Peter Doherty interviewed: "I really don't want to die"


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    Peter Doherty sits down for an in-depth chat with NME to talk over his debut album with new band The Puta Madres, getting healthy and clean, turning 40, kayaking, the idea of 'Albion' in the time of Brexit, the death of Mark Blanco, his fascination with drugs and prison, the strains of his relationship with Carl Barat, and what to expect from The Libertines' next album and hotel in Margate.
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    1. Mariela Fernandez

      I wonder if he stinks

    2. franksoul

      Unfortunately he looks so spent. He could have been one of the greats but I guess he chose drugs.

    3. Chris Mouton

      Absolutely love this man. So talented.

    4. Meegs B

      Please research vaccine truth. #VAXXEDocumentary

    5. Chris

      Priviledged waster front man of a band that at their best made songs not good enough to get on an Oasis b side

    6. Jay Walker crew

      She was funny 😁 She run 🏃‍♀️ down the M4 😂

    7. Magic Sorcerer

      the story about the 8 year old kid at his show🤣

    8. s w

      Handsome fella, very talented also

    9. George joy

      It’s interesting how people seem to jump on his addiction and slate the guy for it but no one not a single soul ever has offered help or understanding or tried to understand why he took drugs, they don’t care about him being on drugs they care about someone who’s on drugs being more successful than them it’s a selfish machine that feel it unfair that he was so big whilst doing drugs. It may be unfair but life is and always has been so unless you actually cared about the man leave it out 🙄

    10. Simon Robeyns

      awkwardly holding his book looking at pete moving around 24/7 and talkin like keith richards haha

    11. Jude Lince

      While I can't deny he looks and is a mess, he definitely sounds better than he did in the mid-late 2000s. Seen some interviews with him then and he always seemed like he was barely in the room.

    12. powdered milk man

      i love this guy :))

    13. Gabriel Rodriguez

      Pete Doherty is the new Keith Richards.

    14. Danne XD

      Alguien le enseñó español a Pete muy bien 👀

    15. Janis Ibarra

      When he says "puta madres", dudeeee. Ohhh dude.

    16. Gary Quilietti

      Lot of blaming pete cmon boy!

    17. Carrie Angel

      Pete should get himself on that Kratom! It's worked for thousands of people that like opiates!

    18. Jordan Reynolds

      Wonder who the journalist was? Anyone got any idea?

    19. Breianna Orozco

      He seems so authentic and down to earth. Love to have a drink and conversation with him. Top bloke

    20. David Robinson

      I always believe Pete has never realised just how talented he is. He hides his intelligence and sensitivity far too well. I really hope we don’t leave it too late before we truly appreciate him.

    21. Razwan Akram

      is he still a smackhead?

    22. Ronnie .J

      interviewer with his bs brexit/far right question...

    23. Valentina Vergara

      Jajjsj lo amo

    24. Chris Burke


    25. B E C A U S E G A N G

      It’s mad to think Pete was once an icon for teenagers in Britain , then you get older and realise he has major issues and is a bit of a tragic character. He’s a gentleman and very talented all the same 🇬🇧

    26. Battista Manfredi

      Italian beer in his hands, Moretti...

    27. Laoch

      this is kurt cobain if he didnt die..

    28. Laoch

      english people pronouncing doherty is the funniest thing fucking wankers

    29. Aaron P.B.

      There is an insane amount of culture that the British need to revel in joy over.

    30. Sanaa Ahmed

      I love Peter Doherty because he don’t care about everybody and he as the balls to say it! His always the same! Take it or leave it. So brave. Don’t change lovely ❤️

    31. J Lee

      He looks terrible nowadays. I'll be suprised if he makes 50 😔

    32. Matheus Fernandes

      Man, as a non-native american/european... I can't understand anything Peter is talking here hahahaha

    33. Leon Harpley


    34. Leon Harpley

      Is he weird

    35. Okifurbi

      He looks like morning breath

    36. Mogwai Thai

      He's off his tits again.

    37. Dave Greathead

      What people see as 'his' demons isn't necessarily how he sees them! He's a legend and keep on keeping on Pete! Top man! 🤘

    38. Classic Mail

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1670">27:50</a> That's him habitually tapping to get a vein.

    39. Charlie Slump

      Pete has the same interview mannerisms as chief keef

    40. John Smith

      Pete is a great advert for heroin. Really looks like he is enjoying himself.

    41. John Smith

      Doherty is a sweaty pasty spotty self-absorbed drug addict who can barely form a coherent thought. Anyone who find his ramblings interesting must be as brain dead as he is.

      1. Jane Cobain

        Get a life.

