Putin Meets With Netanyahu in Moscow

VOA News

VOA News

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    ▶️ Russian President Vladimir Putin receives Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, January 30.
    👉 Benjamin Netanyahu made a stopover in Moscow to discuss the recently released U.S. Middle East peace plan and take an Israeli woman who had been jailed in Russia back home

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    1. russel miah

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    2. Tariq

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      1. the emperor of everyone

        أنتم حلفائها كذلك والدليل علاجكم في المستشفيات الاسرائيلية

    3. SN Ngala

      Putin mantan Kuasa Hukum MASA 44 44 pada eranya Surat Exsecusi Amar Putusan The ICJ The Haque keluar tapi keuangan belum keluar dan Sekarang sudah bisa MASA siapkan he he...MASA 44 44

    4. SN Ngala

      Anak Gembala. ( Child Care ) Brother Bibi PM Israel bagaimana Bantuan Economic buat Russia tapi mana Putin belum datang ke Depok City sebagai Saudara pasti di bantu . APA cukup 1 $ Triliun . MASA 44 44

    5. Ra Ba

      Taliban is beating USA .and now coming to beat Israel .israel be ready to fight Taliban

      1. 456d f


    6. Ra Ba

      Taliban is beating USA .and now coming to beat Israel .israel be ready to fight Taliban

    7. Julius Emperor

      So their leaders get together in fancy feasts while soldiers bleed to death in the hot sand... Funny

      1. bada bing

        Israel released 1000 terrorists from prison to release a single soldier from Hamas (gilad shalit) you wrong about the Israel

    8. Damjan Lazovic

      God Bless Russia. ❤ God Bless Israel. ❤

    9. Alexander Bergemann

      Fuck Putin,Crazy Diktator

    10. Ascarraga de Corcel

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    11. Essa Khan

      Lol what’s the use of Putin talking a lot ? At last he has to shake hands with Israel and work for them 😂

    12. Dumbodonbas

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    13. Nikolay Orlov

      Dictador-ladrón, asesino de mierda Puton.

    14. Sky Nox

      Putin face clearly says that he dont agree with netaniao but he has to keep this Alliance for stability lavrov and putin were really forced to be'there

      1. Essa Khan

        Super Suit he can invade anyone but surely is scared of israel

      2. Super Suit

        @Essa Khan Putin afraid? Putin could invade palestine and iran without a second thought.

      3. bada bing

        @Essa Khan if you are an iranian with acess to FRsel it means you live in west. you shouldn't. i hope god will take your life or go back to live under the regime you support. disgusting human being

      4. Essa Khan

        Lol Putin is afraid and controlled by israel

      5. bada bing

        lol you have no clue. Israel is no play its army build to defend the state in all costs not to play war games in syria thats why Putin keep this alliance it's keep Iran away from Syria him ans Assad hate their presence they try to establish their language and culture in the coast of syria, but sometimes they need them to fight some sunnis so Israel is perfect for them. you fool.

    15. chemistry student

      End time prophecy unfolding

    16. Tango 5

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    17. Cryptonymicus

      Making Russia Great Again. Why didn't they invite Trump?

      1. LineOfCars

        US President who ever he might be is always invited to Moscow, but your establishment & media font allow it since they want to make Russia enemy and prevent US and Russia cooperation

    18. Freddie

      Putin knows better then to trust Satanyahoo the zionist. Keeping his enemies close.

    19. Kadayra Ammo

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    20. Öldü Deyin

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    21. Öldü Deyin

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    22. why so jealous of germany and ISRAEL? nyahaha

      Godbless isreal muslims must be jealous nyahaha

      1. Super Suit

        @Seren Dipitous He'll invade whatever he pleases.

      2. Seren Dipitous

        @Super Suit Don't think putin will invade the Netherlands anytime soon. Peace to you

      3. Super Suit

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      4. Yasser Said

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    23. More Brutal 2020

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    24. Joni Weinberger

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    25. stan hootzz

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    26. J No

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      1. Freddie

        Putin hates PissraHell and Satanyahoo. Keeping his enemy Khazar "jews" close.

      2. J No

        @Joni Weinberger I was venting...as i described earlier. Leave me alone.

      3. Joni Weinberger

        @J No There are many scholars who debate this subject of Anti-Zionism being the same or promoting Antisemitism. I do not profess to being one of them, or being a Talmudic Scholar. Although I have studied it. Have you ever studied the Jewish Talmud? But not to get off subject. You still have not addressed my original question to you concerning your hateful, and violent remark. I believe you are the deflector, and the world is viewing you as well. Hateful, and violent remarks against someone is not necessary when not agreeing. There is a difference between stating an opinion, and wishing someone harm. Speaking of opinions, it is obvious you, and I do not share the same. Final note, my opinion also comes from real, and personal experiences.

      4. J No

        @Joni Weinberger Masters of Deflection, your ilk.. You avoid my key points. Deal is no good Telmud reference zio vs. Semitism. Regardless of your "narrative", This, is how the Whole World see you. You have made No case, to cause a change in view.

      5. Joni Weinberger

        @J No I'll keep it simple this time. Again I ask you, why the need of your original comment, "Boil her face in gutter oil" Why the need to display such violence. I can only imagine if a Jew, of any nationality said that of Amina Abbas. Comments such as yours, does not help your Antizionist cause. It only petpetuates division, hate, and violence. By the way, there are more Jews that support Israel, than don't. Please get your facts correct. Also, Antisemitism is connected to Anti-Zionism, along with many other reasons for the sharp increase in Antisemitism. Again, have a good day. Shalom