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    Come now set the past on fire 🔥 Together is out everywhere now!
    This is the first single from Sia’s upcoming album and from the motion picture Music. Sia wrote + directed the film, and wrote 10 original songs for it. The film stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Maddie Ziegler & more.
    Put your 🎧 on and welcome to the world of Music 🌈
    Director: Sia
    Producers: Vincent Landay, Jason Baum, Will Weiske
    Director of Photography: Wyatt Troll
    Camera Operator (Steadicam): Ari Robbins
    Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
    Production Designer: Leigh Poindexter
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw
    Color Timer: Timothy Stipan, Company 3
    Kate Hudson
    Leslie Odom Jr.
    Maddie Ziegler
    Beto Calvillo
    Mary Kay Place
    and Hector Elizondo
    Dance Ensemble:
    Alyssa Gore
    Angelina Capozzoli
    Artyon Celestine
    Cody Copley
    Lily Rose Silver
    Noah Citek
    River Sadlon
    Sophia Frilot
    Valentina Acosta
    Twitter: sia Instagram: siamusic
    Facebook: siamusic
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    I can hear the thunder
    Coming from your mouth
    And I know my number's up
    Give me some Stevie Wonder
    Quick put it on before we go under
    I can see the lightning
    Coming from your ears yeah I see you're frightened
    I can see the lion
    Sleeps tonight in the tears you're crying
    Can't love me unless you love you too
    Treat yourself like nothing but a fool
    Can't love me unless you love you too
    Love you too
    Come now set the past on fire
    Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
    Together we can take it higher
    Together we can take it higher
    Come now set the past on fire
    Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
    Together we can take it higher
    Together we can take it higher
    I can see the rainbow
    Coming from your heart and it's all ok so
    Come now see you're my angel
    Say bye to the past, hello to tomorrow
    I want love
    I want to give it
    I want love
    Please deliver it
    I want love
    I want to give it
    I want love
    Please deliver it
    I want love
    I want to give it
    I want love
    Please deliver it
    I want love
    I want to give it
    I want love
    Please deliver it
    Come now set the past on fire
    Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
    Together we can take it higher
    Together we can take it higher
    Come now set the past on fire
    Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
    Together we can take it higher
    Together we can take it higher
    We can take it higher
    #Sia #Together #Music

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    1. Sia

      We can take it higher ❤️ Together out everywhere NOW 🌈🎧 - Team Sia

      1. Wils 7w7

        Escuchar Sia me hace felíz :')

      2. Esteban Barrios

        Minute 3.00 Is that sia or i'm crazy?

      3. Ricky Tenderkiss

        @Sia - Thanks very much for including an older person in the dance routine!! 🤘🏼❤️👨🏼‍🦳 #FightAgeism #StopAgeism #Inclusion

      4. amine Fl

        you seved my life 🤍

      5. Cleiton Oliveira

        Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Love sia ♥️❤️

    2. Mahmoud Kurd

      I just wanna die when i hear your voice screaming ❤️🔥🔥

    3. owbln82

      how can u not like this?

    4. Joanna N

      remember when Sia videos used to be dark, with Maddie having a black and white wig, and now everything is super colourful

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    6. Tina Darzi

      I Love you

    7. Yossef Yossef

      يلاهوي ع الجمال❤❤

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    9. Awesome Ahana

      Does anyone else see Millie Bobby Brown?

    10. I know Lee know

      Listening to this song really calm my heart. Thank you for this sia💚

    11. big funges

      Sia has an amazing voice!

    12. Patrícia Alves da Silva

      I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💖🇧🇷

    13. Patrícia Alves da Silva

      Sia não tem música ruim e eu digo com tranquilidade 🇧🇷💖

    14. MALFOY Farts

      Love You Sia. Hopefully you could come here in Philippines💗

    15. janfurdy comahig

      Omgeeeee i See KATE HUDSON ❤️😻🔥

    16. Jajá Rodriguez

      I Love you Sia! ❤️

    17. janfurdy comahig

      Who love SIA?? ❤️❤️👇🏼👇🏼

    18. Attila Tóth

      Kate Hudson cannot age!