    42. John Smith

      Whose idea was it to sit on flight cases? SOOOO contrived and gave me backache just watching this!

    43. John Smith

      The interviewer is SOOOOO cringe. Sycophantic arse-licker! He is so uncomfortable with his fake laughs and constant fidgeting. Find someone who isn't starstruck by the person they're interviewing. Embarrassing.

    44. random shizz

      i give him 3 years...

    45. Michael K


    46. stu Lee

      yeah, your financial situation might get a bit better if you stop spending £1000 a day on drugs Pete. ..

    47. stu Lee

      Pete you desperately need some iron inside of you. your so white that your head is blending in with the background. you need some vitamin D as well.

      1. Jason Nosaj

        He gets vitamins C, R, A, C, K everyday....

      2. Carrie Angel

        @Ben _Jamin 🤣

      3. Gromit Pesley

        stu Lee That’s like looking at a japanese person and saying, you need to get your liver checked you may have hepatitis or liver disease you’re very yellow looking

      4. Ben _Jamin

        needin vitamin C,A,B,D,E,F,G,H,E,R,O,I,N

      5. Carrie Angel


    48. john Jones

      what a dirty fucking smack head cunt

    49. A.P.B !

      We love you mate...stay the fuck alive!

    50. Otgonjargal Sengedorj

      He's real drug addict. He can't clean never! Soon he will die.

    51. Rod Lopez

      Ugly Boring junkie

    52. Robert Mcintyre

      that's what I call music 11 is the album pete's talking about

    53. Michael David

      This is what happens when Jamie Cullum smokes crack for years on end.

    54. MIKE HUNT


    55. James Gould

      If you don’t want to die why don’t you stop shooting up Pete

    56. D Bain

      Ian Brown in a suit 😂😂 bag of bones

    57. Mason Larkins

      Just served him in sports direct today lol

    58. Darius

      Such a shame that the interviewer asked such shit questions, this could have been a really great interview!

    59. Monkey Revolution

      What a boring interview

    60. Alan Orpin

      Still drinking then. Still has a denial mechanism the size of Bulgaria. Poor bloke.

      1. Magda 13


    61. S J

      Love the accent

    62. Ruok

      He looks he stinks of piss

    63. Beldar de Franco

      He should make exercise videos.

    64. R411

      Don't fall for that beer, the dude is high on cocain

    65. James Doak


    66. Will Baldwin

      Fuckin’ell, thought it was the warden

    67. SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

      I dont want die, I dont want die... oh oh ooo

    68. Lord of Banana

      Oh boy he's so gonna die. I work at a club somewhere, but i can't tell you which country or anything like that. Sometime in the last couple months he was our act. He was really friendly and actually greeted me unlike lots of other artists. However. He asked me and a bunch of my colleagues for heroin and cocaine, he seemed like an utter mess and people started to worry that he wouldn't even step on the stage. I say he doesn't have much longer.

      1. Will Baldwin

        Lord of Banana it’s in his blood now I reckon... evidently, but, he isn’t able to move past this! I don’t wanna guess when his day comes, but I fear it not long also

    69. Ant Thomas

      So, is he clean now or what?

    70. Christopher Grundy

      Pete’s new album is like looking into the soul of this interesting human being - a unique talent me thinks! Stay around Pete, don’t fade away!

    71. Braccobaldo Aldo

      Ma sta bevendo una birra Moretti

    72. Jacob Barrow

      great to see we both have the same belief that music in the UK is about to get good again

    73. Nintendo Youth

      Can someone please tell me what tie brand he's wearing?

    74. John Pineapple

      Posh boy Pete ; )

    75. Davestermatically

      Murdering scum

    76. Andrew Lane

      Stop smoking heroin then

    77. David Hay

      Good interview, Peter his usual charismatic, softly spoken, kinda shambolic self. He's so likeable tho... So genuinely honest & cool. So wot he likes a bit a crack & Skag, he seems happy enough to me.

    78. Purple Sunflower

      He is cute despite I am old enough to be his Mum I believe he was a kid on the rainbow circle camps during 80/90 We were there .....He is blessed with a face like Benjamin Orr of the Cars......those around long enough to remember that excellent band from the states....

    79. simon north

      Fascinating interview, such a rare event and so refreshing to see a celebrity who is so unpretentiously honest. Good move to Kent Pete! The new band is brilliant. Keep your creative energies flowing. Not controlled my the megga' music industry in any way….what a true free spirit….thanks be to people like you…..for such brilliant expressive music and lyrics. A true insight into life and the world unwrapped. Muchas gracias.

    80. mizzpipedream

      I could listen for hours