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    Join Ben Reeves, Brian Shea, and Alex Stadnik as they descend into Doom Eternal's newest hellscape and examine all the new features, areas, and upgrades they can get their demon-slaying hands on.

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    1. Beast of the Far East

      What the hell am I even watching?

    2. Jordan Cardenas

      these guys know nothing about doom.. should have had someone else do this video.

    3. Jarod Smith

      8:10 Damn, who was playing the game here? Dean Takahashi?

    4. Claire

      its like Doomguy is Trump and the demonic hordes are the democraps

    5. yaboi achin

      Wow this guy really sucks, oh look demons are killing me let me stand still for a long while and see if i die


      People: Which demone is your favourite? Me: The evil one!

    7. BirdsEyeView


    8. Dukey

      ID Software will never add battle royal game modes, they know what's good, unlike other companies

    9. Денис God

      Doom Eternal это просто большое DLC для Doom!

    10. Dondlo

      Wow this is really "pro" gameplay

    11. Hamida Shaker4غت0

      Epic and metal

    12. Zane

      4:03 'Hell fears you.. Cause you kill demons by the dozens' Jesus Christ lol

    13. lRichterl

      3:10 Cant tell if they edited the video to play BFG Division in the background, or if thats the IN GAME audio, in which case its confirmed that you can play doom 2016 tracks in Doom Eternal.

      1. Jooztin

        That track does indeed play yes, I don't know how it will work but I believe you can select the music for the prison? That last part is just a guess.

      2. Luiz Roberto

        It's because that was an optional fight

    14. EliteTyzone

      FRselrs: I love doom! Also youtubers: *don't know what the crucible is*

      1. The Coom Slayer

        *calls argent energy 'red energy' *

    15. Hattan AlShutaifi

      Doom eternal never stop to both amazed and surprise me

    16. Mariocco Argi

      i cant wait ....i preoder for ps4

    17. kwozymoto

      Man...Brian Shea was so clueless and weirdly condescending in this vid. Saying "they don't stray too far creatively" or that "almost seems that they're in on the joke this time" as if the team at ID have no idea what they're doing. Really bad pick for the commentary imo

    18. JosukeDiamond ŁøbeStar

      Wait my boi mancubuss got an upgrade :D HELL YEAH

      1. JosukeDiamond ŁøbeStar

        @Warlord SteelShroom I know , but I am still happy :D

      2. Warlord SteelShroom

        I'm pretty sure that's just the new look for the Cyber-Mancubus from 2016.

    19. Satan TheDevil

      Can you imagine doom having battle royal? Bruh, I don't think so.

    20. xs1xs1

      nope. sry, dont like this Serious Sam style doom. bring out some creepy doom like doom 3 and not a hack and slay shit with overload of effects

      1. Jooztin

        Doom 3 is fantastic. But Horror isn't the core of Doom my guy. Never was to begin with.

      2. Jason Smith

        xs1xs1 autism: 100

      3. FeelsTravMan

        Just... No. Doom 3 was cool, but thats not Doom.

    21. Reza Ghasemi

      Damn these guys know how to make fps😍

    22. Reza Ghasemi

      Damn these guys know how to make fps😍

    23. Gajbotron

      Askin bout "Battle Royale mode in DOOM"? That is some high-class INSULT I must admit! Also: "Mancubus is eating his own stomach!" xD

      1. Dukey

        Yes, i never liked the fact that developers give some newbies to play the game early, speedrunners deserve it

    24. noskoolikeoldskool

      How many players?

    25. Adolf Hitler

      I ate a sandwich

    26. Bartosz Andrzejak

      Oh jesus this guy is so slow. Let play someone who actually can play FPS.

    27. logan10662

      Gave a thumb down cuz y’all don’t know anything about doom how y’all a game channel but don’t know about doom!

    28. John Doe

      I just wanted to say Rage 2 was fantastic. Carry on.

    29. B_side 86

      I think of doom 2016 & doom enteral as a more remastered modernized version of classic doom (93) & doom 2 (94) wonder if we will get the same for possibly a doom 3 with the doomguy as the main character but I don’t think so 🤷🏻‍♂️ would be nice

    30. my mind is blur

      Who cares about Multiplayer in doom

      1. my mind is blur

        @Jooztin ye but I don't like the fact that more and more big games become a mix of singleplayer and Multiplayer instead of focusing on one side. Sure, in case of DOOM Eternal its clear that iD Software had almost only the singleplayer in mind

      2. Jooztin

        Doom Started traditional Deathmatch so MP has always been a part of Doom my guy.

