Rose McGowan Calls Out Natalie Portman, Jussie Smollett Indicted in Chicago & More | THR News

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    Rick Moranis is returning for the 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' reboot, Rose McGowan is slamming Natalie Portman's Oscars ensemble statement and Jussie Smollett has been indicted in Chicago. These are the top stories in entertainment.
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    1. Ona Hax

      She has a point!


      How stupid is Smollett and others. There are friggen cameras everywhere now. I guess the sculls are thicker like they say.

    3. Thunder Lightning

      Indicted ?? Jesse better not drop the soap..what am I saying ?? Of course he wants to drop the soap

    4. L RQ

      While Empire actor Jussie Smollett has been having a tough week so far, there appears to be a silver lining: cable news channel CNN has offered Smollett a job as an investigative reporter and on-air anchor after witnessing his skills at fabricating a story entirely out of thin air.

    5. OH Yeh!

      jussys booooooty is prison country now 🤣

    6. Liam Patrick

      Rick Moranis has never been picky, he's been semi retired.

    7. Ra

      Rose is nothing more than a professional victim trying to stay relevant in today's society where she's no longer remembered nor cared about

    8. Kurt Cobain

      Rose McGowan is a class A cunt

    9. latuf

      McGowan seems real quiet on the Amber Heard tapes. Women abusing men don't matter to "me too".

      1. Horus

        She actually has pointed out men who are victims of me too many times

    10. stephencarlsbad

      Why does the Hollywood reporter choose lesbian sounding and looking reporters? Total pro-gay conspiracy...

    11. Lisette Elise Paris

      Another stupid reboot. Can't think of anything new. Rose is spot on, by the way.

    12. Tanya Marr

      F jussie smell it

    13. Josh

      Rose is a professional victim these days. She was silent for decades until she needed some publicity.

    14. jay son

      Rose who?

    15. Tiger Tough

      This channel is garbage

    16. archyleach

      If only Rose was speaking out about Smollett, that would be logical, but she isn't going to do that because Smollett isn't an evil man, he's one of her people.

    17. Jiga

      Isn't she owns a production company how many female directors she hired I'm sure she has some power on her company

    18. Gus Cat

      Rose McGowan is wearing out her "victim" card. What does she do anyway?

      1. Liam Patrick

        Nothing but ramble.

    19. Ka Bar Brother

      Ms. McGowan has plenty of baggage, of that there can be no doubt. I don’t always agree with her, but she pretty much nailed Portman. She decries the lack of female directors working and getting recognition for their work in Hollywood, but in the eleven years her own production company has been operating, it’s only hired one female director, which happened to be herself. I wonder if she even knows who any of those names are on that cape. I actually don’t have a problem with Smollette’s lawyers continuing to insist that he was attacked, because he actually was attacked. The problem lies in the fact that he paid two Jamaican immigrants to attack him, then claimed that they were someone else, as well as the total absurdity of the story itself. Who includes bleach and a noose on their list of things not to forget to put in their pockets before leaving the house on a night that’s colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra? Yeah, that would be two Jamaicans who were paid to be “white supremacists” and “homophobes”, and pretend to commit a hate crime. It’ll be good to se Rick Moranis back in studio again, it’s been too long of a time away, even knowing and understanding why he’s been gone. He’s been one of my favorite comedic actors since I was fifteen in 1987, when Space Balls came out. To this day, the two lines in the movie that make me laugh the most, are “I’m surrounded by assholes!”, and “we ain’t found shit!”. I’m even fighting back a grin now as I think about the movie. lol

    20. brie T

      Rose McGowan is a --ore that slept with circus freaks like Manson when wearing thongs and nipples exposed in public.. She never took accountability for opening her legs to get parts. She willingly slept with Weinstein and took a large payday (over 100k) for some hot tub romp. I worked at two TV networks in the 90s and know three guys that claim they slept with her. They all said she was into drugs and partying. She looks like she had a very rough recent couple of years and was arrested for illegal possession so, nothing she claims can/should be believed. She is extremely sick and disturbed to demean real rape victims by claiming regret is rape. Also did not come out about this until money and career were drained. She had no trouble mugging with p e r v y Weinstein AFTER her claim . Karma comes hard McGowan. Edited for spelling.

    21. Brian

      Rose has nothing good to say. She is just mad because she’s no longer relevant. This is her way of getting attention it’s pathetic.

