My Wedding Speech

Tom Fletcher

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    Here's my speech from our wedding 12-5-12. It's possibly the most nervous I've ever been in my life (about the speech, not the wedding!).
    My twitter is @tommcfly for anyone interested. All the songs in my speech are songs by my band, we're called Mcfly. I rewrote the lyrics for the wedding speech but if you like them then check us out at the links below.
    I got a load of ideas by watching other speeches on youtube so if there are any future grooms on here in desperate need of inspiration (like I was) then I hope this helps. I'm useless at public speaking so this was my solution!

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    1. Seestern 95

      can someone name the original songs? I tried to figure them out, but I don't find them all

    2. charlotte R

      that awkward moment when youve got this memorised

    3. Vince Miranda

      Aren’t they separated now?

      1. Amber Braden

        No they aren't. Still married with three little boys.

    4. Morls

      Should have been my wedding this yeah, covid 19 has a lot to answer for. Gives me more time to better this speech though 😂

    5. Faceless person

      8 yrs later and i still remember the lyrics. and i can never sing the original songs without mixing the damn lyrics

    6. Alexhewlett

      Still love seeing this when it pops up on FRsel Tom. This gave me the inspiration to over come my nerves and play/sing my grooms speech. I'd love for you to check it out on my page and comment.

    7. Christian Evelyn

      How is his wife the baby club presenter! Just realized 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    8. Aaron Duran

      This is the greatest wedding speech I’ve seen lols

    9. Kerie Tham

      i watch this religiously every year

    10. Susana

      Que lindooooo!!😭😭😭😭😭😅

    11. Khadija Syeda

      aww you need to have the kids react to this!

    12. Monae Break


    13. Isabela Manske

      this makes me cry everytime.

    14. Maria Tague

      her sister sobbing the whole way thru is such a mood

    15. Vonniebee

      Im not crying you’re crying!

    16. cryingbutinacoolway

      I come here to cry

    17. Kate Strutt

      Whos here after seeing there anniversary posts on Instagram 😂💜 love this speech.

    18. Joana T.

      best speech ever given in the HUMAN HISTORY! I love this!! you're unbelievable and you two deserve all the good things life has to offer

    19. Kerri Wood

      Happy 8 year anniversary Tom and Gi hope you have an amazing day. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful life moments with us all❤❤

    20. Samisms Aday

      Watching this for the first time in 2020 and had to watch it in stages! Talk about setting the bar high!

    21. Annisa Ratnasari

      Here again for their 8th anniversary

    22. Melissa Prescop

      I'm watching this on their 8 year anniversary!!!! Love them sooo much!!! Very happy and proud to call Tom one of my heroes!!!!

    23. struth63

      Seeing the wedding video on their 8th anniversary compelled me to rewatch the wedding speech. Love these two ❤️😍🥰❤️

    24. Mark Rimmer

      Will never be beaten, the best

    25. ccosta7

      Everytime I watch this video I end up both crying and telling my girlfriend how much I love her

    26. Sophie Cresswell

      Here for their anniversary 💛💍

    27. Ala

      Who’s here again on their 8 year wedding anniversary? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I just realised that their wedding was literally 15 days before my first niece was born lol

    28. Heather Good

      Happy Anniversary to you both x

    29. Carmen SV

      No matter how many times I watch this video, I always cry! Still now, in 2020! Happy anniversary Gi and Tom!!

    30. PassiFlora96

      Today's their 8-year-anniversary!!!

    31. Gabi Petersen

      Voldemort probably was the one that disliked this

    32. katie bushell

      Is it bad that I know all the words and have done for 8 years? 😂🙈🙈💕💕💕💕💕💕

    33. sweetmelisa

      8 years later and i still come back to this video when my heart needs warming

    34. Christine Dodds

      Oh yes....

    35. Nya Ukpong

      Anybody here in May, 2020??? Apparently this thing right here never gets old! 😍😍😝

      1. Kathleen McVarish

        Yesss...5/16 - but I only came because of the song he just did with James Arthur and a few other guys... Other than James... :) He impressed me so put his name in the search engine, to find out a bit more on him. Saw this, watched it and yup... cried! Pretty impressive!

      2. Heidi

        Yesss! Came here today tho because it's their 8th anniversary!

    36. Ali May ASMR

      I need to find me a Tom Fletcher!