      3. The Coom Slayer


    31. my mind is blur

      Finally smooth gameplay on a pc

      1. DAGAMAN

        @MrrrrMime he was sarcastic

      2. MrrrrMime

        this doesn't look like PC movement at all

    32. Yours Truly

      I thought 2016 multiplayer was fine

    33. Remy Perona

      @1:40 "they don't really stray too far creatively, do they?" U don't like the blood punch? Well what the fuck would you call it lmao? this dude is insipid

    34. Josh Starks

      You don't have to tell us you aren't Leo Vader. We can definitely tell.

    35. Doodley

      Good job sending a bronze player to demo a fast paced FPS game.

      1. Glenn Sweetman

        Non gamers telling the public about games.

      2. Jarod Smith

        @aljanat5 Are you off your meds or something? I can't tell if you're a troll or a delusional pathological liar.

      3. aljanat5

        @Doodley Thanks for the support.

      4. Doodley

        @aljanat5 Yes

      5. aljanat5

        Bronze? The dude barely scrapes into Iron level. BTW I told Marty about the fire belch, the Masters of the Universe tone, the Ghostbusters style Plasma canon alternate fire mode and the Predator style wrist mounted blade. Oh and the Halo style plasma sensitive shields. I am glad I have had such an impact on Earth. PS I asked the game be delayed until 03 20 2020 and that they add the tagline Raze Hell. if you are curious, my initals are A A and I am a failed writer from Luton Bedfordshire who wrote Joker, TheIrishman, Knives Out, Uncut Gems and 1917 but got no credit for them. I also narrated The Witcher and The Mandalorian seasons 1, which is why they have so much thematic and structural overlap (lone taciturn anti hero killers as lead within an 8 episode structure involving adoption of an orphan the name Din Djarin/Djinn and a claw gouged right forearm). The Mandalorian also had Predator references.

    36. Hayataka Shimada

      I love doom pretty cool huh

    37. Behemoth77

      The kept the "mortally challenged" joke!!! I love you ID software

    38. Hail King Ash

      God these guys are so boring to listen to. Could you make a game about ripping demons to shreds sound like a night at the bingo.

      1. Vicious Zero

        I liked these guys. They focused on describing the gameplay and that's all that was needed.

      2. Joshua Bailey

        Watch someone else! :)

    39. Dukefazon

      The glory kills are too long and that wall climbing is the worst idea, it’s really slowing the game down.

      1. Dukefazon

        @Jooztin But I'm not. I'm starting to feel you like to annoy people. It's not evolving, it's just changing. And not all changes are good. Don't fix something that isn't broken. These changes feel forced, like they just HAD TO put in something new otherwise it would be only a late DLC. They are cramming in unnecessary "popular" mechanics but these mechanics go agains what made the 2016 game great.

      2. Jooztin

        @Dukefazon That first sentence really makes you sound like an annoyed middle aged woman lol. I think you're just paranoid by the fact that the game is evolving and becoming fresh. I put literally more hours then you can count on Doom 2016. It was literally rince and repeat the whole game. "Fight enamies, go down corridor, fight more enemies, go down another corridor." Is it really going to hurt you THAT much that there's more traversing and intricate level design? Is it really going to make the game a complete utter failure and dumpster fire that you can climb on walls? It sounds absolutely like you're just nitpicking. The point of the more intricate level design is to break the: "Fight enemies, walk down corridor" repetitive design of D16. It's literally to improve the game's pacing lol. Also you say that Doom Eternal's Glory Kills look slow. Everyone was freaking out about this when D16 was coming out. D16's glory kills from an outside look, looks slow. When in actuality they were like 1-3 seconds long. They literally are the same speed in this game. Remember the Savagery rune? Yeah it's coming back my guy so it's not the end of the world. So if it bothers you that much then Savagery was made with you in mind. Also how could you not like a Grappling Hook on the Super Shotgun that pulls the Slayer towards Demons?

