Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Unboxing and First Impressions

Flossy Carter

Flossy Carter

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    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Unboxing and First Impressions
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    1. Flossy Carter

      READ THIS,

      1. V~Trill225

        SubcribeMobster at the end😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

      2. V~Trill225

        Nice vid Mr. Floss.

      3. V~Trill225

        Sorry I fell victim to askN questions before watching the full vid, carry-on Mr Floss #💯✊🏿

      4. V~Trill225

        Floss U got a vid on this one vs the galaxy fold?

      5. Little Nick

        You floss can you do a Thom Brown edition

    2. k4u2s0h1129

      This phone does come with a case he forgot to open that part of the box

    3. Teddi786 OG

      All this flip flop phones are shit lol womens phone

    4. jarquavous Nichols

      Yo ass going to break the got dam phone with all that flipping that's the only down fall off this video

    5. AngryTom Tom

      Can you take quick rear camera picture while being folded?

    6. AngryTom Tom

      Battery sucks

    7. Michael

      6 minutes and 30 seconds in, I didn't see white shoes, didn't hear a single RAH, something is off flossy.

    8. thatONEguy

      Imagine if when he flicked it open the top half flew off 😂 and he had to give two separate halves back 😂

    9. Alex Haxer

      So in my school Im we have the popular/rich kids( not bullies ), we don’t have bullies in my school, but some of the popular kids are are dicks. I have a Apple Watch and this popular girl ( I hate her ) tells me “oh u have an Apple Watch it’s probably fake, I bet you probably got it from the swap meet”. I said nothing, most of the kids are kind of strong and buff, she was dating a kid named Andrew. She then later says “I bet u probably have one of those shitty Samsung phones, or an LG, wait no u probably have a flip phone” and started laughing. ( I have an iPhone ) I didn’t say anything, i would have said something but I’m the worst with comebacks. And at that moment I wish I had the Samsung galaxy z flip so I can say “yeah I do have a flip phone” “it’s better than ur shitty broken iPhone 11”. Also all of them are the type of people who think the AirPods are the best earbuds.

    10. Perez Maxwell

      Thanks for this. I currently have a Galaxy S10+ . I'm tired of having my phone on my belt. I'd much rather have something that folds and fits in my pocket. Can't wait for my AT&T upgrade.

    11. Alex Mick

      yo bro. i wish if i have it the motorola i have Lg staylo 2 it's suck cant buy phone 😭

    12. MUSAEV Vision


    13. Lai Sam

      I really like this smart phone 👍

    14. Patrick Brayan

      Motorola junk🖕😂

    15. Martyn Heaney

      I downgraded from S10 5G in terms of spec but UPGRADED in terms of style! Thanks Floss for brilliant reviews Martyn in the UK

    16. infA111ous

      $1300? Hell nah!!

    17. Fahad M

      YOU ARE THE BEST!!! hands down

    18. Timothy Thornton


    19. Luis Rivas

      Bring back the sidekick

    20. nethaji marlapati

      Bro what about tempered glass

    21. Marcus Orum

      Looking forward to the full review of this phone brother. Could you do one of those video on the always on display , I dig them!

    22. rahul wadhwa

      Motorola - Hello Moto Samsung - RIP Moto Daddy will be daddy.....don't play games with daddy....wait for fold 2 and under display camera and many more this year as well as next year....daddy of all phones and king of innovations is only copying them in same year and some are waiting for 2 to 3 years and then copying them

    23. Don Carpenter

      You have the BEST phone reviews. Every other channel reviews do nothing but complain about what they are reviewing

    24. Justin Vance

      Floss man I’m debating getting a note 10+ or a z flip, which would you recommend getting right now?

    25. tony roman

      flossy you going to to do real review of the Samsung Galaxy z flip ?

    26. F. Rose

      Great unboxing video as usual! ✌️

    27. Reaction Lists

      "MOTOROLLA HAS LEFT THE CHAT"😂😂😂😂 I'm laughing so haaard

    28. Lyndon Robertson

      Yo that smell test at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="453">7:33</a> 🤣🤣🤣

    29. Kari Brockhausen

      I had a completely cracked screen with cracks spiderwebbing across the screen. I didn’t mind at all. I will absolutely not mind a slight crease where the light hits different

    30. Kiko Cool

      i want to buy this fuckin phone but i'm in love with my iphone x

    31. Elisha Williams

      Did he just say the secure folder was for Thot Protection????🤣🤣🤣🤣 Maaaannnnn.....

    32. dean l

      I wasn't going to ask this but when you don't know something U ask Floss, what is ah meat boy

    33. Mohamed Landolsi

      Your power button is build into the fingerprint sensor like Samsung Galaxy s10e

    34. Aimee Simmons

      Omg $1,380. Phones are starting to get so expensive. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    35. chaoslitch

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> carters reaction: Damn that some fine shi* Me: it's just like the old days in the 20th century....

    36. its dnwell

      You got alote of money

    37. Vlad Music

      If you had 1400$, S20 Ultra or Z Flip?

    38. Spam Spamspam

      When is the real review coming? I’ve been holding off on buying this one.

    39. huroncyclist

      Whats the model of the wireless charger?

    40. mercilessdynasty

      Wife just copped this. Easily missed phone case included in top of box lid. Your welcome!

    41. Jose Gabaldon

      Question for floss: like the Galaxy fold, will it break if u flip it open or closed too many times?