      1. Chris Hemsworth India

        While Natalie Portwhaman nothing good to do. Ask her to not to work with Taika Waititi, cause he's a man.

    22. Kimmarie D.

      Rose McGowan is a train wreck who needs rehab and a good therapist. She calls herself an activist but most of us call her a wacko 💯. Hey Rose, did you ever go back and claim the drugs you left on an airplane in DC ? Just wondering 🙄

    23. Robert Saul

      Rose is critical of Natalie's red carpet dress. What statement Rose making when she wore a dress that wasn't much more than a piece of thread on a red carpet walk. Empowerment through my naked ass.

    24. Stephen Ellis Mitch

      I would like to add at this point Tom Cruise has never won an oscar. The academy does not recognise action films or science fiction. That's a big issue and women have directed comedies but they are also not recognised.

    25. Gnubbolo

      we are sincerely tired of all this bullshit. Hollywood is no longer interesting, too much politics, too many idiots in tights, today Chinese and European cinema are better.

    26. Joey

      They are both hypocritical in their own way.

    27. RocioNicte

      Natalie Portman is a HYPOCRITE!!! And she thinks we are stupid enough to fool us.

    28. Dreyden

      To use a racial problem as a weapon for your own gain just means he doesn't even care about that issue.

    29. 97 Street Records

      This is not news.

    30. Isaiah Pavlik

      Rose McFuck face doesn't do shit but show us all what hypocrisy looks like........and with no shock at all.....It looks like a Crazy Hot Mess.

    31. Arthur B. Jammin’

      So first things first: who the fuck is Rose McGowan?

      1. Liam Patrick

        She's an A-list celebrity and was one of Hollywood's biggest sluts back in the day.

    32. tideoftime

      If everything Smollett is accused of is proven against him, I hope he gets whatever is the maximum penalty set by law -- that sort of shenanigans only fuels the naysayers/bigots into believing that their prejudiced views are correct. (And, of course, it's horribly dishonest as well and wasted police services...)

    33. Dwain Wilson

      Female directors 😂

    34. pincmin

      McGowan has fallen into the "crazy b·tich" category, that's why I will pay attention to everything she says, because she has nothing to lose, she knows she's been ostracized anyways.

      1. Chris Hemsworth India

        While Natalie Portwhaman count as crazy prostitute

    35. akaMyThought

      We need a paternity test! I'm thinking he really isn't his mother's son...

      1. Scovya Porsha

        Wow I can't believe he said that. His family must be hiding in shame

    36. Ro Ivanoff

      I did´t hear Ross roasting Asia Argento for sleeping with a minor!! nor roasting Amber Heard for waving a flag that is not big enough to cover her trap!!

      1. Riko442

        What's your point? It has nothing to do with it. Natalie Portman has her own production company that hired only ONE female director. Her coming to Oscars, while acting like feminist, is a peak hypocrisy.

    37. Stan Mann

      Rose is disgusting. She used the momentum from open secret, a Hollywood expose on boys being raped to get attention for grown women being raped. Rose thinks she is more important than kids.

    38. Cranky B

      These are moments when feminist activists fail to recognize an ally. An ally is an ally. Recognize it. Appreciate it. Rose McGowan is an epitome of Toxic Femininity.

      1. Nathan Bracey

        Natalie Portman is an actress, and Rose McGowan is harlet, and opportunist.

      2. Liam Patrick

        @Riko442 McGowen is no better.

      3. Riko442

        Rose McGowan called out the hypocrisy. Natalie Portman calling out Hollywood for not giving a fuck about female directors, while her own production company doing exactly the same thing, is hypocritical. Portman did it for the attention, to be in the news, because she did fuck all last year.

    39. Tara G

      I feel like Natalie didn't exactly do something wrong, but an activistic statement itself, if not supported by that person's actions, means absolutely nothing. She could've just wore a regular dress without those names and it would mean the exact same thing. The only difference is that in this case the media "loves her" for "supporting other women"

      1. Tara G

        @RocioNicte i partly agree. I dont think she's one of those random actresses or any other female celebrities that don't do literary anything to actually help and support women that are withheld in any way when it comes to their career. If you inform yourself some more, you'll see that she's engaged in stuff like that. As i said before, i partly agree so i also think shes sort of a hypocrit because she never hired a female director etc. In short she's definitely not the worst imo, but she could try and do some things better

      2. RocioNicte

        She is a HYPOCRITE. If she really would care about women directors, she should´ve hired at least one. But the ONLY woman director she has ever hired is herself (I guess she doesn't want competition). SO tired of being lectured by Hollywood liars. They think we are so stupid that can make a fool of us.

