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    Ajoutée Il y a 7 ans


    1. JakeFox

      Covid-19 Boredom: *YES* PSY: *GANGNAM STYLE 2?*

    2. 성탄설날


    3. Тайрон YT

      Кто из 2020

    4. Тайрон YT

      Ей гайс у меня всё найс

    5. Michael Higginson

      I love it

    6. Michael Higginson

      I watched it like twenty five rimes

    7. Michael Higginson

      So funny lol

    8. ella

      this introduced you to kpop

    9. Carlo B

      I’m here again in 2020 just to check the views and the comments.... same as many of u right?

    10. Gyaradora

      Can we go back to this simple time

    11. Ckg1

    12. Longlive Xxxtentacion

      Anyone here because all the video’s on you recommend go’s about corona

    13. Patrycja Parciak

      M Ppppaq1

    14. Dave Toledo

      2020 anyone?

    15. Triple3

      *Funny comment to get 50K likes*

    16. vasili gamer

      2 0 2 0 ?

    17. timelaps


    18. King -


    19. Ilham Gametr


    20. Yildiray Apaydin

      George floyde

    21. 서민석

      Oppan gangnam style

    22. MiniBunnyJoongi

      Having war flashbacks of Seoul time road😏

    23. DOUBLE HD


    24. 박준현

      이걸 오랜만에 보러온 한국인 ㅅ

    25. ay da

      Who is here 2020? 3 Milliarden Aufrufe Amk 😂

    26. サイコロ降臨


    27. Nico Pohjolainen

      I dont know why i am here Why are you?


      Is no one going to talk about Hyuna??!

    29. Abhiram Ajith

      Here after gangnam style 2 news?

    30. AbIn joHn

      Me: nice song (2/06/2020) FRsel: btw which universe are you from??

    31. Anonimo .


    32. angel manuel

      I watch because i'm bored

    33. Nux001

      Is it bad for me to say this songs brings back memories of the good years

    34. Arav Zope

      I can't believe the hight the dance reached

    35. cake L

      Where is korean?

    36. iIiIi kri Mo iIiiI

      Who came ? 2020 🥰🥰

    37. Nita Shrestha

      Became a hyuna Stan and returned here to see her 😂😂.

    38. Supreme Kral

      Türk varmı lan!

    39. Jing Masmela

      no one: literally no one: people in 2012: if this video reach 1b view the world ends.

    40. Di Anão

      *m e m e*

    41. 高橋たかし


    42. weeb uwu

      There's a restaurant near my house named this and it was the drawing thing I want to cry-

    43. Zi Zi

      മല്ലൂ ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ?

    44. Tired2K

      Why did I sing this song like I knew what it meant when I was 5,still no idea what it means 8years later

    45. Ianna Marie Bautista

      Sinasayaw pa namin to dati eh hahahah...

    46. nurnabilasafiyah mohdeffendy

      My childhood song....who just search this song cuz it suddenly just crossed ur mind🤣🤣🤣

    47. Ivette Vercetti

      My only fave kpop idol 😻😻😻

    48. ARMY'S

      7 yıl önce 😲

    49. Rifat Rahi


    50. Dario Istrate

      My dreams are perfectly normal: Also my dreams: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a>

      1. Mr. Nimetön


    51. twice more&more

      i still can't believe that this has 2.4 million dislikes

    52. Piotr Parzyszek


    53. Onkel Klømås

      Hvordan 3,6 milliard visninger, når Japan kun har 126,5 million indbyggertal??????? Forklar??????

    54. S Λ C R Ξ D

      i really want to see just how great the second one is gonna be


      JobbytheHong if he was in Kpop

    56. KHYLE B.

      Who's watching this during quarantine??

    57. rad but sad

      Gangnam style 2??

    58. Kiên Văn Tân Giáo viên


    59. Kavi Dev

      At first I heard it "Condom style"

    60. Agnes Quiros

      I used to watch this ever since I was like, 4 or 5 years old. And god, I still love this song XD

    61. RG_어느 한 유저

      현재 조회수 순위 7위네 (주모:털썩)

    62. Miraygamze Karaköse

      Abi şarkıların çok güzel

    63. אורלי ספרנוביץ

      ליק מי שישראלי

    64. Frankie Fitz

      Mad they way this has 3 billion views

    65. わさびと牛乳

    66. Ejaz Kashif


    67. ram kumar

      The best song in FRsel watch over 3.6 billion people

    68. Sibusiso Mazibuko

      Ayyyyyy sexy lady! That's what I only understand 😂 but the song is a vibee

    69. Рада Аллахвердиева

      После просмотра этого шедевра я заметила пропажу мозгов )))

    70. Samriya Sultana Vlog

      love from dhaka, bangladesh . 2020 anyone here , still i love this song 2012 to 2020

    71. okawari CH


    72. Vanilla Gorilla

      This song is still as awesome as it was when it came out 😎

    73. 뇌정지


    74. Rus_ 5000


    75. 알수없음

      이거 2020년에 보는사람ㅋㅋ 없겠지?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    76. LOS camaros

      who's waching this during lockdown

    77. a person

      Fun Fact: Baby Shark has more views than this absolute masterpiece.

    78. Anca Iftene


    79. Davion Robinson

      Who here June 2020?

    80. 날강도