Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette



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    HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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    1. Doha Faith

      After watching Liam Mcevoy’s video it’s just more evidence as to why you shouldn’t be trusted nor liked

    2. Elizabeth Johnson

      As a juggelette I'm living for this pallet now if I could get a luxury white foundation aka clown paint that dries non latex that won't get on my clothes would be killer

    3. Black Wind


    4. Hena Ljajic

      I have asthma

    5. Niya D

      I can’t believe how stupid some people are and getting offended by literally anything 🤦🏼‍♀️ I didn’t even think for a second that this palette is connected to the corona situation 😂 it’s ART people. Stop being cry babies. Bye

    6. breee barrera

      he’s so high i’m dead, why is no one talking about how gone he is 😭😭😭

    7. Abbey Hamilton

      I’m offended because it sold so quick and I did not get to buy it 😂

    8. Kings and Queens Roundtable

      Jeffree although you and shane make a dynamic duo in business I suggest doing something with Morgan, ryland sister. Something about your opposing personalities I think would make for great content and would bring in a different market for both you and her. Trust I see these things I I know people well. I was super quiet growing up even in high school but yet still hung with and seamlessly blended in with the popular kids and the "geeks" and when I was in high school it was still unpopular to be a geek. It was a few years after graduating that "geek" or the outcasts that werent too weird but still weren't into what had been typical popular kid stuff like sports, attending parties, it at one point as we know became cool not to be cool. You give me popular kid personality but because you are as you put it an alien, you appear to be around my age early approaching mid thirties so being you would not have been cool back then especially in high school. Morgan is self deprecating you're grandiose . Morgan gives me even now given the right situation a group or crowd considered "cool" whatever that maybe at any given time in any given place in america these days she gives me will slink into the shadows if a situation becomes uncomfortable to her like crowds especially if they are there for her which she appears to be overcoming but at the same time that personality type on her makes her more alluring if that makes sense. You give me grandiose struts and stands in the spotlight in front of open doors anyway. Sometimes people like that are the exact opposite behind closed doors. Its difficult to tell with you even though I hang my hat upon the fact that I know well people. I've observed people since elementary school didnt know that's what I was doing back then but humans fascinate me more than any other species or matter on the planet in the universe. Even if an entire alien race from a planet not named earth were revealed tomorrow I suspect while I of course would take incredibly great interest as a scientist both by my nature, my degree, and my career background I'm a scientist. Not a social science degree holder I hold a degree in a subcategory subcategory. Trust me sir, interact with morgan in some videos over a years time then put out a collab product. Trust me I gurantee it will become your highest selling products. But its imperative your people get to know Morgan first and vice versa.

    9. Fisting Mickey

      this is the first video that i can actually feel jeffree being high

    10. Cher May

      so pretty..

    11. Grim 804


    12. Mermaid Memoirs

      You are the sweetest. ❤

    13. Ma Fhj

      I love you!!!!!

    14. Addie

      if it was number one HOW COME I HAVE’NT HEARD OF IT!!!! i only knew it was a thing bc of Nikki Tutorials😂😂

    15. Julie B

      He talks too much

    16. Ananya Menon

      I mean it's a good look , but I wouldn't go to a party like that

    17. Arthur Morgan

      Why is it that these random odd gay people have TONS of money and whatever? Genuine the only one who seems a shred normal is shane

    18. Adriana Ewell

      🧚🏼💖jefree can you send me a some of your first makeup collection “LIPSTICKNATZI”💖🧚🏼

    19. EnlightenedMindTV Tarot

      I loved this👍🏾

    20. Samantha Castle

      Can you please review the glamnetic lashes

    21. Genius1107

      I like it

      1. doliio volay

        How is Nicole not a makeup artist for all of Hollywood? She's so amazing

    22. MikSofa :3

      Call me weird but I actually love the name cremated....ash is a really sticky substance and can be a bitch to take off (think Ash Wednesday if your Christian ) and id find that a good quality for eyeshadow....I love the idea of just having some smooth, substancey eye makeup on

      1. doliio volay

        Try grow out ur eyebrows I really wanna see u with brows

    23. Alexandra Galvan

      i want more jeffree star reviews jeffree star approved ones


      I love you jeffre no matter what you are the best!!!! Please don't trust nasty people!!!!

    25. Rebecca Smith

      No apologizes. Day of the Dead is a celebration. Death makeup is fun. Be your alien music self at all times.

    26. Carlos Medellin

      Love your pallets, sadly i don't own any but i love all your videos of you showing off the pallets. Hopfully i will own one soon Much love❤💙💜

    27. Light It And Run

      Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the movie Predator, What The Hell Are You!

    28. Lululushxox

      I dont know why people are so sensitive and get offensive...

    29. donna rodriguez

      Wow Nicole killed this look she’s such a bad ass she’s so consistent with her lines ! Love the look and Jeffree once again you killed it ! 🖤

    30. lil’ ramona

      i’m tired of living in color, i’m sick of this world! 😄🌎⚪️⚫️

    31. Chloe Freund

      I just hate the name you should’ve named it dark life and put some names and parts of your past


      I feel like Imma die and go to heaven and jeffree star gonna be standing at the pearly gates like, "SIT DOWN OVER THERE BIIIITCH, WE'LL JUDGE YOU IN A MINUTE!!!!"

    33. Emily V

      i hate that girl.

