NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 12, 2019


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    Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 12 featuring Nikola Jokic, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul and more!
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    Ajoutée Il y a mois


    1. SuperRip7

      A big dunk at 2:31. 11-27-19.

    2. Ricky Burke

      Steifl tower is low-key Goatmentator level bars.

    3. REAL LIFE Camed

      Its not the best top 10 if the goatmentator is missing!!!!

    4. Jose Diaz-Nunez


    5. Andrea Bajdl

      It's not Sarić nor Sorić. It's Šarić (Sharich).

    6. Jeymar Betiz

      No. 1 is 3 seconds Violation.😄 look at the shot clock it's 13 when center comes the perimeter.. he take the shot at 7 shot clock.. 6 seconds before the dunk... hahaha.. peace 🤣😂🤣😂

    7. Golvellius


    8. Lil Jalen

      2:00 " Throwing it down on Jared Allen, and his frow " 😅😅 cringatator's a savage

    9. Not Vuska

      Is it his job to make cringey punch lines?😂🧐

    10. LAVA FourTwenty

      Number 3 shoulda been 1.. that was nasty from beginning to end

    11. Gogi Molodoy

      Legend NCAA 😴😂🤣

    12. Adi G

      jokic lookn fat af wtf happen

    13. Felipe Caetano

      #1 Miami 👊

      1. Claudia Vlahović


    14. ketchup Esteller

      # 2 spot goes to Chris Paul crazy move

    15. gogetit 500

      "Throwing it down on Jarrert Allen & his Fro" 😂😂😂

    16. Agdis Hardeka

      where's coby white ? r u kiddin' ?

    17. jaydb313


    18. FouRLeaF ChuNaKaH

      Sorry to say.. Meyers shoulda got a 3 seconds in the key that last play..

    19. Miroslav Micic

      Trae's receding hair will not see Play Offs, mark my words !

    20. strykeback24

      That's the fast paced trapezoid offense....

    21. Matthew Kerr

      Coby White sets a Chicago Bulls Record with seven 3 pointers in a single quarter yet no mention.. C'mon wake up.

    22. Gi Gglez

      Nice list o_o But, what about Ricky Rubio and Aaron Baynes ?_?

    23. Nicola Girotti

      when he says "sometimes you just have to watch basketball" at 1:16 is that a reference to the comments section of the sadmentator videos? no right?

    24. RapGame HankMardukas

      Free Hong Kong

      1. Claudia Vlahović

    25. DonkeyKongBoi

      0:43 look like anthony Davis leg after he slammed it down

      1. Macabre Xyl

        Its just the camera angle lol

    26. Arthur Kislitsa

      Where is Harrison Barnes euro though...

    27. EET FUK

      pretty sure AD dunked on Rubio last night but ok.

    28. BadBoyz Basketball

      This man said "advantage Duke". Like Coby didnt drop 7 3s in the 4th 😂😂

    29. GυΔvΔ

      Gogo gadget arms rollin over J Allen

    30. PeopleAreDumb

      3 seconds on Leonard. Cool #1 play lol.

      1. Macabre Xyl

        Yup. 3 in the key. They don't call these anymore for some reason

    31. Itz Spyke

      0:12 TJ postered TJ

    32. king axxídєntѕ

      Why do anyone trade Chris paul

    33. Habito Kun

      6 and 5 were carrying...

      1. Macabre Xyl

        They always are but the NBA has changed a lot.

    34. pejta24

      #7 this is joke??!!

    35. Eric T

      A pretty weak top 10 for today

      1. Claudia Vlahović


    36. andymlakcs

      Finally, a no. 1 i can get behind.. Fundamentals just as us EU people like it.

    37. Mr. House

      Damn u rudy why u do my boi allen like that 😤😭

    38. Subani Stewart

      Is me or he sound like rip Stewart Scott.

    39. PaJa #NewComer

      Ad hanging on for safety

    40. Don Whit

      Top play should of been 3sec violation