    42. Casimus Prime

      When it's folded closed, it reminds me of the GameBoy Advance SP that I had as a kid.

    43. Test Test

      Never thought I’d like a folding phone but damn

    44. Win Nihlanfeldt

      Finally. A FRseld who puts ads at a convenient time. Not just randomly while speaking.

    45. janice curry

      Flossy Carter is Real

    46. Anuşa Anu

      Adi samsung telidir sadece katlanir

    47. Janelle Crawford

      "Tony Soprano" endorsement at the end is brilliant!!!😄😄😄

    48. bekir kurt

      i missed answering my phone calls just by a flip good old days :)

    49. bekir kurt

      man if samsung get a full functional secondary display on front when closed and they can drop the price down to 1000$ range next year this flip phone tecnology can easily upgrade from prototype to mainstream flagship device status that everyone buys its almost there and i think this is the future of smartphones

    50. Leroy Beardkins

      Make a quick unboxing Video... Talk 2min useless shit ....

    51. Abdullah Awad

      Smell test, hhhhhhhh you kill me man 🤣

    52. Juiczr

      Call review? Maybe I skipped by it.

    53. Kandi Oubre

      I was ready to retire my old faithful galaxy note 9. I researched and watch your video Flossy and after you gave it a major go I was ready to buy it. I ordered mine from the samsung website ( only had black available) and it was back ordered. Cant wait to receive it in the next few days. I'm 41 so I remember the days of flip phones. I love the mix of retro with new. Perfect combo in my opinion.

    54. Garrie

      I love this guy

    55. Germanita Staton

      Was just checking out the z flip on the Samsung website and decided to research an unboxing on FRsel, came across this video 🔥🔥🔥‼ Found out everything I needed to know, great video, so I had to Sub.....GREAT VIDEO 👏🏽👍🏾💪🏾👑⭐🏆‼

    56. Nono G

      Just copped mine today. Always wanted something different than everyone else and this is it. Was at the dmv today and took this out waiting on my number to be called ppl were peeping big time. Haven't had a Samsung for a long time getting used to it. Wished they would've came with the galaxy buds like they did with the fold. Loving it right now.

    57. Ijlaal Ahmed

      I was Today years old when i found out what the Z meant

    58. Oliver høiberg


    59. Shawn White

      Thot Protection 😂

    60. Sergio Vargas

      Do you sell the phone you dont use?

    61. rssexybeast

      Too bad it ain't real glass. Scratches easier than anything else Samsung makes. Too underwhelming a piece for most people to pop for... I personally want to love it. Let's see what ZFlip 2 looks like

      1. Kandi Oubre

        How are you supposed to fold a real glass phone in half?

    62. MetodiFitness


    63. Boops Beeps

      I would not recommend buying from Samsung's website. They have had my order for weeks, it should have been here last week and they havent even shipped it yet. And they wont let me cancel it.

      1. Harris Family

        @Flossy Carter sadly says expected shipping the 16th I was so ready to buy it didnt even pay attention

      2. Flossy Carter

        Harris Family When is the delivery scheduled?

      3. Harris Family

        @Flossy Carter I tried they wont cancel it they just say I have to refuse the package or return it after I get it. Sucks but I'll wait

      4. Flossy Carter

        why don't you cancel it and get it in store?

      5. Harris Family

        Same issue, I'm extremely upset about it. If I could cancel it I'd just order it from best buy and have it tomorrow

    64. Rishav Kumar

      Hii CJ

    65. Kaiser Khan

      Lol love your review

    66. Halsey

      it hurts my eyes on how aggressively you unfold the phone

      1. Flossy Carter

        That's because you have Peasant eyes

    67. Coby's Range

      Nintendo sp ?

    68. Q C

      Yo Floss, what's up with the "Real Review" on this joint? When can your followers expect it?

      1. Q C

        Floss what's up with the review? 2 weeks ago you did say "this weekend bro". Is the flip no good? What's up give us the scoop bro. 1 bro keep doin ya thing no love lost.

      2. Q C

        Yo Floss, did you forget about us on the "Real Review" on this joint?

      3. Q C

        That's what's up! Thanks!

      4. Flossy Carter

        this weekend bro

    69. Mostafa Nabil

      i also keep my equalizer settings on scumbag status XD

    70. Rayyan Z

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="172">2:52</a> semi beast mode *drops the phone*

    71. Zulu Mlungu

      Dope video man! Definitely gonna sell my S10 so I can buy this

    72. Jovan Jovanovic

      Talking about toggles, sounds a hell lot like a Samsung commercial 😂😂😂

    73. Michelle F

      Great review!!! I so need this phone in my life! I'm thrilled to see flip phones coming back and with such great features 😆

    74. John Stilling

      Looks like the Z FLIP IS DOPE!!!

    75. Jullian Victor

      Where White Shoes man? 😔

    76. Sh4dow Blad3

      i died at "MOTOROLA HAS LEFT THE CHAT" xD

    77. Alisha Wilkins

      Its basically a folding s10e

    78. Deborah Williams

      It's a Mini Galaxy Fold

    79. Alfred Cowans

      🤣 Floss You A Fool..."Ladies...You Know The Procedures" 😆💪👌

    80. B H

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="314">5:14</a> *I got some Gorilla Glue #4 if you would like to trade???*