      3. Dukefazon

        ​@Jooztin Nope, don't try to simplify my thoughts. The originally when the 2016 Doom came out people had a fear that the glory kill will slow down the game and it will be boring. I just finished the Doom 2016 last december so it's fresh in my mind and the pacing was perfect in that game. Compared to this one, the longer glory kills, the wall climbing and the grappling hook is not fit to the pacing of the rebooted Doom game.

    40. Zen3 2020

      2:47 Warframe Glaxion Vandal 😁😁😁

    41. Zen3 2020

      Такое чувство что смотрю очередной геймплей временного эксклюзива платформы FRsel 😁😁😁

    42. zaky986

      this is what we get when journos play and present video games.... u two talk like neither ever worked on covering video games, and the knowledge that u two have about doom is an insult to ur viewers

    43. Ffs Wtf

      So anyone gonna talk bout the fact the person playing this aims...dodooooooooooo🤭🤭

    44. Cyberdemon montando un dinosaurio

      2:54 Yea, i definitely survived that

    45. slow down


    46. Sasha Alex

      Painful to watch sometimes. Just sit there and shoot at the enemy while they hit you....

    47. Hector Lopez

      I love love love the extreme content. Bodies getting ripped apart by bullets shit is looking metal as fuck

    48. Y C

      too repetitive

      1. Jooztin

        You could say that about literally every game ever created lol

      2. UndershotMars48

        All games are repetitive.

      3. Claire

        all that ripping and tearing is fun repetitive to me

    49. Chris B

      I just hope that there is more variation in regards to the glory kills animations. I got so tired of seeing like the same three animations in doom 2016

      1. Cinderheart MLP

        @Danny Lewis Yeah, you really wanna aim at the legs for some cool stuff.

      2. Danny Lewis

        Glory kills in Doom 2016 were based on which body part you targeted while pressing the melee button. If you're always looking at their head you'll get the same animations, but each enemy had 3 to 4 different glory kills

      3. Hector Lopez

        There's a new video out showing many different glory kills. Look it up it just dropped earlier this morning

    50. TraktorNaPolye

      Honestly, this gameplay looks bad because of how the guy plays. If you don't find it thrilling or it seems boring , go check out other gameplay vids (like he couldn't kill 4 zombies with a shotgun and almost died, come on, just embarrassing)

    51. MUD MANE

      these game journalists dont know shit about this game or any fps title. they're playing this shit on easy wtf

    52. Champ

      Doom Eternal: The most Christian game of the decade.

      1. Commissar Kitchen

        Considering that Angelic beings are now on the Slayer's Nixon list, I'd say this shitty meme needs to die

      2. the dead guy

        Fake news.Jesus game is the most CHriSTIAaN

      3. Aidan Brem

        I see this post copy and pasted all the time. Ya realize that heaven is on the doom slayer’s shitlist in this game too, right? They are actually allowing the demonic invasion. If you’re gonna do a shitty copy pasta at least watch a fucking trailer

      4. Jigzaw Tactics

        I agree

      5. Hattan AlShutaifi

        Champ well that the point game franchise is meant be war against demons and evil

    53. TheCynicalJay

      Dude playing is so slow. Terrible combat flow

    54. BustedVinyls

      It's so odd watching someone playing this with a controller... I'm speaking as someone who's typically a console player, by the way.

      1. Geassguy360

        This guy just fucking sucks. I have been playing Doom since I could work the PC as a kid back in the 90's and nowadays I don't play on anything BUT controller when I can help it, I get wrist and hand pains from M&KB pretty darn quickly, and prefer to have my PC hooked up to my TV anyways. My minimum difficulty is UV, have beaten it on Nightmare as well. My gameplay is pretty slick, not clockner levels but there are plenty of times where I have to pause for a second 'cause I just pulled off some sick shit. I have over 400 hours and none of it on M&KB. The real issue with a lot of this preview footage is most of these people don't play DOOM very much, and its easier to at least look halfway competent on M&KB. The people playing on controller probably are the most unfamiliar with the game. In other words, the journalist who opts for M&KB probably has at least played a shooter before whereas a journalist who opts for the controller is just more likely to be a scrub overall. The actual gamer who opts for Controller for a FPS is just far less common than the one who opts for M&KB, for obvious reasons.

