Paul Kalkbrenner - Feed Your Head (Official Music Video)

Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner

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    Official Video Part Twelve Paul Kalkbrenner -- off the album "7"
    Robin Schulz Rmx:
    Kölsch Rmx:

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    FLORIAN-Episode 3: Feed Your Head
    In the final episode of the music-video trilogy FLORIAN, our hero gets a second chance to share the music he loves.
    Watch FLORIAN-Episode 1: Cloud Rider here:

    Watch FLORIAN-Episode 2: Mothertrucker here:
    Written by: Alexander Nowak, Felix Richter / Droga5 NY
    Directed by: Bjoern Ruehmann / Furlined

    In august 2015, the seventh Paul Kalkbrenner studio album '7' will be released (preorder: Electronic music fans have already been thrilled by his latest albums 'Icke Wieder' (album playlist: and 'Guten Tag' (album playlist:
    The Berlin based electronic music producer earned worldwide recognition for hit singles like 'Sky And Sand' and 'Aaron' (Berlin Calling Soundtrack: We arranged his most famous songs in a 'BEST OF' playlist for you:
    Sold out concerts around the world leave no doubt that he is a top of the line live artist. Don't miss out on the Paul Kalkbrenner Tour 2015! You can find tickets and more information here:
    Don't want to wait for the next concert? Take a look at his live playlist with shows from Paris, Berlin, Istanbul and many more:
    For more information about Paul Kalkbrenner check out:
    Facebook: paulkalkbrenner
    Im August 2015 erscheint Paul Kalkbrenners 7. Studioalbum Album "7" (Pre-Order: Schon seine bisherigen Alben wie 'Icke Wieder' (Album-Playlist: oder 'Guten Tag' (Album-Playlist: haben die Electro Fans begeistert.
    Für Hits wie 'Sky And Sand' und 'Aaron' (Berlin Calling Soundtrack: wird der Berliner Electronic Music Producer weltweit gefeiert. Seine bekanntesten Tracks haben wir für euch in einer 'BEST OF' Playlist zusammengestellt:
    Ausverkaufte Hallen weltweit lassen keinen Zweifel an seinen Skills als Live Artist. Wer sich die Paul Kalkbrenner Tour 2015 nicht entgehen lassen will, bekommt hier alle Infos und Tickets:
    Wenn ihr nicht bis zum nächsten Termin warten wollt, könnt ihr euch in seiner Live Playlist auch Videos vergangener Shows in Paris, Berlin, Istanbul uvm. ansehen:
    #PaulKalkbrenner #FeedYourHead #7

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    1. Steeve Daw

      I was once abducted by aliens. This was playing on their music system.

    2. Dean Daniel

      This song this video. these comments just absolutely destroy me

    3. Numbsi1977

      Ist Florian am Ende gestorben? zumindest atmet er nicht... Is Florian dead?

    4. MRayadi Gustama

      Still wacthing 2020

    5. Y G

      mesnevî (mevlana)👍chanting ring.

    6. Steeve Daw

      ." This does strange stuff to my ears and my chest and my soul."

    7. Steeve Daw

      Go.! Bearded man... Go! Don't look back... It's never worth it!

    8. Steeve Daw


    9. Steeve Daw

      Thanks..For saving my life,Paul.

    10. marcobat1991

      Too much crying...

    11. Steeve Daw

      Shows what a monk existence I've been living. To only recently hear his stuff amazes ME!.. Got me through a bad couple of days,I'm telling' Yo!!

    12. Steeve Daw

      .. Dare you not to move.....?

    13. Steeve Daw

      I want this at..12,not 11..

    14. O A

      Actually didnt see that many people this video. I just replayed it like at least 20mio times

    15. Romain Massard

      Merci! Ça fait du bien vivement le nouveau set ! Feed my head

    16. mruk01771

      Zaczynam od w moim przypadku tak się nie da bazuje na eufori.

    17. Wossi0815

      I love you for creating this!!!

    18. Dave Vinci

      best ever.... ❤❤❤

    19. Friesenmicha

      Er stellt sich da hin und bewegt sich,dazu der Sound.Er ist wie ein Magnet und zieht die, die da rumsitzen an. Langsam aber sicher kann keiner entkommen. Was für ein geniales Video

      1. Draco Meteors

        Bis man halt das Ende sieht.

    20. Emma Bull

      Good 👏

    21. yube40

      I too ,,,,, can’t dance 😔

    22. Tobias R.

      Florian trilogie is the best!

    23. Steeve Daw

      No! He's not autistic.. Or supposed to be!!!

    24. Rosi Schatz

      Ich weiß jetzt worum es in diesem Song ,Video geht ,ich fütter noch immer meinen Verstand .Höre schon ein viertes mal dieses traurig schöne Lied .

    25. piotr piotr

      Imagine that this music is heard by our soul when we die ... it's just a transition to a better world. The world ... euphoria ... because we have no words to describe what we feel ... now ... listening...Health and Love for all people in these difficult and bad times...

    26. Steeve Daw

      I'de love to see this with a full symphonic orchestra.!

    27. v3ndig0

      Who knows the name of this actor ?

    28. Steeve Daw

      There is SOMETHING truly magical about this,the song with the video is a work of art.

    29. Steeve Daw

      Makes me wanna take loads of drugs.

    30. Steeve Daw

      Glorious gentle bounce..😁😁

    31. Steeve Daw

      No Fat boy slim..No Florian videos.

    32. Steeve Daw

      Life sent me here.

    33. Steeve Daw

      Classic.. Who's going round the fire still,like an Indian,to this...?