    37. tohdey Oppsy

      Okay is it weird if I know all the lyrics by heart and I’m singing along all the way... 😂😂😂

      1. Dawnie D

        Me too

    38. ange nymphadora

      2020 and still the best thing on the internet

    39. Rob Semple

      Bloody brilliant, christ there must have been a few tears in that room, 05,2020 👍

    40. Pixie Sky

      Still the best video on the internet 🖤

    41. Solar

      We need a lot of Tom Fletcher in this world.

    42. Lisa Robson

      You have one very lucky wife. Good luck to both of you for the future.

    43. ratna sari

      I'm going back and still crying 😭

    44. Laquisha Tony


    45. Marzena Strojny

      Can't stop watching ❤️

    46. TrufflesRUs

      Watching this for about the 10th time after just watching Harry Bisson on Family Fortunes again ... As Brilliant as it was the first time around ;)

    47. Milena Serbija

      Almost 8 years later.. still crying ❤️

    48. B F

      A shame that Tory mario got an accolade, otherwise perfect

    49. Katia x

      okay so blake and bailee told me to watch this, and honestly i’m not complaining!! completely sobbing but i love it 🥺

    50. Ian Lawrence

      That Sir, was bloody brilliant 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    51. Tracy Abegg

      Why am I back again? It just makes me cry every time!

    52. LJC 11

      How lovely.

    53. Marcel R.

      I've never heard a more beautiful song than this.. Wow!

    54. Belnice Nzinga

      Ok who’s cutting onions round here

    55. Liv Hayward

      every woman who has watched this probably has high expectations for their future husbands to come up with something like this 😉

    56. carys owen

      if my husband doesn't do this when we get married I don't want it

    57. Stephen Stone

      Tom so got laid after that! you smooth bar steward you! Top banana! X

    58. Jessica A-Palmer

      How could you dislike this?!

    59. Malin Gay

      I have watched this clip so many times I can the lyrics backwards. Something I always get back to think about tho is the relationship with his sister. I dont get the feeling that they are very close, but I can be wrong. Just the way he looks at her compared to his wifes sister. I donno.

      1. aisyah

        there's quite a large age difference between the 2 (7 years) and he started with mcfly around the time she started secondary, but they're definitely close to one another, just going off their dear tom/gi/carrie vids on youtube

    60. But I’m a Sunflower

      This makes my heart happy🥺

      1. King Tom the Beast

        But I’m a Sunflower and the Herat never lies

    61. Wigan Latic

      Just me that still watches this at least once a month?

      1. Dawnie D

        PNE fan watchin too xx

      2. King Tom the Beast

        Wigan Latic once a day

    62. amin addai

      My favourite video of all time

    63. Amy Louise

      Still making me sob in 2020 highest expectations of wedding speeches since 2012 thanks to Tom xx

    64. Chris Suave

      Every so often I remember this and come back to it just to check my allergies. When ever I play this video, the pollen must be heavy at that time. Watery eyes, sniffles...yup, fargin allergies. Cheers from Ontario, Canada. Have a nice day eh.

    65. Gabi Gafforelli

      Is it possible I'm still crying about this?????????????

    66. janey rekats

      Most romantic guy i know! X

    67. Gary Jones

      Unbelievable this one talented writer this lad

    68. jonobluebird


    69. J K

      Nice one Tom, now I'll have to suck off the father in law to one up you. Thanks.

    70. Khalisah Rosli

      quarantine and this still makes me cry in 2020

    71. Hunter Green

      I'm back here in this

    72. Mashowmelow ZR

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="414">6:54</a>

    73. Lily K

      'I know McFly will never end' got me cause 7 years later, and they appeared on TV in support of the NHS during the coronavirus crisis ❤️

    74. João Pedro Bragança

      I LOVE YOU JULIA!!!!

    75. yaraf3ggt

      I watch this after every break up and ball my eyes out my god I need to stop😂

    76. KB Media

      I was today years old that I realised he’s in mcfly 😂

    77. Allyson Gordon

      It's 2020 and I'm only seeing this For the first time. I am no longer and ice maiden....

    78. Justin England

      A beautiful way to do it :)

    79. cler rodriguez

      I'm crying in 2020, he's the most incredible man in the world

    80. Zaza Bucan

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