      2. Commissar Kitchen

        Personally I couldn't play Doom without a Mouse and Keyboard, but hey, respect to anyone that can play this with a controller

      3. Abd-Qadir Gilani

        Well tbh the only time I can actually aim with the peanut-designed PS4 controller is when I play this game. Anything else and I'm dead. [In said peanut-designed PS4 controller's defense tho, I'm just as shite with Mouse, lol]

      4. Jooztin

        Trust me I play DOOM 2016 with a controller and it's not as bad as most people make it out to be really. But that being said, I hate watching all these game journalists play this game because I can picture how good the gameplay could actually look lol, same happened with DMC 5 for me.

    55. Coleson Frey

      Whoevers playing isnt that good... lol

    56. Dima Kor

      Why all professional game journalists have zero knowledge about games? DOOM 2016 has nothing to do with original DOOM. It is not old school shooter. DOOM 2016 is very primitive completely linear modern arena shooter where almost all enemies simply span from thin air. It is not even shooter, because almost all weapons are useless further then 5 meters. Level design is almost absent because there are no levels, only one corridor. Game design is very simple and similar to Serious Sam: go to a (very small) arena, get waves of monsters spawn

      1. Nass Lass

        @Dima Kor I dont dispute d2016 is really different from OG Doom. But its weapons being ineffective at range is just dead wrong. That was a doom 3 problem, not d2016 one. And in doom 3 levels were so small they didnt need any weapons more accurate than the pistol. It having no level design is also dead wrong: D2016 traded in maze like level design for graphical fidelity, a lot of verticality, more free combat sandbox and more complex enemies/weapons behaviour. The combat arena in d2016 has a lot of quirks that set them apart from each other: numbers and positions of vantage points, hallways, open area, powerup, items, movement options, enemy compositions... The level design in Foundry, Argent Facility, Argent Facility 2, Kadingir Sanctum also have interconnected and non linear designs like classic shooter, albeit really simple but with verticality on top. It being like Serious Same (that isnt a typo) is also dead wrong, the waves dont aim to overwhelm you with numbers at all but different enemies' behaviour in different map layouts, the enemies have far more complex behaviour than SS, the combat zone has more verticality, more covers, more vantage points, the intended approach is "push forward combat" with a lot of leeway for other tactics, not "backpedal strafing or die" like SS. If you play classic Doom as originally intended: without mods that make you an overpowered god, no jumping or crouching, you would know there are usually only 1-2 approach to the majority of zone. And during combat you rarely have as much options as in d2016: because ammos arent refillable unless there are zombie enemies, but they get fewer as the game rages on, and they only refill bullets and shells, a lot of verticality design wasnt possible due to engine limitation, jumping included so no repositioning yourself behind or above enemies unless you want to go through half a map, all enemies get closer to you and shoot/melee you with some predictable infighting, the rng keep them from constantly forward attacking but they dont do thing like flanking, hiding, retreat, feint retreat or choose attack angle out of your sight or use special abilities like d2016. The d2016 classic maps were much harder than in classic doom as a result of the new enemies. In harder maps like in thy flesh consumed, tnt , sigil or plutonia you even need an optimal route through a level otherwise you run out of resources for the next encounters while dealing with bullshit like fake wall with enemies behind it, enemies teleporting behind you with really short cue, really narrow corridors filled with tanking enemies, minigun guy spam, archvile spam... Doesnt make classic doom not a masterpiece, but claiming it give you more options than d2016 is wishful thinking at best.

      2. Dima Kor

        @Nass Lass There are corridors and there is corridor, one. Old shooters had lot of corridors, it was a big area filled with lots of interconnected halls and so on. Modern shooters like Destiny 2 campaigns has ONE corridor two meters wide. Basically almost all AAA modern shooters are cheap 1990 like shooting galleries (Mad Dog McCree). They are far behind DOOM II in almost every aspect

