Rafael Nadal Press conference after his match against Zverev / ATP Finals 2019

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      Rafa...you are my champ!!

    2. Johan Smis


    3. Richard's World Traveler

      What is the name of that reporter? He always asks silly questions.

      1. Richard's World Traveler

        Geez, no replies huh? I just found out his name is Ubaldo Scanagatta.

    4. 373axle

      *Competitive Spirit

    5. satyu131089

      "we move to Spanish because that's bullshit" Best answer to ridiculous reporter!

    6. shyamace

      "Maybe you were not sure"..nice one, rafa

    7. F River


    8. Rayna Riley

      HAHAAA.. " let's move on because thats bull####". Savage Rafa! Ubaldo why you keep asking such random questions?

    9. diego armando

      Ubaldo's question was out of place. I am sorry that a great journalist with thirty years of experience has fallen into a somewhat personal question, which you can perhaps do in a two-way interview, but not at a press conference. However, Rafa's reaction is rude. A suggestion to the journalist: enough with questions that seek the general smile, or the unusual aspect of the game otherwise you lose credibility and esteem.

    10. Sha Monique

      Damn, I love that guy! He's even polite when he cusses! Go Rafa

      1. Nina

        Bull shit and thank you. LOL.

    11. Othelo The Moor

      Fairplay statement. He said he was OK physically. He took the blame which is fine for the next matches in the group.

    12. Charlie

      Is he gonna win in his match today?

    13. Nikhil Chandra

      That Italian reporter is such an imbecile. He always makes a fool of himself.

    14. Ingeniero Alberto

      nobody likes to lose

    15. Common Dirtbagz

      “Maybe you were not sure, that’s why”. Rip for the interviewer.

      1. Logan 7

        Paolo Filardi the interviewer was Ubaldo who’s always doing some kind of stupid questions to Rafa and Rafa always answer correctly and with a bit of humor, at some point he has to be rude because is always the same stupid guy being unprofessional. It wasn’t a legit question comming from Ubaldo. He’s not a begginer in the bussines.

      2. Rayna Riley

        What you don't get is that Ubaldo has been in those pressconferences for like, what, a decade now? He knows Rafa very well - or should. So this question coming from him is really very surprising and quite ignorant and stupid - if you all know the context and how Rafa is and how private he is, then yes that question was not justified.

      3. linni 0510

        @Paolo Filardi it could have been a legit question if the journalist had expressed the question differently! Like this it sounded like he was reproaching Rafa for not being focused. To me (and probably to Rafa too) it sounded like he was blaming a change in the relationship for it and not the event itself. And as we all now, Rafa hates questions about Mary and private things in general so it was very stupid to ask this and even continue after Rafa was obviously upset.

      4. Paolo Filardi

        @Saujatya Mandal ok, but it was 😊

      5. Saujatya Mandal

        @Paolo Filardi nope it wasn't a legit question.....

    16. Suzanne Berger

      I find the reporters questions pathetic and not very authentic. None of them sound as though they know anything about tennis or have any finesse when asking Rafa questions!!! Why grill Rafa whenever he plays as though it is a life or death situation! He is human not a machine BUT IS THE BEST PLAYER EVER - GIVE HIM RESPECT!!!!! Why does Roger Federer get preferential treatment and they treat him like a God but Rafa is put through the mill about injury and other purile questions! The marriage question was so pathetic - are you lot ignorant!!!

    17. Andrew Duong

      When Rafa curses, you know you said something really stupid 😂

    18. ilmelangolo

      Ennesimo merdone pestato da Ubaldo. Ormai macchietta ufficiale del Tour

    19. Mario Rossi

      It does't matter if Rafa holds a raquet or words, he's always a winner and that reporter at the end got the answer he deserved.

    20. Farid Khoury

      this question was not only a bullshit, it was a cow shit and a horse shit from a lowest IQ person.

      1. Farid Khoury

        Jacopo, this same stupid man has no right to ask any question about private family issues. if this stupid man has problems with his family, better for him to keep such problems within his closed home doors. He has no right to ask any question about Rafa and his beloved wife. hope you can understand that

    21. Rahul Deb Mukherji

      Happy ending to the most absurd question ever. Reporters can be so annoying sometimes. Not sure if the the guy who asked the question had his head built out of camels arse.

    22. globaltrv

      Great answers to all questions. Rafa deserves more respect for being straight forward. But London Indoor was never his turf and never will be. I guess he knows.

