McFly | The Lost Songs | Episode 01 - Red

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    The Lost Songs is a weekly mini series where McFly talk about all of their unreleased songs, featuring never before seen footage and exclusive interviews.
    Produced by Happy Entertainment
    Directed by David Spearing

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    1. George Mckoi

      PLease Do a world tour one day! SINGAPORE IS WAITING! :)

    2. Nashville Gardener

      Their biggest mistake was not touring the U.S. and taking it by storm!

    3. Simon Riches

      Red is so good. I hope it's a future single. It's awesome.

    4. Mayla Kelner

      eu amo vocês

    5. Kimberley Morgan

      Mh favourite colour is Red and this song just went the direction McFly should have gone to!

    6. Jamie Sunshine

      I've missed you guys, ya make me smile

    7. Lindsey Brown

      Mcfly were my favourite band as a kid, I grew up with them, I’m 22 now and still a major fan. Can’t wait for the tour next year, can’t wait for more tunes and Red is my fav song from the Lost Songs!

    8. vvzoe_no red without velvet

      I miss you so much boys!!!

    9. Mish lipman

      I love red

    10. butterflyqueenuk

      I've wanted to hear a studio version of this for years. Love it.

    11. red weene


    12. Juliana Galvão

      Brazil loves you

    13. Juliana Galvão


    14. egg

      one of the few white men who gets better looking as they age

    15. Fiorella Rivas

      Omg :'3 you guys

    16. itsallaboutya

      eu não consigo superar esse Tom Fletcher

    17. KrateKarrot

      So is this a new album or is this just a backlog of old songs they're putting out

    18. Cetra

      THIS IS MY FAV SONG OF MCFLY! I've listened the live version for years.

    19. Anne K.


    20. Barbara Arnaut

      So album 6 huh?

    21. Natalia Morales

      We’ll definitely try to go to the UK but please come to SPAIN!!!!! 🇪🇸

    22. Luís Negretti


    23. Gabrielle Mendes Chinaide

      Brasil domina os comentários kkkkk 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    24. Dri Hata

      Meus meninos voltaraaaaaaam 😭🇧🇷

    25. Isabela Costa

      Portuguese subtitle, please! 🇧🇷

    26. Nana Leeman

      We need Asia tour please! #Singapore

    27. Nicole Facal


    28. Abbie-Charlotte Nottage

      This feels so nostalgic and honestly my heart is so content and happy right now

    29. Catherine Underdown

      26 years of age and still loving them! 💖

      1. Blake Fletcher

        same here

    30. Amy Frew

      Can guarantee people young and old will love this

      1. Amy Frew

        The 50 year old stepfather who is a good fan motorhead, AC/DC, ZZtop etc approves

      2. Amy Frew

        Disagree all you like

      3. James Houghton

        Amy Frew I disagree

    31. Luyla Vieira


    32. Ana Carolina Formiga

      come to brazil aaaaaaaaaaaa

    33. tøpgaming 97

      I just love how happy they all are together

    34. Laura Drake

      A 9 year wait was so worth it !!!

    35. It's In My Veins

      This song was amazing, I'm so happy they're going to release it!!!

    36. Elaine Wang

      hong kong please!!!!

    37. Tianen Hsu

      Anyone in China? If you guys hold a concert in Asia, I'd love to go. Maybe in Japan?

    38. Daniela Ribeiro

      QUE DELICIAAAAAAA ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    39. Miral Abualjadail

      Yesss there are so many of their songs that I could no longer find throughout the years!

    40. Ryu

      Still hoping that you’ll come to the Philippines 🇵🇭

    41. Inge Astrid


    42. Leticia Menezes

      Thank you, Buzz Fletcher!!

    43. Kawane Detilli

      come to brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    44. Stephanie H Egas

      Mcfly is back... I don’t need anything else.

    45. IsobellaFilms

      words cannot describe how grateful I am for you guys to be back ahhhhh 😂😍

    46. Asha C


    47. April Gray

      I be watching later

    48. Min Alex

      YES! I missed them so much 🥰

    49. Jennifer Manders

      It's not 5 colours in her hair, it's one and it's RED

    50. nani

      also COME TO BRAZIL

    51. nani

      it's so weird seeing them together again wtf aaaa

    52. CrAZychicke

      Thank you so much. It feels like ages. I'm so very grateful, and I've always loved your docos. I've heard bits and pieces of the Lost songs over the years, Red, Touch the Rain etc. look forward to the series. Hope you tour Australia again soon, we miss you x

    53. AlynMC

      Love it!

    54. Th3 _P4nda

      I love the guitar riff for Red!! 🤘🤘🤘

    55. Megan P

      Toms hair! I forgot how long it was at one point

    56. MarquiMarqIsSoRandom.

      Jonas Brothers, Busted, and McFly are all Back whoa! 😂.

    57. Kathleen Ariel

      Can't believe mcfly is back! So much love 😭❤❤❤

    58. Ann A

      I still have my keep calm and play louder tshirt and wrist band 😭

    59. Nathalia Faria

      Come, come, come, come to Brazil 😘🇧🇷

    60. mikew9999

      I saw that tour in Hammersmith, I was in London from America, and caught the concert. I remember the hanging mic. And the bouncing crowds. I was in the balcony, and I thought the whole balcony was going to collapse because the crowd was bouncing up and down in unison, and the whole thing was shaking. Very intense, high-energy song.

    61. Drizzy And

      This boys makes the world better every reunite

    62. Anthony Still

      You should definetly release this

    63. Dino

      I remember listening to Red years back when I was stalking their live performances. So excited to listen to it on Spotify


      Los amo!

    65. rafa gar

      I hope they will release touch the rain

    66. Tina Jane Oxnam

      McFly are BACK TO THE FUTURE. GET IT ?

    67. Lays Bezerra


    68. Lilly Kent

      Oh my lorddddd

    69. Juh Duarte

      This song sounds like Foo Fighters and U2

    70. Sarah Oliveira


    71. Kananda Rossi


    72. Instituto Ásia

      please, come to brazil

    73. Heidi Baltom

      I absolutely love this song and saw videos of it live with the mic and one i saw thr vocals were kind of muffled radio sounding i cant explin the sound but it wasnt clear vocals there was an effec and that fitted so wrll everything about it was sooo goood. I really do love this ong and especially live

    74. PowerBae

      Come to the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    75. Shannen Carter


    76. Ruth Sansom

      Love this so much x

    77. Anon 06

      Ooo if only I didn’t live in Yorkshire

    78. Ana Mack

      Sabia que, depois de The Corrs, Sandy e Jr e Jonas Brothers, a hora deles tava chegando, amém.

    79. Misaki Phantomhive

      I can't wait for the new album! 😭💕 I was waiting this moment for so long!! Send you lots of love from SouthAmerica

    80. That's so Ravenclaw

      You guys disappeared and I found kpop LOL I still love you with all my heart though