    40. Jared F127

      McGowan is right, portmans own company doesn’t even hire female directors. Fucking hypocrite.

    41. Patrick Oliver

      Moranis is the most surprising news out of all this

      1. Gnubbolo

        is probably one of the few old actors not involved in this feminist anti-semitic campaign.

    42. Riccardo Luca Capraro


    43. Good American

      Rose used to be hot. But her looks disappeared along with her brain. She is a moron.

    44. Phoenix Rising

      Rose McGowen is a whiny humor less joy less pathetic ugly both insides and out. Resentful self centered finger pointing self righteous victim mongering man hating fake rape victim! Who gets a movie roll thanks the guy who raped her and than later shares how traumatized she is? Gimme a fucking break! If it was a cute producer she’d just have fucked him got her roll and kept that big fat trap closed! We are all sick sick sick sick to death Rose McGowen and the feminist movement that does nothing but constantly whine and complain!

    45. eliminator173

      Mcgowan has a sextape out

    46. Buddha Baby

      Rose McGowan is the laughingstock of Hollywood. She never made a success of herself. The only story she has to tell is that Harvey Weinstein ate her out. Literally. He never physically raped her other than orally copulating her. She's a f****** pussy of a person. I wish her f****** face would vanish. She makes real victims want to vomit.

    47. sho mikoto

      They all need to stop crying, the reason why no female director was nominated because they simply didn't directed better movies than the one nominated. Oscars are not about gender equality or anything, they are about movies.

      1. sho mikoto

        @i.e.presents Yeah Once upon a time in Hollywood was pretty shit, but that's just about it, rest of the nominations were well deserved.

      2. i.e.presents

        sho mikoto ...and female directors are not hired or even considered. They are shut out. THAT is the point. The Irishman was NOT a better movie than The Farewell, Once Upon a Time was NOT a better movie than Little Women (which bares no resemblance to previous iterations).

    48. Jason S

      I am tired of the media reporting that Jussie Smollett staged this hate crime to boost his career... which is a lie... He was already on a hit show... say it for what it is.. He staged this hate crime because he is a racist and hate Trump supporters...

    49. Jared Wallace

      Here we go with rose McGowans shit again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Petr Athan

      Way to professionalize sexual harassment Rose! You've launched your own cosmetics brand, your own book and your own docuseries,people know your name and i's not 2005 and you actually think that you speak for ALL WOMEN,all female actresses,all female directors and creators. You've even shaved your head to look the part of a social activist. You disgust me with your hipocrisy. You're more concerned about your relevance and calling people out than maintaining and protecting the positive messages. You feel that this is your big break and every year passing makes you less relevant Because your worth is tied to one fucked up thing that happened to you. So you want to emerge as a matron figure of social change. You don't care about the meaning of the movement,you just want to manipulate it,etch your name on it so that you can use it to stay rich and famous.

      1. Liam Patrick



      Love that French actor Juicy Smoolay. He's a committed actor to his role as a victim of racism.

      1. ZIZ ZTE

        Wow not only is he French his a victim of racism......

      2. Andrew Hnamte

        Juicy smooey 🤣

    52. Chad Hill

      He has not been extremely picky with his rolls he quit acting so he could raise his children when his wife died another FRsel Channel who do not check their facts fake news and lazy journalism is the problem

    53. EllenKay

      Rose-- Go away already!!! Just leave your stupid comments to yourself. Natalie is waaaay more relevant than you!!!

      1. Ka Bar Brother

        I hear you, Liam, and I partly agree with you. The difference between them, is that McGowen doesn’t have her own production company. Portman does, and despite her brave stand on principle she made with her Thor cape, her production company has only hired one director, and that was herself.

      2. Liam Patrick

        @Ka Bar Brother McGowen is just as guilty (if not, more so) than Portman is.

      3. Chris Hemsworth India

        Kindly ask your wh0re Natalie Portwhaman not to work with anymore male director (Taika Waititi),producer (Kevin Feige) and not to replace a male character (thor). Bloody street prostitute.

      4. Ka Bar Brother

        Rose definitely has some baggage, but she’s pretty spot on with this one. Natalie is just posing on that issue, pretending to care about female directors while only ever working with two in her own production company. That’s not very conscientious activism, and one wonders if she even knew who any of those names were.