      3. Nass Lass

        @Dima Kor >like trepang 2 >dislike shooter with arena-corridor level design >doom 2016 weapons have no range is this opposite day? the gameplay problems with d2016 is 3-fold in trepang 2. Its level design thus far is also literally corridor-arena-corridor. But FEAR and d2016 give their corridor some life, a lot of details, collectibles and items to compensate. The Corridor in d2016 even go vertically and sometimes even let you do the arenas or objectives in a non linear order. Trepang 2 has NONE of that thus far. Yeah I know Trepang 2 doesnt have that budget and manpower. But if you look at Doom 2016 that way yet cant see it's the same shit in trepang2 then it's just voluntary blindness. Yeah, you can skip half an arena by triggering the next enemy squad to breach the exit or push a button. But that's just ezpz pushing the "invisibility" button and beeline to the exit, an ability you get for free. "boss arena" cant be skipped however. Of course it must stay that way for story reason. And the boss is literally a cod juggernaut with the same AI (stand at one place shooting at your cover). Invisibility is a get ouf of jail free card in trepang 2. This ability constantly recharge itself. It isnt even a cooldown, when it charge to a certain level, which is barely 2 secs you could use it again. So unlike FEAR or D2016, outmaneuvering enemies in Trepang2 is relatively risk free. In D2016 this kind of crutch mechanic aka glory kill is something you have to put some works in and the better you are at the game, the least you have to use it, even on harder difficulty or you could use it tactically instead. I cant count the numbers of times I got killed in d2016 after a careless glory kill. Trepang2 on very hard and above literally cant function without that "card" constantly in cooldown and during my gameplay I never died going out of invisibility (unless I go full retard and uncloak in the open or some shit) because enemies cant pressure invisible players and are sluggish compared to basic d2016 enemies like imps, soldiers or knights. Trepang 2 enemies drop armor on death. And their armor function like doom 2016 armor: absorb 100% damage in place of health. So both games are actually really similar in health management. Trepang 2 weapons sucks at range except for the pistols. Even then, consecutive long range shot with the pistol still suck because the spread went from 0 to 10 real quick. They should either include fear's ads or tighten the spread/shot. Meanwhile you could snipe from the beginning of d2016 with the pistol or the shotgun nade. In the 2nd lvl you get the assault rifle with tiny spread which can be fitted with a scope. Then the RPG with no spread and lockon. Then a fucking railgun at the half way point. Enemies in Trepang 2 feel more of a bullet sponge compared to literal giant demons in 2016 because all the weapons sucks except the shotgun. Yeah, weapons feel nice in a vacuum because they vibrate your screen every shot, but the accuracy, the knockback effects, the damage... are all minimal or unreliable. To add to that, you cant dodge enemies projectiles unless you either slomo or stop shooting in some way (cloak, hide, slide/sprint to other cover). So minimising damage is an excercise in spamming your superpower. In D2016, you could stop shooting to hide OR straight up dodging their attacks while shooting, trade damages for glory kill and pre placed health/powerups (wont work out well on UV and above though), set up a kill zone to get a lot of health through AOE attacks, kill them so fast they dont have time to even deal damage. All the while the enemies WONT stop pressuring you from every directions because there's no "stop shooting me" button except for the BFG. Which takes time to make the demons stop shooting you. The 2nd map in Trepang2 campaign is also the simplified version of a single 3-story arena in D2016. It borrowed more from d2016 than you realised. But put them in the tactical shooter framework of FEAR.

      4. bineweasel

        bruh when will this shooters purism stop. there are different shooters for different people, some people want the 90s retro obnoxious maze with hidden secrets shooter, some people want a boring ass military-style corridor shooter, and some people want a game that locks you in an arena every five minutes or so just to throw 20 enemies at you arena shooter. stay in your lane lmao, if you dont like it then go back to ion fury or trepang2 (lol). its like complaining that soccer aint like rugby

      5. EAMK

        Oh my god, I laughed so much while reading this.

    57. Sergey Gretchushkin

      doom on the controller.... but WHY?

      1. Church Triv

        I play pretty fine on the controller, beat 2016 on nightmare on my xbox and ultra violence on my switch in portable, not that hard especially when you can tweak the controls to your liking.

    58. Whisper Status 74

      Cannot wait for this!!!

    59. Not Vietnam

      Wow 11 minutes felt like 5 minutes

    60. SUNisMAD. john

      You guys sent the most inexperienced fps player and most uneducated doom player ever to play doom at id studios!?!? Timmy no thumbs could of captured better gameplay than this. Lmao jk

      1. Tristan Holsen

        Was just thinking this I mean shit they asked if there would be a BR