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    Peter Doherty has a new record coming out, with his band, the Puta Madres. It's amazing proof that he's still one of the top songwriters around. We took the opportunity to meet again, this time at the wonderful store of Herr von Eden in Cologne, Germany, to record some songs. This is "Time For Heroes", a Libertines classic, and a Neil Young cover: "Out On The Weekend".
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    1. Adam Berry

      lol garbage!

    2. Princess Bouldermall

      Looks like Pete is back on the white freight liner.. ;(

    3. Arturo Sansuy

      He's a genius, he feels and makes feels the music; you hater can still playing the guitar like a dumbass robot

    4. bob enculé

      just amazing how he play out on the weekend

    5. GreenerHill

      He sings like a bad contestant on X-Factor. He should stick to acoustic guitar behind someone with a voice. Dreadful.

    6. Raskolnikov1705

      I fucking love when he goes acoustic

    7. Matias Btz

      Idolo 🤘

    8. Chris Harborne


    9. My Vices

      Damn he got old

    10. Karloss Mac

      He absolutely murdered that Neil young track

    11. Luka

      Big shit...always be!

    12. Angelo Griffo

      Pity, ahre

      1. p a o l o


    13. Judy Neville

      Junkies are so boring

    14. Fred Ralph

      More talent in his little finger than anyone in the comment section.

    15. Andrew Lemond

      is he off the crack? i can't tell tbf.

      1. Andrew Lemond

        ever play a tune off your nut and it sounds great at the time but is fucking abominable on playback - that's this (even does the ear to body-acoustic trick)

    16. Fontina Amoris

      A man for all smackheads to project the "romance" of their tortured genius onto. Trouble is when they sober up and he does, they'll realise there's nothing there except a scrambled brain under a hat.

    17. J. W.

      Didn't thought this man is still alive, he looks more like a ghost anyway.

    18. beenie86 Beenie86

      Omg do anything to collab with him

    19. The Heart Of A Blackbird

      His shirt sounds good. That is all.

    20. carterpatrick17

      This is a tough watch. Barely audible. Pete Doherty May have had a lot to offer and something to say but his performance is akin to a 1am penny whistle high street busker. Addled and to bring Neil Young into it... different ball park all together. Worlds apart.

    21. Fran

      This guy is completely stoned. What the hell is he singing about.🥴

    22. Yuma Miki

      He's gettin old and still young

    23. Слава Гвоздев

      Very good

    24. Choucroute 42

      Liam will beat your ass

    25. Caliper Lady

      LEGEND. So what if he's doing drugs, who are you lot to judge another human being?

    26. Lee C

      Skag head.....cant stand the dirty nailed prick!!!

    27. grunkert

      Fuck you krishnan guru murhpy he's not dead, he's rockin'

    28. Goo goo Dolls


    29. Lee Flavell

      Wrong n

    30. Callsign Frosty

      > lav mic jesus

    31. rocknrollnonsense Heart

      Keep it tight!

    32. Jean-Baptiste Boudreaux

      lil peep faked his death so he could escape the corrupt music industry and follow his dream of being a folk singer

    33. Kevin Michel Cuevas

      Fuckin drugs

    34. Captain Charisma

      Hmmm thats a song (out on a weekend) not to fuck with its really perfect the way Neil does it your interpretation is at a few moments interesting but pales compared to the original

    35. Kerser South West


      1. Kerser South West

        @Craig Murphy lol

      2. Craig Murphy

        Kerser South West great observation there numbnuts.

    36. Marina K.

      apart from the greying hair, this beautiful man seems not to age at all. so young at heart, after all those years, still got passion for his art. Peter, you are exceptional and i'm still inspired (for over more than 10 years now) by your music and words!

    37. Froli Lapume

      This is the bad kind of sad.

    38. Mark Gaiennie

      Guess I'll check back in another 5 to 10 .

    39. Manik Artikayoga

      what bass you're played, pete? mmm nevermind, you must turn down half tune in c major, pete..

    40. muu muu


    41. Mark Shaggy

      That was fucking dreadful.

    42. Bruno Goffin

      What a crappy guitar player...

    43. Liam’s channel

      He looks like he’s using heroin again🤔

      1. Legend

        Liam’s channel so what?

      2. I hate you mother-fucker!

        Liam’s channel: the question is asked at the end (when they're on a coach down to London) in the original Train Spotting, "when is you're last hit you're last hit"?

    44. Frankie Sanabria

      Is he still high??

      1. Mathew Edwards

        Yeah, in the Guardian recently he said he's still addicted to crack and smack

    45. Andy Massey

      Truly awful. He needs to clean up

    46. Nintendo Youth

      Can someone tell me where I can find the tie he's wearing?

    47. X4mat

      Bloody 'ell! He looks so old 😮

      1. adam ropp

        Meth will do that to ya.

    48. Steve S

      His guitar always sounds out of tune or maybe its in an open tuning but sounds rough at times

      1. t j

        Nah he is just notorious for being out of tune or just playing in the wrong key ....but in his defence it’s probably hard tune your guitar when you have that much heroine screaming inside your head

      2. Craig Longmuir

        Plus it will sound better to him cause hes fully it haha

      3. Craig Longmuir

        Steve S Its probably on purpose mate think its to do with his image

    49. Bastián Herrera

      Chords= :o

    50. Alberto Pineda

      This shit should be avoid, overvalued!

    51. Mieszko

      on dirait qu'il prefere jouer en live

    52. raphael giessauf

      Nice song peter!

    53. Hello Vanna

      *re-listens to entire Libertines album*

    54. Lucifer Sam

      Yea, he definitelly quit heroin... yes. 😐

    55. RonaldReaganRocks1

      Pete is an annoying junkie.

    56. Stuart Ireland

      Sorry it’s Shite!!

    57. Thomas Wolf

      Busker level music with professional level suit.

    58. brownstone master

      So sick of people going on about his drug use more than any other well known musician with a history of drink and drugs. He's good at what he does end of.

      1. princeoftidds

        I know right? He got Amy Winehouse into hard drugs and no one even mentions her drug use anymore. She's doing great!

    59. Thomas maxwell

      Needs to give up one or the other smack or music 😕😕

      1. annette williams

        Just a tad judgemental arent we? I hate what that drug does to people and their families. Addicts need support, everyfuckers got an opinion on drug addicts but unless youve walked in their shoes-fuck off with ya judging snipes n comments n he cant be that bad hey-ya Watching his shit 😂

      2. Thomas maxwell

        @Electric Mars just pretty much stating that he needs to give up drugs and I'm guessing you think he shouldnt he'd he a good musician if he wasn't on smack like have you watched the video and thought Fuck me he's a role model of a guy if thats the case then you should follow in his footsteps 😂

      3. Electric Mars

        @Thomas maxwell That's a perception that's not based in reality. Sincerity regardless of drugs is worth more than the naive judgment that you present.

      4. Thomas maxwell

        @Electric Mars TBH I hate drugs and what they do to people and how low you must have to be to think that's the way to go but look at the state of home can't sit still ect and like Matt healy from 1975 says sincerity is scary

      5. Electric Mars

        @Thomas maxwell No but I appreciate sinserity.

    60. r vega

      i find it a damn shame and then some that most of the comments on this video as well as others is just people taking time out of there day to slag off an addict. thats low

      1. r vega

        @hyena131 I am an Addict. im in a treatment programme with some people who owned there own buisness and who also work in film/television and works as personal trainers. you dont have a fucking clue what you are talking about. humble yourself

      2. hyena131

        r vega Addicts are usually pretty low...