    34. Cristina Hinckley

      Two very talented people just having fun, love it!!! 🖤🖤🖤


      I get u jeff. It doesn't come from a bad place it comes from a different universe, like us

    36. Beach_ Lover

      Try grow out ur eyebrows I really wanna see u with brows

    37. Misty Loe

      How is Nicole not a makeup artist for all of Hollywood? She's so amazing

    38. Rebecca Brittain

      Shout out to Jeffree Star! Because unlike most influencers right now, he bought attention to George Floyd’s death on Snapchat. Thank you. It’s tragic and hopefully the justice is around the corner!

    39. Life Long

      Hey Jeffree Repzilla has been saying some shadey stuff about you if I was you I would get this straightened out. He is basically saying your covering up for Dahvie.

    40. N M

      JEFFREE!!! I HAVE AN IDEA!!! your next mirrors should be for the Cremated pallette, they should be black marble and white marble i feel it would do great with the palette and give all the girls and guys something more to scream about girrrrllll!!!

    41. CanTanHam Slam

      A shade named “ EMBALMED “, I diiied😂 I love how jeffree names his colours, I’m living for it

    42. ♥Kaℜiηαツ♥ XoXoKarinaKGXoXo

      Jeffrey when are your lip scrubs going to re-stock? I am waiting to get them. Thanks.

    43. Bangtan Jungkookie

      I’m only offended by how his finger tips weren’t white 😂

    44. Troy Smalley

      you going to say anything about lipsticknaz*? or just going to say "ThAt's My PasT" When you was 20 year old? You're disgusting

    45. Danielle Robinson


    46. inspireme714

      Will the jawbreaker palette be restocked?! I need more color in my life, I would love to get the cremated palette because the neutral cool tones give me life, but I really wanted to get the jawbreaker palette eventually and now it’s out of stock everywhere!

    47. Emily Young

      You should do a tutorial on the makeup popular on tik tok. like the red nose, e girl makeup with the over the top colors and just... you get what I'm saying?

    48. RoseandAshes

      are you gonna make a comment on the recent exposé? the lipstickn*zi and the old blog posts????

    49. Audrey Lodato

      I need another new video!!!

    50. Mackenzie Rose


    51. Starbomb 27

      Damn this is scary

    52. hey escusemee

      The pallet looks awesome.

    53. Caitlyn Ive always had bad vibes

    54. Caitlyn Ive cancelled

    55. Elie •

      Also this makeup look is just sickening! I'm obsessed with how amazing it looks

    56. Elie •

      I'm not a big fan of Jefree but lmao anyone with a brain should know it takes a long long time to make an eyeshadow palette. Did people want him to just quit the project or wait years until all of this shit is over and the virus is eradicated? Lmfaoo

    57. 루크 펭귄

      100k people R.I.P 😭😭😭

    58. Star Lilith Bram

      I need this pallette 🤪😍🖤🖤🖤

    59. Jasmine McDonagh

      People are just bored in quarantine they need a scandal sis your palette is gorgeous x

    60. shauna burton

      You are beautiful jeffree star, haters going to hate. You are wonderful

    61. tu madre’s lifesupport


    62. Alice White

      Jeffree is awesome

    63. bodoti qwiu

      We love when jeffree still invites people over to his house when there is a pandemic

    64. Boqorda Fitness

      queen ! Can I edited well your video ? I see some error I can send it to you.

    65. andrew bibby

      Go ghost hunting with shane in that look

    66. Toll Bridge

      1. bodoti qwiu


    67. Gracie H

      Hey Jeffree Just wondering if you And James were ever going to make a video together again I miss you guys burning shit together 😭

    68. Ohanna Rose

      I feel like people were too extra about this. The virus is no joke, and nothing to be snickered at, but knowing how long and hard he worked, I feel like there was NO good time to release this collection. The circumstances are working against him. Like, if I was a creator and was working super hard on a project, I'd still release it. I worked hard on it, and it has nothing to do with the pandemic. I get why people are like "that's in poor taste", but on the other hand, that was his theme well before the pandemic got crazy. Personally, to me the eyeshadow names make me a bit uncomfy, but that's me just not liking that type of stuff lol. Still might buy it when I have money though, the colors are gorgeous!

    69. Cutiez Studio

      ...did jeferee star seriously delete my comment about him being exposed by Liam McEvoy..

    70. a cute batatis


    71. the num nut


    72. Shellea' Svendsen

      You articulated that very well.

    73. mostra international

      Never Complain, Never Explain. Great work Nicole, and I appreciate that Jeffree Star cosmetics are vegan!

    74. Justine Herard

      The end was the best !! haha

    75. Alexa Schlagel

      If people are going to be fine with people saying "dead", "deceased", or "that killed me" then they need to stop.

    76. Pentatonix Guru

      Once lockdown is over, you should have Mr. Kate makeover your beauty room.

    77. eagleguy19

      As the saying goes: "Just because you're offended doesnt mean you're right." Hell I'm surprised one of his shades wasn't called "Dead On Arrival" 🤣. People really are getting desperate for some excitement during quarantine so I guess they're grasping at the shortest of straws now 🙄.

    78. alyx fratto

      The La Llorona memes tho 🤣

    79. wqnder


    80. Cinnamon

      I’m personally not offended by the name or anything along those lines. I just don’t like how pretty much over half the pallet is basically all the same color which is like light washes of grey/cream. Once those blend into each other you won’t be able to tell a difference between color and it makes like half the pallet unusable for deeper skin tones because it will look chalky/ashy on their skin. Also he said this pallet was original never done before and THE gothic pallet but I know myself and other goths would never use over half of these colors, plus this monochrome black and white type pallet has been done before. It would’ve been better if he took the top three rows split them in half took whichever side he wanted and sold it as a nine pan but hey that’s not his style and he just wants your money so 🤷