Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody cover by @Halocene, @First To Eleven, @Violet Orlandi, @Lauren Babic



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    Halocene, First to Eleven, Lauren Babic, Violet Orlandi cover Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody! Check out our other collabs on their channels
    First to Eleven + Halocene Somebody to Love: frsel.info/video/video/xeCogKnfuafThao.html
    Lauren Babic + Halocene Face Down: frsel.info/video/video/yreykYye02Grp4A.html
    Violet Orlandi + Halocene Three Days Grace: frsel.info/video/video/o9lqZWzdl6S5eao.html
    Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/1S4xN9nvW5vlFoRBisdxUL
    Instagram: wearehalocene
    Twitter: Halocene
    Discord: discord.gg/Halocene
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    Facebook: halocene
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    1. Halocene

      This song is available NOW on Spotify, iTunes, etc! Check out the other collab we did on First to Eleven's channel! Queen - Somebody to Love: frsel.info/video/video/2LuplXyzwoC8iao.html

      1. Jack Goros

        very very nice

      2. Алёна Бондарева

        Please record a collaboration with this girlfrsel.info

      3. Al irawan

        Laurence babic you nice..vokal

      4. Wired

        This was certainly an experience xD Good job!

      5. PageMonster

        I'm choked up with tears (not a good look for a 52 year old man!) - that was bloody GORGEOUS! I hope Brian May has seen this. Freddie would absolutely approve! ❤️

    2. Alicja Szymańska

      mamai life has just benoi?

    3. Sheymysy A M Borges

      Simplesmente magnífico💕

    4. Weedex Čtrnáct


    5. Анатолій Секер


    6. Bri C

      Holy shit! You guys killed it. I love this 💜🔥

    7. Die Cast Racing with Von

      I love harmony........This could very well be the apex!!

    8. Pumpkin King

      I'm in love with these collab's!!! Godspeed to ALL of you

    9. HollywoodNiki

      I love the original but this was even better! Absolutely phenomenal!

    10. Pumpkin King

      Well hell..............

    11. The Horrible Man

      How did you make such a good jam sound so horrible?

    12. JPM

      wow excellent cover, a fabulous interpretation of one of the best queen songs, you all have a great voice, I loved it from start to finish. Congratulations and I am looking forward to the next video. greetings from Mexico

    13. Atrayal Hale

      Great Job!

    14. Juan Rocha

      How to destroy a song.....

    15. Juan Rocha

      Netflix version 😂

      1. Emily An

        This is really good! This cover and the Chuggaboom cover are awesome

    16. Becky

      Dude. Bro. My Gosh that was absolutely perfect. You honored the original so so so much while using aspects of metal in a subtle way that didnt over power the essence of the song becaus i believe a straight metal transformation of the song could sound very corny and sort of missed the mark of honoring Freddie and Queen in general for their amazing artistry. The scream was fkn epic too. Just perfect guys. I feel like i could go on all day because there were so many specific parts even the smallest vocal details that i noticed and said wow out loud because i was just so stunned at how perfect it was and how smoothly it all fit together. Thankyou guys, the production was assumably very difficult but it ALL fit together 100 percent and was goosebump inducing ALL the way through. I hope youre all doing well and are healthy as well as all youre loved ones.

    17. Hanako Kuroki

      Great cover for a tribute to Queen

    18. Pessoa Gabi

      Ual! Amei!

    19. Scarlett Diaz

      Malditas las odio! cantan demasiado bien... que envidia:(

    20. CryOfTheNihilist

      Every cover of this song feels like a rape, but I must say that this is best rape so far.

    21. Adrian Sammy

      Perfection ! Love it.

    22. Valentine Roan Ellsworth

      I need a collab with New Years Day, In This Moment, Pretty Reckless, AND halestorm tbh.

    23. Villithecrow

      Albin y las ardillas...singing Bohemian raphsody

    24. Face Tank Hank

      You should really do KDA Popstars with these ladies!!!!

    25. laxy delima

      That scream gives me life

    26. Bulletoverload

      Everyone here is really talented for sure, but Babic has yall beat sorry not sorry.

    27. TehButterflyEffect

      I liked it until the third chorus. I can't stand screamo/metal stuff, so that kind of ruined it for me.

    28. kyle edwards

      Holy smokes I love this cover of Queen amazing job guys

    29. Zachary Magee

      This is really good! This cover and the Chuggaboom cover are awesome

    30. Liliana Cruz Ü

      Excelente Cover ❤️

    31. Knights Templar

      A Queen song covered by 4 queens. Nuff said.

