NEW Doom Eternal Story Details! New Gameplay, The Betrayer And More!


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    NEW Doom Eternal Story Details! New Gameplay, The Betrayer And More!
    In todays video we are going to talk about the newly released Doom Eternal gameplay and some of the story details that were revealed in the gameplay. Like the origin of The Betrayer, the main premise of the game and more. Expect more Doom Eternal Lore and Doom Eternal Theory videos. Enjoy.
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    1. Midnight

      Betrayer: "Saving your people will not bring you peace" Doom Slayer: "It will." Betrayer: "Okay it will sorry"

      1. Joseph Douek

        He won’t have peace until the fight can never continue

      2. HELL'S BANE

        The Slayer and his elite 300: one of the warriors lost his son in battle and went berserk.

      3. Peter James Villegas

        Doom Guy: ... (Peace was never an option)

      4. Joshdat1kid Memes love them


      5. Sky

        The doomsayer already has peace, he is an alpha male so he does what's right and he is fearless.

    2. Thomas N

      I just finished Doom 2016 and been catching up on the eternal hype. I got very interested to find out as much I can as who the betrayer is. From reading all the logs from 2016 and seing new info we know who he is but if one reads the logs in Doom 2016 u learn that the Hell planet you visit during that game was conquered by Hell like earth will be in Eternal. I believe the betrayer will be depicted in doom eternal as that planets slayer. They almost defeated Hells invasion because of a spiritual species of that world which is presented as hell in 2016 as the wraith. The son of the betrayer died during battle to defend their planet and he made a deal with a hell priest to get him back if he showed the hell priest what the source of their power was. When hell learned this they corrupted the wraith and added their power to theirs which gave them the Arkan energy. The betrayer got a corrupted version of his son back and hell took his world. Can’t wait to learn more, also about the marauder. Re3 remake coming soon so 2 great games in the near future🥳🥳

    3. Juicy James

      You can see the priest staff on the ground in the picture

    4. Kent Stone

      I always thought doom slayer went on his bloody rampage because his son was turned into the icon of sin. Since that’s obviously not true anymore, I really wonder what his gripe was in the first place to relentlessly kill every demon

    5. Fredrick Williams

      so I figured something out the betrayer was a previous doom slayer that's why he says it's your peoples time to give penance just as it was mine meaning he went on a rampage until he eventually got tired of fighting and decided to just hide for the rest of his life that's who the betrayer is.

    6. waked war

      the slayers arms are fuckin thicc boi

    7. TARINunit9

      I don't see anyway Hayden's Earth could be Doom Slayer's homeworld too unless the devs come out and say "uh, yeah, we forgot about Slayer's Testament. Well you can forget about it too, it's non-canon now"

    8. realjoker

      Is it just me or the whole Doom Eternal looks a bit too arena-ish? At least, pretty much all the gameplay I'm seeing is like that... unless it all depends on the player's game style... I mean, until now, Doom has had more of a dungeon style to me...

    9. Satrix Remix

      Once a human always a human no matter how much power you get given, so in away the doom slayer has every right to fight for the human race if he wants to, and a human with a purpose and power is 1 to be wreckond with I would say good luck to hell and heaven but we already know what is going to happen they do say humans make the best weapons and I think this will be displayed in doom eternal ✌️.


      King Novik:There are no longer your people to save Doom Slayer:I know but I can save the people of earth

    11. Kirk Findlay

      Ya but if Slayer is human, from earth that sort of means he doesn't apply to the Sentinels number by blood. But since he was apparently king at some point that probably means he was accepted as one of them and made one of them.

    12. Kirk Findlay

      the case the betrayer opens looks like it has three slots for those power orbs.... where'd the other two go?

    13. Joseph Douek

      Where were all these clips with the Betrayer from?

    14. Joseph Douek

      I thought that the Wretch was a Demon that was disgraced by and against the goals of the other demons Also, their are 3 names in the testaments. The Slayer, the Betrayer, and the Wretch. If the Betrayer is separate, then the Wretch is probably too

    15. Joseph Douek

      Yeah, the DoomSlayer is the great grandson of B.J. Blazkowicz in the og wolfenstein timeline, and is named B.J. III

    16. Joseph Douek

      So the betrayer gave up his fight. The Slayer, on the other hand, for some reason or another CAN never give his up

    17. jamiebhoy8

      So we found out who the betrayal is cool

    18. KY421 Entertainment

      Honestly would be badass if the betrayer was the OG Doomguy lol

    19. Anupam Bahl

      The betrayer seems to be the Marauder

    20. Infinite Sound

      i thought that the Betrayer and Doom Slayer is the same person

    21. Drenix WarriorKnight

      1:12 there's the Doom Mech!

