guy

      Doubleneck guitars🤮

    76. BlλckMesa

      kinda mind blowing how Slash aged, Slash is getting old, even tho he still kinda looks the same, and so is his legendary hat

    77. Ariffin Bond

      Double neck J.Page is the god

    78. Gersom Slash

      #slash lenda

    79. Pulse_Magic

      The real 18 string guitar 🤘🤘

    80. Vanessa Barnes

      In 3 months I will have earned enough for my double neck .... I won't be able to breathe properly until it's in my arms