    19. riva fbrz

      i love it

    20. TEAM ALI 4EVER

      This is better than Dance Moms

    21. 삼현서

      Thank you sia🥺😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    22. sreely.

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      Why is her mouth open like that 🌚🌚🌚

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    26. tarana sharma

      I miss her wig but Sia's looking cute with that thumbs up

    27. Frenzcarl Morete

      Tears of joy💜

    28. Rhianna Swanbury

      That genuinely made me smile! So gorgeous 🌈🌈

    29. Larissa Gouveia

      I love you Sia

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      I miss LSD

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      ahah this is over rated . this guy are way better

    32. Eboni & Jada

      If you reading this comment do you mind subscribe to me & my sister channel plz 💕

    33. Angelic Wisdom

      The number of likes in this video is more than the number of contact tracers in the Philippines

    34. Manoj Sharma

      Your song makes joyful movement, lyrics moving in mind all the time after listen out Fan From India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😉😉😉🙏🙏

    35. alee spnl

      I came for the rainbows, I stayed for Hector Elizondo #Genovia


      Al fin volvió el encanto

    37. Suzana Oliveira

      Perfeita!!!!! Love you 🌻💋💋💋💋💋

    38. Matteo Maggioni

      Sia has more talent than 95% of the popular artists today...

    39. Antoni Tescaro

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> this chubby guy could be a Disney character

    40. Kylie Jensen

      I’ve had the worst stress headache all day just from everything that’s going on and somehow this got rid of it immediately? But really keep doing what your doing!

    41. Jingrou Wu

      *When Target uses this song for their commercial...*

    42. Anu Priya

      Sia you are the best singer of this world ❤❤

    43. axertrybal

      I imagine...that it’s hard to keep your eyes off of Maddie if she’s in the area, and I’m not talking just from the perspective of her being beautiful, which of course she is.

    44. Salma Butt

      Maddie Ziegler from dance moms sia she loves you omg i love it Im so happy that she made this! I cant stand it I love sia PLEASE LIKE THIS COMMENT I MADE AND LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE THE VIDEO! ❤💓💚💛💜💙💗💖💕💟💞💝🖤👄💋 Love it and dont forget to look at the comment

    45. Jonathan Romero

      Don't let this song die! 😳😔

    46. akshay kumar

      Always best

    47. jasmine prosper

      that is actually the most incredible song and video, wow

    48. Mathias Kent

      looks too happy to be true... but we still hope so.

    49. ralyks aim0625

      Over acting

    50. Xilef Leclerc

      4,2 million views and 240,000 "Like"

    51. Gaetanoo SalvoporGracia

      Those bastards don't give him the grammy now, they never will. 🤔😪 SIA ,there's no more.💙

    52. Ailsa Ni

      It sounds to me like i m going through the paradise :) so joyful

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      It took me a long time to watch this. I was a little scared I wouldn’t like it. It was delightful. And it was even better to see your face in your video!!! I teared up a little. Thanks!

    57. Bruna Oliveira

      Uau! Depois de anos, os vídeos só vão ficando melhores! Musicão😍

    58. J K

      idk why i feel so sad and comfortable at the same time🥺 thank u for making such a wonderful music... u r the best🥰🥰

    59. Money G SOUR CANDY SO SOUR

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      Who’s here from a target commercial

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      Mam make a Collab with Melanie Martinez

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      Maddie dance perfect i love the song and de dance

    63. mike uffelen

      i do like the music but somehow the video makes me deeply uncomfortable but i cant quite figure out why

    64. scarlet eloise

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> did maddie put her middle finger up?? And ya'll saying there is no swearing 💀💀

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      This is a strange music video and not really my thing but I love the song!!

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