      1. Deva Savant

        He will win this tournament, if not this year, next.

    23. kindanice101

      I swear. If I was a pro tennis player and had to deal with the idiotic questions after a match, I would be fined at virtually every interview for losing my shit...

    24. Laurent Dada

      Great champion when you win and greater champion when you loose, what a champion and what a man; a real inspiration to all

    25. Raul Garcia

      No pasa Nada Pequeño Aprendiz ,un día malo lo tiene cualquiera.Vamos Rafael.Con Ñ siempre,Chatin.Tramquilo,te puedes Creer que no pillo ni una, Creerlo no pillo ni una.Lo último qué dijiste lo pillé jejeje.

    26. Adam king

      The tournament is not end rafa still best Number One of the World

    27. Gwenluvsmusic

      Good man Rafa. That question was bullshit.

    28. Mag Hackett

      Oof! Rafa got him good! What a disrespectful question!! Rafa has given us his blood and tears, what else does this guys want?? What a brilliant way to shut him down. Rafa was getting increasingly upset but I love how he handles himself!

    29. Makis Sklavenitisq

      I think this is the same Italian journalist Rafa urged before his semi final against Berrettinni at the USOpen. Pathetic bitter old man.

    30. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

      So unprofessional to ask such question, even if it were a factor. Might as well as if he had sex the night before.

    31. Charles Dussault

      Nadal: I now have a Ring which may or may not affect my game Federer: My Precious 💍

      1. Tirthankar Sarkar

        Gollum! Gollum!

    32. Expat Props Mumbai

      Apart from the Ubaldo ticking him off with a mundane personal question, Rafa handled this one like a champ. Medvedev has his work cut out for him, as rafa will be looking to bounce back with a vengeance!

    33. Christos Theodoridis

      Parece evidente que la pregunta de Ubaldo le toco un nervio...de modo que sí, su boda lo afectó bastante, de hecho perdió por primera vez contra uno que siempre se le daba... Cuan nervioso era Rafa

      1. M.A.S

        Fuck off dirty garbage get a brain donkey !

    34. M l

      How the fuck did ubaldo make it to that status?

    35. Asly Tonio

      Don't you think that "it doesnt matter whether I put the ring or not" is unrespectful for Xisca?

      1. Farid Khoury

        you are more stupid than this idiot reporter.

      2. M.A.S

        Who are you to judge ?? Do you know Rafa and Maria??? Stupid judge care your own life goddammit

      3. Rodrigo García Álvarez

        What, you think that is disrespectful? Do you know anything about him or Xisca personally? Do you think that meant anything beyond scope of his tennis? Do you think it is respectful to pose irrelevant questions that imply hypothetical personal situations affecting one's profession? Was that question not disrespectful to Xisca, Rafa, and tennis? Is your question not disrespectful to the character of Rafa?

    36. Wesley Allan

      The question about his marriage was not at all surprising and the reporter didn't sound disrespectful to me. Not sure why Nadal was so surprised -- and he could have been a bit more charming about it. I would have said, "No, my life is even more wonderful now, and my wife just adds to me life."

    37. Kai Melcher

      The last reporter... sorry but that's not the first time he's doing that! What a stupid question was that 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Compared to press conferences with nole he's so kind.. hmm I really don't hope, but is there something getting started 🤔

    38. Yan Okimura

      That last guy is ALWAYS the same with all his questions,he try to get personal with all the players,like he's in a bad mood or something and simply don't realise his ignorance in his stupid questions,good answer from Nadal,hope that will teach him some respect. 😂

      1. Yan Okimura

        @Kieran Rankie ,Exactly,he thinks he's a special jornalist because he ask personal questions 😂

      2. Kieran Rankie

        I think he's trying to get a reaction from the players to make them say something controversial.

    39. Sayantan Bhattacharyy

      This is why Rafa is best and I am sure Nadal will destroy Medvedev tomorrow..!!

      1. Sayantan Bhattacharyy

        Hahaha!! As I said before!!

    40. Ali Rizaa

      I just loved the response from Rafa to the last question..He needs to be more like this..Brutally honest..Seriously these horse shit reporters need serious ass kicking for asking such disrespectful questions from the GOAT..Love u my boy..Vamos.. 😍😍

      1. Ali Rizaa

        @Zafferung I guess u got my point..Btw both are correct..Chill.. 😜

      2. Zafferung