NBA Top 5 Plays of the Night | November 5, 2019


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    Check out the top 5 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 5 featuring Jerami Grant, Trae Young, PJ Washington and more!
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    1. SuperRip7

      Nice play at 1:02. 11-11-19.

    2. Sirr Jeyps

      Why top 5 only? :'(

    3. Sean Patrick Tan

      I miss least we won’t surely miss the play 😅

    4. Jerome Sabado

      naglaing ni trae old

    5. Mustafa Yousufzai

      Yo he carried the ball twice on that move on Aldridge lmao

    6. Oro de David

      They rolled out the red carpet for the king lol💪

    7. P Z

      Trae young is shaking

    8. MUGI WARA


    9. Breno O.

      How is Dwight's block on Coby White not here?

    10. Geo Chicken

      1,000 subs without video content coming soon

    11. Cwerdy Basketball

      Кто с НСГ прочитайте) Привет друг,если тебе надоело смотреть нудные , неполные нарезки на иностранных каналов ? Посмотри мои видео , в которых я выбираю много отличных моментов

    12. Lynetria Carnes

      Trae not gon be with the hawks long they dont appreciate him enough while he's dribbling the coach lookin crazy wit his hands up like trae doesn't kno what he's doing miss him when he's gone !

    13. McQueen

      1:04 dude is literally playing 2k16

    14. EliteTheKing

      0:24 Lebron looking like a bull in a what’s shop?

      1. David Lynskey

        China shop

    15. Andrew Mojzer

      The guy in the stands signalling traveling at Jeremy Lamb is correct.

    16. Gryan Tavarez

      Trey young is a beast

    17. Michael L Walker

      Who keeps disliking NBA highlights--like, why?

    18. Vismay Patel

      Ass top 5. You kidding me where is Howard's Block in the 4th????

    19. Coach Dude

      Last night was dull

    20. Carlos Souza

      Trae > Luka

    21. Harassing La Dude

      Epic commentary

    22. Ryan Irvine

      Bring back the Starters!

    23. Jason santander

      Y’all really like disrespecting Derrick Jones Jr.

    24. Andrew Cloutier

      0:50 i guess you're just allowed to take 3 steps now.

      1. Tae S17

        Macabre Xyl it’s all good

      2. Macabre Xyl

        @Tae S17 I went back and watched Bballbreakdown on the gather step. Wow I guess I was wrong.

      3. The Dude

        Tae S17 Chinese gather Master step: When the NBA bends over to their China Masters with no lube and LeBald follows suit🤥

      4. Chalk

        3 steps lol. This the NBA now brother. Back in John Stockton , Jordan or kobe days, travelled called immediately

      5. Macabre Xyl

        @The Dude Thank you. People who got to witness NBA in the 90s and 2000s (not excluding 80s and earlier of course) will understand. No point having a conversation with a millennial because they won't understand in all due respect

    25. Janex Tv

      Sick move trae!!!

    26. Jonathan Reyala Cardoza

      Point Guard skills for Trae Young is very promising

    27. Pan Pikuś

      Where is derick jones jr? His dunk was filthy

    28. ness

      0:42 How the hell was that an and 1?!!


      Was the bull in a china shop a diss about his china comments🤣🤣 goatmentator

    30. panos pap

      Aldrich defense is horrible

    31. Ернар Ерболов

      number 4 doesn't deserve to be at number 4

    32. Zachary Siayngco

      Alex "THE GOAT" Caruso is the Best Player in the NBA

    33. Tom Delay Beats

      LeBron is definitely in a China shop

    34. Harry Haller

      Trae Young is the BEST

    35. Black Santa

      Wait Charlotte leg Lamb go? WHY???

    36. Darrell Robinson

      Finally! A top 5 or 10 that I didn't have to mute. I get so sick of that other guy trying to rhyme everything he sees in that annoying voice.

    37. KINGjv KING

      0:58 look the dark!!!😱😱😱🤔🤔????wtfff

    38. The Commentary Authority

      D. Jones Jr.... Missing on here

    39. cheruzaleming

      goatmentator > sheepmentator

    40. DZmakebeats

      0:51 travel

    41. luis torres

      emmmm....derrick jones jr oop shoulda been #1

    42. Hakan U.

      I don't understand why these top lists are full of dunks. These guys are physically capable of dunking not only 3.05 rim but higher. So I believe only smart plays, tough buzzer beaters and 2-3-4 pass games should be in top lists. number 1 is a dunk but before it there come a nice play and a pass...

    43. Francesco Gamba

      Tbh Aldridge was too scared of getting his ankles broken to play d properly

    44. Charlton  Paryag

      Man I didn't see it coming this kid is special. TY GO

    45. michael john maniago

      Joker's turnaround fadeaway jumpshot inbound play while clock is ticking (did'nt even sure what kind of shot is that)

    46. Mona Nelson

      And Robert Williams alley is where?☘️☘️☘️ man these sports stations been cappin on da Celtics stop hatin

    47. Gama Gg

      Trae is on his road to be an All Star !!

    48. Biggest Celtics Fan Ever

      Can I get a like for Devonte graham 35 pts last night

    49. Nick Vill


    50. Alessandro Zetti

      Nicementator lowkey becoming Greatmentator

    51. Ali Mohamed

      Where’s Derrick Jones jr’s dunk

    52. Ras Berry

      The substitute goatmentator

    53. Mac Bowie

      🗣️Ice Tr3y da Gang🕵🏼‍♂️🎼🎧🏀🏀 Wet like Water..... They New Splash....

    54. Kenneth Petovic


    55. 33 Thousand

      Trey better than curry😏

    56. djekna N

      Pitty most “great” ball-handlers carry the ball too often. I wonder if they have the skill without commiting such violations.

      1. Delmone Teague

        I wonder if you have the skill to stfu and enjoy the game?

    57. Jonathan OLIVEIRA

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    58. Chris Checketts

      What was so great about Lebron's dunk?

    59. Ryan Nguyen

      Where’s Derrick Jones Jrs dunk??

    60. Sean Weathers

      I'd still take Luka but Trae is a bad man