    32. bun bun

      I discovered all you guys a few days ago and I am stunned, blown away, hooked, and mesmerized! Wonderful job guys (:

    33. XxZombiePro69Xx

      Great cover but i swear everytime i hear lauren scream she still sounds like kellin

    34. Joe L.

      I'm not a Queen fan, but the girls made an excellent cover of it.

    35. CandyRawrs

      Holy shit what a cover 100/100

    36. MrCmonster13

      give me all the screams!!!

    37. ZFP


    38. Joshua Roehrig

      I loved it all except “life has just begoin” 😬

    39. zxanderkr

      get this video to 50k plus so we can listen more to these 4 young amazing woman!

    40. Ayrat Mukhametshin

      Definitely you guys need more collaborations like that🙌🏻

    41. Richard Mas

      Absolutely loved it !!!!! What a relief when Lauren started screaming !!!! This was amazing !!! =)

    42. Douglas Minton

      Everyone in this video killed it holy shit

    43. EraZarE

      I ***LOVE*** Lauren's voice.. she has an ungodly set of vocal chords

    44. EraZarE

      i adore the singer from halocene she's friggen amazing.. and every one of these female singers are just incredible.. i follow them all

    45. Kira J

      Lauren couldn't keep a blank look on her face while singing to save her life. Seriously one of the most expressive singing faces lol. Really enjoyed everyone's unique vocals getting to shine. Legit clicked the video to hear Lauren scream though lol.

    46. Tiki80

      U guys never disappoint!! That high note n scream = Chills! Freddie would be impressed n proud of this!

    47. kee ian fazil kee

      The scream is so demonic

    48. Pineapple

      Way to ruin a good cover at the end 🙈 This ending is so emotional and soft, faiths out into beautiful silence, but THEN "HEY FRIENDS!" 🙈............ Is this done on purpose so we will go buy the track somewhere? 😅

    49. Caput Mundi Noctis

      I ....Youknow:) Fn Great .And Kudos to the Guitarist, iam a hugh fan of you.

    50. Brandon Brennan

      Telling my kids this was Queen. Everyone killed it!

    51. Sayani Saha

      Holy shit💥💥

    52. Agamer99

      666 dislikes. Disliking this video is satanic; confirmed!

    53. Black Winter

      This was so beautiful! I so loved that there was screaming in this, such a nice touch along with all the lovely voices!

    54. Japalloo

      As Boromir once said, one does not simply cover queen.

    55. Daniel Fořt

      Very nice cover, loved all the vocal parts. The solo was a little not there in terms of syncopation, but It's a cover so it was most likely intentional. Amazing job guys

      1. Daniel Fořt

        Nevermind it's epic

    56. Desi trap Records

      100 percent same feel 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    57. Luna_ Alveera


    58. warlock12uk

      An excellent cover of a classic, and classical, song. However... Isn't it telling that even with four great vocalists like we have here, this STILL isn't an improvement over the original recording from nearly fifty years ago? Just shows how good Freddie was...

    59. Brittany Strange

      Loveeee! Where has this channel been?!

    60. Scotty Weißmüller

      Everyone else can sing and has talent except for Lauren. The only reason shes relevant is its a girl

    61. Shawn Smith

      Really glad to see more strong female vocalists showing up. The world needs more of this.

    62. Эстер Тодороки

      Мурашки по коже!

    63. Ishaak Mall

      This was amazing! The editing and the vocals were🔥🔥

    64. Matt Bala Music


    65. Justin Zepplin

      Still one of the most intricate and most beautiful song’s ever written I mean just listen to the flow and the harmony with a bit of badass rock in it and it took ONE man to write it as opposed to the 12 it takes to write one song these days.These ladies did an awesome job representing Queen and Freddie Mercury.

    66. Daniel Melo

      All of you should make a girl band, i would be dope af!

    67. DavePiVa

      RAMMSTEIN Cover pls

    68. Avatar1977


    69. Dariyn Finney

      Please cover B.Y.O.B

    70. Belén Ferreyra

      I love it!

    71. TheEpicGameJunky

      Did Brian May see this? He had a heart attack a couple days ago! Nice cover though as a huge Queen fan i have my bias

    72. Emily An

      some immense shivers! Seriously amazing.

    73. Blitz54

      Oh look, all of my girlfriends in one video together!

    74. Bambang Ss

      Aransemen musik very good🇲🇨

      1. Emily An

        This is the best thing in FRsel and you can't change my mind. Holy shit!!

    75. Gerard Van Den Dorpel

      99 out of 100 ruin this song. Some do a decent cover, but this was really nice.

    76. Mark Wolf

      Would you please cover bullet for my valentine waking the demon and tears dont fall

    77. Case White

      vhs huh

    78. Michael's Explorations

      Absolutely Beautiful well done 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️😍😭

    79. NYSO

      Is perfect