    54. Physique Fuel

      Cat fight lol

    55. Eleventy Won

      Let's examine the McGowan criticism of Portman. WHO GIVES A FUCK. DO SOMETHING USEFUL, AND THEN LET'S TALK ABOUT IT. Shut the fuck up.

    56. Eleventy Won

      I'm a drunk moron: Rebooting "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." Is fucking retarded. What's your excuse, Mr. CEO? Fired.

    57. The Big L

      McGowan is proof metoo has nothing with woman's equality, for its more about revenge from a group of Hollywood actresses who attempted to sleep their way to the top and it didn't work in their favor.

      1. The Big L

        @i.e.presents Well slap my ass I guess I done been told.

      2. i.e.presents

        The Big L I see the L stands for liar. You are hopelessly misinformed and it is pretty clear that no amount of education would help. That is not what happened at all. Your toxic comment is evidence of the systemic misogyny that kept them silent for so long. I have news. Time is UP.

    58. phil ray

      Rose Mcgowan is insane (bleep) her

    59. Steve Someone

      Rose McGowan disgusts me. Do a Bing image search for "Rose McGowan nudes" and you'll see what a great feminist she really is. She used to look hot when she had long hair, but I guess when you get old you can't grow your hair long any more. She should consider wearing a wig.

    60. jarrod goforth

      Sooooooo voting blue all the way down that ticket

    61. jarrod goforth

      I see you Donald Turd you use the full force of the justice system to go after Smollet hard to please your racist bigoted base and at the same time you try to pardon your corrupt and scummy subordinate Roger Stone who has done way worst than Jussie ever dreamed of doing Trump you are so going down in the next election.

    62. Vincent Mcbride

      Rose mcgowan is a nut job

    63. James Murray

      Portman have to agree complete fool , the top 5 directors should be nominated not just because your a women or black or white or a man . Grow the fuck up people 😤

    64. Itsafreecountry

      Said this before - McGowan seriously needs to fuck off! Milking this now to the point of ears bleeding.... #pissoffmcgowan

    65. James Murray

      She's a joke , a complete flake

    66. WAVERLY


    67. honeyglow

      I don’t give a damn about this female fake empowerment or lying ass Jussie. The REAL story is that Rick Morranis is FINALLY COMING BACK!!!!👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💯💯

    68. T.M. Will

      Lmao Rose McGowan is so committed to being a professional victim that she's even outraged when people agree with her 😂😂😂. She's all about female equality and that was Natalie's thought as well. And still she finds a way to whine, it's actually funny 😂.

      1. Robert Saul

        She's acquired a voice and now she won't shut the f**k up.

      2. T.M. Will

        @Saimazing Life she needs help lol

      3. Saimazing Life

        T.M. Will 😂

    69. Sabin Smith

      I searched for Smollett and got this crap.

    70. Vindicated Rascal


    71. Michael Johnson

      Nobody cares what Rose McGowan thinks. Anyone who's been around someone with mental illness can detect it in her from a mile away. She was predestined for it.

    72. nicbam14

      THR, do you know the difference between a sequel and reboot?

    73. Saul Feliciano

      Chicago gave Smallet a pass a year ago even though they knew he was bluffing. Prosecute that fool for disrespecting Chicago

    74. 0415jacob

      Rose McGowan is an idiot. The left really do eat their own.

    75. Jai Norman

      False charges against jussie Smollett

      1. Ka Bar Brother

        A hoax for a hoax? lol

      2. R Prescott


    76. Mar1lyn

      Imagine how tired Rose is of this bullshit

    77. Cesar Valle

      The left will start to eat themselves alive, liberals pushed to extremes are conservatives.

    78. The Doran Williams Show *Subscribe*

      I called the Jussie Smollett Case from the beginning #TheDoranWilliamsShow

    79. Benny Jet

      Not snubbed not good enough

    80. Peace and Tranquility

      I've been boycotting all movies for the past 9 years specifically because of political correctness. And my productivity and money making has skyrocketed. Movies are a waste of time. Hollywood is brain cancer.

      1. TheBigBoss

        @Johnny Bananaseed Oh, thank you mate.

      2. Rand Jaky


      3. Johnny Bananaseed

        @TheBigBoss Hell of a contribution to the convo, buddy!

      4. TheBigBoss


      5. DecarabiaSatanachia

        You have a point. Large majority of Hollywood films for few years now have the lefty political agenda and consistently ruining franchise with their socailst/feminist and white bashing racism BS!