    22. White Dastardly

      So good ol' doomguy is a defier of hell and heaven?! Nice

    23. Patrick Lloyd

      Novik: You are but one man. Makyr: Who are you, a human, to defy our traditions? The Betrayer: Saving your people will not bring you peace. LordMaledict: *deletes own account in utter defeat*

    24. Kevin Getzoff

      Is The Betrayer's armor suited with the cannon on his right shoulder? He's left handed? Ambidextrous? He threw that lightsaber thingy with his left hand. Is this supposed to have some contrast to Doom Guy in terms of character? I'm talking antagonist and protagonist here, at this point "Doom" is like reading a book.

    25. Clayton Lamb

      The Doom Slayer should be in Mortal Kombat.

    26. Birisu Andrei

      Why not fight night sentinels??? That would be cool. Just imagine them shooting advanced weaponry that maybe even outclass yours at you. That would be a great challenge.

    27. matthew byrom

      u kidding me the slayer is hevins wrath rage incarnate the one all of hell trembles at mention of his name

    28. lucky ME

      So doomslayer is a human and a knight sentinel

    29. Rok Sitzenfrei

      Christopher judge so good they hire him

    30. Gracz Polski91

      The Betrayer voice is absolutely amazing....

    31. JS

      BOOORRRRRINNNGG! Why'd they fucking do this? Shoe horn some shitty merc archtypes bitchy about duty and war into a dope myth about a supernatural bamf fueled by hate? AAA game devs truly have zero imagination.

    32. gamephreak5

      0:21 That's the "Victory/End of Episode" music from Doom 1!! That's awesome!

    33. zerocool gonna hack u

      For 15 min gameplay and a few trailer u sUre know mutch Alrdy u sure u Are right? 🤔

    34. Axle Rod

      I want to play with that badass mech

    35. DCaladbolg

      it would be pretty funny if the betrayer turned out to be doom guy

    36. Ste Price

      The halo music at the end ❤❤❤

      1. Ste Price

        @Aaron Barcena it's called Walk In the woods my good man.

      2. Aaron Barcena

        Which one is it again?

    37. Parmesan Killa

      1 its a reboot, not the same guy 2 the slayer had a son not a rabbit 3 doomGUY never pissed off heaven nor was he a sentinel.

    38. Afro Shinobi

      Never thought I'd be lookin forward to a DOOM game for the story/lore. Im hyped

    39. Crianyde

      Ay hit 5k

    40. BirdsEyeView

      His son is going to be the Marauder I think, not the IoS.

    41. SudoKnightlyNonsense

      Last I remember, the Wretch was an actual Demon: could be wrong though.

    42. zTx Meta

      When did the Betrayer get a body? Cause wasn't the original story behind Doomguy and TB that in Doom 1, after Doomguy got killed for the first time, TB's soul infiltrated his body and they became one entity: Doomslayer?

    43. Spinal Fluid is in my eyes

      Wait, so all that lore stuff about the icon of sin and stuff wasnt about doom guy? Was it all about that old man? If so, then why was the slayer in the coffin? Am I missing something?

    44. Jaime james Fuentes

      I love the cut scenes in this more. Than the first person

    45. Ace

      Betrayer = Marauder

    46. The Sprawl

      _'Story_ Details'?? Who gives a shit? Gimme my gun and let me make things die.

    47. einjel315

      Betrayer: "Saving your people will not bring you peace" Doom Slayer: "dont care, just wanna kill demons"

    48. OctagonCookies

      The Betrayer's son is not the Icon of Sin. The text in the game only suggested that his son became a demon and opened a path for the Icon to lay wrath. Thinking his son is the Icon is a misunderstanding of the text.

    49. pearljaime2

      So... the betrayer is NOT doomguy?

    50. punchparty 400

      “you will bring down the heavens wrath” Doom slayer: my wrath is much worse than the heavens or hells

    51. Charles Saint

      Saving your people will not bring you peace. Doomguy: Peace was never an option.

    52. PaulM68322

      I think his son is the Doom Marauder and not the icon

    53. karkha2894

      I think we are looking at this wrong. I think the doom slayer is not trying to save humanity but he just trying to kill all demons, the whole saving humanity thing is more of a side effect of doom slayers actions.

    54. blackpotato master

      I thought the icon of sin was killed already

    55. Serafino Neroni

      Thanks to you I finally understood something.

    56. The6thMessenger

      You know, you forgot MKIceAndFire with the footage right? There is the watermark.


      From my point of view I think he is of earth and was selected by gods to become a knight sentinel and destroyer of hell

    58. 王云龙

      Then I wonder how would they round up the story, if the 2016 reboot doomslayer == doomguy from original series. Cant wait to see the story telling

    59. Gavin Im

      Your channel is very interesting, and I enjoy watching your videos.

    60. Mr Syndicate

      is this..... 343?