    34. Vinsel 9019

      Una delle canzoni piu belle che io abbia mai sentito....grazie di tutto Paul❤

    35. Tural Ali

      Goosebumps...goosebumps are everywhere.

      1. Steeve Daw

        I was listening,6 hours ago. Beautiful. Would've been our 25th today... Anyway..

    36. Viktor Kecskés

      Még mindig mekkora muzsika!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Daniel

      Sunrise Festival 2019 :))

    38. Evelyne Baraer

      Douce folie... passagère... à jouer avec les étoiles...🌬

    39. Carlos Sayán Wong

      This is such a powerful video full of symbolism, great lyrics and contagious beats. Although, I wasn't aware of the subject matter at first, it transmitted to me a full range of emotions that made me feel alive and thankful for it. Vielen dank, Paul! 🙏🏼✨💗✨🌈

    40. Mario Galletta

      Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

    41. Vato Kacharava

      When im listening to this amazing track my mind goes somewhere , im getting happy , want cry , cry because im happy!!! in 2017 i saw MR PAUL on stage 13 th august! i remember date lmao! many emotions many feeelings oh god!

    42. MrGrzeech

      Kocham ten kawałek za każdy razem wyje jak bóbr 😁

    43. Thomas Rahmfeld

      The video and t The video and the track is not from this world, this is too much.

    44. camila minimal


    45. sascha rübsam

      ist auch so ein lied das einen traurig aber auch glücklich macht :D

      1. Rosi Schatz

        Sehr schöne Musik sehr schöne Stimme .Das Video berührt mich so sehr .Leider kann ich nur ahnen worum es in dem Song geht .Versteh nicht alles😢

    46. hello there

      This version is beautiful, i am happy my dad showed this to me

    47. Micky Maus

      Ja mich bewegte es auch immer wieder dazu es zu hören 👂👍👍👍😎🎶🔥🎶

    48. David Mostallino

      Best Song ever ....😍😍😍😍😍

    49. David Bogado

      Que pedazo de música...saludos from Paraguay 🇵🇾🙌🎵🎶♥️

    50. fufi

      Btw this lyrics is the reuse of the White Rabbit from the Jefferson Airplane.

    51. Rob Buser


    52. Cristofer Rivera

      jefferson airplane - white rabbit

    53. Chris Rocks

      Who is the singer, sounds like bjork, not sure

      1. Chris Rocks

        Found it, Jefferson airplane

    54. Fab Jey

      Einfach Wahnsinn das Lied.

    55. Elisabeth Broust


    56. T K

      erinnert mich eher an The Knife - Pass This On.. gleicher Stil.. langsamer aufbau bis die leute mittanzen.. interessant

    57. MaMa Sie

      Diese Musik ist einfach der Wahnsinn! Ich liebe es stundenlang diesem Sound zu folgen!

    58. Paolo di benedetto

      Che dire.. quando uno realizza una trilogia del genere non puoi non esclamare "Geniale!" Feed Your Head è una canzone che ti spacca il cervello e ti fa venire voglia di essere Florian l'antieroe che piega il mondo.

    59. NIklas Hein Holmelid

    60. TheOlliCologne

      great song &video ... the real arts of erntertain... wow!

    61. Christian Schmidt

      feed my head please mfg

    62. juanManuel Burgos

      Quarentine time. From Argentina ....

      1. hi

        and Germany🇩🇪

    63. Andrew McGrey

      Paul Kalkbrenner_ iloved this song, the best music of compose PK...

    64. Tanja Jodl

      Von Anfang an dabei und das bleibt auch so, bis ans Lebensende😉😎😇😁

    65. HCR2 Non Peut-être

      Top music and vidéo 👍👍

    66. Dragonfly

      Ich liebe dieses Video😊

    67. Laszlo Szabo

      Art at the highest level!

    68. Rob Buser

      🔥🔥🔥 *3 miljoen kijkers* Paul Kalkbrenner - *FEED YOUR HEAD* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="382">6:22</a> minuten - Live at Lowlands 2019 (klik) 🥳🔆✅👍 *Coronavirus Over Volgende Lowlands Kaartjes Kopen en Inkomstenverlies Oplossing!* (klik)

    69. Darko Filipovic

      Uncredible style at Paul kalkbrenner since 10 years awesome artist

    70. Myra Bacialli

      ❤️ thank you

    71. Andrey Borovskiy


    72. chiksat1

      где уродца взяли ??

    73. panx911

      I hope all those that need this song find it and I'll be looking for you always out in the world because I am awake enough to see you and know that a selfish hateful life is never one of honor but giving and protecting those that need it certainly is. I feel the pain of this world from others just looking in their eyes have friends out there you haven't met yet...believe it we are all around you. Find one of us and when you do you'll experience joy few can because you've seen the darkest things from humanity but before any endings you will be blinded by love and compassion. That's my hope for all that hurt. Just Love and do kind things every WILL change the world.

      1. Steeve Daw

        Well said.

    74. WON-HAI- PAUE

      Masz tę więź , która nawet w obliczu tak potwornej dla Ciebie tragedii , wciąż mocno Was łączy ... Muzyka czyni cuda , 3maj się Michał

    75. Chris Da Shilv

    76. Benyamin ramos Ramos guarniz

      Los latinoamerica reportense

    77. MegaMissfitz

      In a negative world just thought id give a positive little shoutout for the misfit out there! Sweet dreams 🎧🥰🎧

    78. RaBo Hammonia

      Cooles Video mit tiefem Hintergrund

    79. Locosjon

      #Erik gersovitz# played the character 👌 truly a masterpiece

    80. Petra S.

      liebe Deine Musik... der Hammer Rythmus wo man mit muss !! zwanzig Jahre älter geworden :-) immer noch verrückt danach :-) love