Peter Doherty - Last Of The English Roses (HD)

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    1. Saint Walpurgis.

      Saw him in concert years ago, in France. Had the chance of meeting him backstage and he is just as sweet as he looks. Very respectful, almost shy and thankful people were coming to see him in the middle of nowhere. I don't know why people hate him. Sure his music isn't for everyone - it's a matter of taste but he truly comes off as a genuinely good person.

    2. Mata Desbois


    3. Noël Laurie

      Degusting this men homosexual kiss 🤮🤢

    4. Arisugomez

      Eres un deleite hombre hermoso. 😍💕

    5. Mark Dennison

      A sequel to English Rose by the Jam

    6. mert talay

      İs this song about homosexuality homofoby or something like that I asking for 3:42 I mean I don t understand this clip.

    7. Antonio Pagano

      Adoro le sue occhiaie scapigliate e narcolettiche....

    8. EsenJolie

      yo what instrument sounds like Squidward saxophone in dis masterpiece ?:) sorry i dont know shiet :)

    9. Mauro Brooks

      Wack in ya truism Pete we needs it

    10. Mustafa Cengiz


    11. Ea Åkerman

      🇦🇺🇦🇮🇰🇾🇨🇰🇫🇰🇲🇸🇳🇿🇸🇭🇬🇧🌹🥀 💚💜

    12. zoeken dcuo

      He’s a Chinese man I don’t get it

      1. Figur Winzig

        zoeken dcuo 😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    13. c o

      She knows her tit from her tat

    14. JLSXXX

      The best loved from the start always in my heart.x

    15. Stephane Difolco


      1. Lili Hippie

        idem c'est un génie ce mec!!

    16. Therealmagic unicorn

      if a cat could be human,maybe it could be pete

    17. Dennis Remes

      the real animal

    18. L.D.S.S

      I’m 13 and the other day my mate said listen to wiz Khalifa so I did when I wasn’t out and I threw my phone it’s so bad so I but this song on instead now my mates got an 8 hour playlist of the libertines babyshambles and Peter Doherty 😂

      1. arthur wallis

        Good lad

    19. Abel Zarbel

      Remix Creole 974

    20. S

      This is and forever will be a class tune Thanks P. Doherty

      1. EsenJolie

        please check EsenJolie - Magnolia :) i luv The Libertines and i luv 2 do musique:)

    21. By Ali. M


    22. Romain Pierres

      Cette chanson enfin l'ère,les sonorités c'est comme une suite à la musique que faisait BLUR dans les années 90's.Enfin ça y ressemble

    23. Mut Room

      Kinda started nice and then just turned into more whiny English suicidal crap.

      1. c o

        If by listening to this you have come away with feeling suicidal you must have some underlined depression issues,

    24. 3 1 5 7 3

      Good day for it 🤗

    25. john lochrane

      Modern day poetry

    26. Jasmin Klüß

      kate moss

    27. Jasmin Klüß

      kete moss😍

    28. Keith van Keimpema

      Right Pete we'll be filming tomorrow try and have an early one

    29. Asya Musina

      So for this peace of crap Amy died?

    30. Badass Xoxo


    31. James Jones

      If this video takes any longer to load im'ma kill a reindeer

    32. Bigfoot Is Out There

      Looks like the evil kid from children of corn.

    33. bzzr51

      Pet doherty, you are a sob... Killer of cat

    34. Edgie

      Ta mère la pute ton père le client et toi l accident mon pauvre avec ta gueule sale merde

    35. Jam Pablo

      Very underrated especially in the Philippines. He’s incredibly talented, it’s crazy how people don’t see it. Love u pete, been a fan of yours since i was 14

    36. FILES TV

      Je suis avec ibra ma vidéo flotter lol c'est pour commencer ma chaîne avec son accord ,crois pas tous ceux que tu vois ,surtout avec nous les tchetchens

    37. JLSXXX

      The best

    38. Ronaldo R9

      Bloke’s a genius!

    39. Dara st.angelo

      umm that mouth...yummie !!!!! fruity tootie 2:11

    40. Alexandre Juillet

      cmon man ya gotta help me out ...

    41. Dave Brown


    42. R.L Levin


    43. E Cowman

      He truly is one of the great songwriters and we should all feel privileged to witness this first hand, the critics will kick themselves when they wake up..

    44. Andrew Shev`art

      Heroine and a footbal - Pete`s love recipe

    45. Lou Deplus


    46. Tom Filho

      Congratulations of São Paulo City,Brazilian Fans of English Rock and Britpop.Thanks só much.

    47. jkris205

      A wasted life of a musical genius!?

    48. Runner Tyler

      One of the Most talented underated musicians..

    49. Summit Yourself

      Hey, check some good rock music, write "Needle church" in youtube, yeah, support us!

    50. Natália Lopes


    51. justine ashby

      Is this about an ageing good time girl or a cross-dresser (well, could be the same person I guess)? It's tender and reminds me Lautrec's crayon drawings of the prostitutes in Paris in the 1890s/1900s.

    52. Monkey Revolution

    53. Rose Sonne

      fucking soccer

    54. Rose Sonne

      sorry, not sorry, I think this is f'in shit .. too you I might be the problem in this situation

    55. Willian Inacio

      Can someone explain to me about the gay kiss in the final of the video? Like, he's gay or bissexual or thats just something without any mean behind it?

    56. Nogah Lerman

      Liam Gallagher of 2000's

      1. J J

        Liam Gallagher is nothing compared to Pete. Noel wrote all the good songs lol

    57. Sòphìe

      I think his style is absolutely top notch.

    58. abxyz

      really wonder if this is about an english or a german girl. because the title says english roses but he lived in germany from 89 to 95.

    59. Gaston Arbitro

      Another video of him walking toward the camera in a dumb hat. What a shock.