Rose McGowan's huge argument with trans woman Andi Dier in Barnes & Noble bookstore


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    New York City - At an event to promote her book 'Brave', Rose McGowan has a passionate argument with a trans woman, Andi Dier. 31 January 2018
    Andi starts her speech by saying: "I have a suggestion. Talk about what you said on RuPaul. Trans women are dying and you said that we, as trans women, are not like regular women. We get raped more often. We go through domestic violence more often."
    Interview with Andi Dier following the incident:
    Video credits (Instagram): ur_werst_nightmare & connybschnall

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    1. social media

      Oh she for real real had a moment lmao

    2. Ansley B

      I understand some people think this is funny for her lashing out like that, but you’ve got to understand someone’s done something UNFORGIVABLE to her and all that anger she has is nothing but hurt.

    3. Ama

      oh look, an entitled man being uncomfortable when women are not about him

    4. Ari B

      She’s an egotistical narcissistic child

    5. Phoenix Rising

      Is there anything more fun than watching two bat shit crazy far lefties fight over absolutely nothing? Can we ship these nut cases to the Middle East? So they can try a dose of real oppression? Pretty please?

    6. Michael Cook


    7. Ajaniswow xxx

      Rose: “Shut up you’re so boring” Everyone: “queen”

    8. animewarrior08

      Does Rose not realize that the ID channel also has shows about women who are murderers? And that there are male victims as well. I saw one episode where a young boy was beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend over nothing. Its not just women who are victims. They are capable of being monsters too

    9. Kendall Is A wannabe E-Girl

      Rose is so weird. Just like no. She's a cult leader mantality

    10. Lenn_sw_

      crazy attention seeking person vs cult leading egocentric person FIGHT

    11. Muddy Witch

      Why the freak out when this trans individual has been kicked out? Got that the wrong way round, Rosie

    12. Jason Lewis

      Jesus, Americans are Nuts 😟

    13. Kharimi Nougat

      Woke Cannibalism is so awesome.

    14. Kevin McDonald's

      Both are losers

    15. kt2003

      She seems like a woman is not taking any shit anymore. I want to read her book.

    16. Frito Lahey

      How quickly they turn on each other.

    17. daily gaming

      Some please drop this bitch.

    18. travis aaron

      psycho rose

    19. travis aaron

      rose is a trans

    20. Tree Tree

      I love Rose !!!

    21. Jefferson Silva

      trans women are not regular women im sorry

    22. MotherOfCats

      Transwomen are men not women.

    23. SAVU

      Both of them either need more or less meds

    24. Joel Cohen

      In regards to the Rose Magawen Iran tweet, I'm here to remind this bitter cunt that on October 23, 1983, two truck bombs struck buildings in Beirut, Lebanon, housing American and French service members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF), a military peacekeeping operation during the Lebanese Civil War. The attack killed 307 people: 241 U.S. and 58 French military personnel, six civilians, and two attackers.

    25. dvas70

      So, Soleimani an Iranian general, murders more than 600 innocent Americans, and was in Iraq to plan more murders on Americans. Trump orders a strike to take him out, saving American lives, and this woman apologizes to Iran??? WTF??????? Seriously WTF??????? I wonder what the family and friends of these murdered Americans think of this woman, and her Hollywood buddies??? What a sick bunch of anti-American f*cks!!!!!

    26. Fireoncityy

      Lmfao lemme get some popcorn. These lunatics should be in a circus

    27. The One

      Didn't she let Marilyn Manson fuck her?

    28. Dead Classic


    29. AlbinoBeans


    30. Fab Through Scars

      🖕🏽Don't mind the haters...😏you go girl👸🏼

    31. I'm A Potato

      Omg make the trans women shut up

    32. s wykrent

      She got pretty fired up once that person was escorted out! Way to tell her off rose! Lol

    33. PerrySport

      This turns me on when she's mad, crazy and angry mmmmmmmm😍😚😙😘

    34. __이동민l

      I love how all this trans women blaming an actual women for not doing anything for them, but then she replies "them what have you done to women?" Lol that was gold, love the hypocrisy

    35. Diand Bull

      Who the hell is this obnoxious woman ? Is it a woman? Needs a public health warning sign around her neck. Disgraceful behaviour. Have those others actually paid to listen to this bile? What a sad place these young people are mentally in. So full of anger, very sad.

    36. MyKeyHull

      plastic face. plastic emotions.

    37. Matt Fuller

      Psychosis At it’s Best!!!!

    38. John Brown

      Rose McGowan you’re a piece of garbage . Especially what you wrote to Iran.

    39. moparmon

      woke warz

    40. El Tel63, Terry

      Fucking lunatic

    41. espada9

      Shame the site wasn't napalmed.

    42. Airport Chronicle's


    43. Big Daddy

      Rose is a Trans too

    44. Adi Adichie

      I don't know what led up to this outburst because we are only given this part of the footage. I don't understand why any of that even happened. It sounds to me like Rose was saying to that trans woman, "we have the same problems. I see you." So, all that screaming that followed is strange to me.

    45. bos200409

      what a joke...funny how Rose gets pumped after the audience applause.

    46. lavender


    47. Mr. ENGlishJELLo

      How women look when it's that "time of the month" 1:29

    48. Dan Garcia

      A couple of kooks in a screaming match. Like we've never seen that before. Wow.

    49. Qubes

      The people attacking Rose don’t understand what it’s like to broken by men and driven to eating disorders, anxiety, be raped etc.. and then have a child molseter/predetor attack her on doing things for women. PTSD

    50. Qubes

      As much as I stand by the message that trans women should be protected, the little bitch in the audience was extremely entitled and plain and simple a fucking asshole, I understand Rose’s anger and I don’t think what she said was “transphobic”. We still have to acknowledge mansplating and the entitlement that comes with being born male and trying to hijack even cis women’s struggles. Trans women and cis women are the same but their struggles are different.

    51. Jada Ramirez

      Sometimes you get tired of the bullshit. But because a woman is loud and she expresses immense anger she’s crazy her mental health is questioned..... question the mental health of the men who go out of their way to brutalize women how about that

    52. Iisa Schumacker

      She Forgets a mens Penis is Not a weapon or a Paycheck for a woman.

    53. X-Visionary

      They both overreacted to the point it gets really cringy real fast on both sides. The trans activist was waaay out of line with her behavior and Rose handle it okay. But quitly started to overreact after the trans activist got thrown out of the building. lol it's also funny to see how people keep kissing Rose's ass like they're praising a cultleader.

    54. Kimberly Nope

      Lmao I don't know which was nuttier ... Trans, rosi or audience

    55. Akhira Akhira

      1:03 Hahahahahah

    56. Paul H

      Holy shit they are both crazy assholes.

    57. olivia olivia

      trans identifying men are not women. they are narcissistic men, as demonstrated by this clip.

    58. Andrew Murray

      Here’s the thing, though. McGowan was right. Trans women obviously face their own hurdles, but biological women have a very different experiences from living their lives as female from birth compared to those of a trans women who have lived at least a portion of their lives as male. Sorry, but that’s true. And for trans women to come out and tell biological women (after thousands of years of subjugation and discrimination at the hands of men) that trans women have it way worse has gotta be infuriating.

    59. gustavo garcia

      Well fuck yeah a real thinker fuck yes I love this lady fighting back

    60. Julius Caesar

      Transexuals AREN'T females.