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    The official video for McFly's new single 'That's The Truth' (out March 6th).
    McFly, Anthology Tour 2016

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    1. HY P


    2. Gabriella Sornoza

      Me sigue doliendo desde el primer día que la escuche, no puedo creer que ya hayan pasado 9 años

    3. nameisreal

      It's 2020 and I still listen to this song.

    4. Maria reis

      Quem tá assistindo em 2020 ❤️

    5. Kriz Summer

      Listening to this during quarantine. 😊❤

    6. Priscila Reis

      Oh saudade meu Deus da minha adolescência 😭♥️🇧🇷

    7. Regiane Silva

      McFly me deram tantas músicas lindas e me deram as fanfics tambem. Mais alguem ai lia fanfic de mcfly?

    8. Gabriela Evelyn

      9 años y sigo amando esta cancion! Gracias por dejar que Dougie actue! esta hermoso!

    9. Esther Nuñez


    10. Iracema Dias

      Quarenta from África ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. Yolita Mello


    12. Yolita Mello

      Amo essa música 🥰

    13. Paula Sanz


    14. Alex Stark

      Aún lo sigo viendo.

    15. Thayná Guimarães

      2020 ❣️

    16. Isa Thirlwall

      2020 alguém? Essa é uma das minhas músicas favoritas deles! 💗

      1. Jailma Santos

        Olha eu kkk tenho 18 anos e odeio essas músicas de hoje , gosto de músicas puras

      2. tataa 457

        Euuu Tbm amo kk

      3. Regiane Silva

        oiiii, tambem amo essa musica.

    17. Ayelen Zach

      Esta es definitivamente una de mis canciones favoritas de McFly ❤

    18. Cou Cou

      2020 .04.09 😢🇩🇿😯

    19. Cou Cou

      Waaae like waaaw i luv u sooo mutch from algeria

    20. tataa 457

      sdds dessa época 😢💔

    21. Sayak Ghosh

      So much relatable 😭😭😭😭

    22. Giovanna Mendes

      tudo pra mim :(

    23. niamh Mc

      Where's the 2020 gang, such good lyrics

    24. Aris bendanillo

      ....awoooooh!!!!!!grrrrrrrrRRRR.......AOw... aowf!!!!!!!grrrrr,,,awoooooohhff!!!!!lagot ko da!!!!thats the truth!!!!!fox nako ron!!!fox na ko ron hah!!!!!!????grrrrrRRRR...rockn here!!!!!,, ,aw,,,awoooohf,,,buddee the fox....rockets wiiiiiin!!!yeah:)

    25. Silvia Ovídio

      Uma das melhores músicas deles👌

    26. realrosemar 2020

      Love ur songs so much. Thank u for this beautiful gift to the world. Hugs from España 😁😘👏

    27. Darryl Cruz

      2020, anyone?

      1. Darryl Cruz

        @kimimi ralte I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you are coping well with the absence of your brother.

      2. kimimi ralte

        @Darryl Cruz my big bro passed in march...he loved mcfly...i come back to enjoy their music and to remember my brother!

      3. Darryl Cruz

        @kimimi ralte why?

      4. kimimi ralte

        i come back here in March every year...

      5. Tombstoner Forever


    28. dantrel81

      Produced by Dallas Austin

    29. Neha Tandel

      2020 brings back so much memories this song does😓

    30. Aris bendanillo

      january one 2020.....thats the truth!!yeah

    31. tenchiynh

      2020 and this is still very good!

    32. Maria Alice

      faz 8 anos bicho

    33. Aris bendanillo

      present here!!!one of my fav. song..dec.20 2019

    34. Michelle Mason

      Well done boys I love this song xxx

    35. Alesss Shady

      Sdds desse tempo ;(

    36. E. Alexis Palma

      Omg someone in november 2019?

    37. M&Mchocolatra O


    38. Rhaisa Danielly

      BRAZIL, 2020 🇧🇷❤️

    39. LadyPleaseCalmDown

      oh gosh back here in 2019

    40. Breezy

      This is the song that made me fall in love with them.... Still does, all over again ♥️♥️

    41. JM Tamayo

      October 19, 2019 Who’s watching? 👍🏻

      1. Madina Ikramova

        November 22, 2019

    42. Azl _

      Welcome back rock stars

    43. Daniela Monico

      I literally can't take how gorgeous Dougie looks in this

    44. eliana fernandes


    45. umutsuz vaka

      Çok güzelsin..

    46. bahi production

      2019 from algerie

    47. Hiana Silva


    48. Mayara Bernardo costa

    49. Larissa D.


    50. Andressa Pereira

      Is back 🇧🇷

    51. Melissa Leaman

      #galaxydefendersstayforever #mcfly2019

    52. Javiera Latorre


    53. Caroline


    54. Thayná Fortunato

      Setembro 2019

    55. Mei

      volta carai ;-;

    56. Huda

      2019 😂⭐️💕

    57. Anjo

      Saudades é a palavra.

    58. Anthoni Garotinho


    59. camila ferreira

      BR em 2019?

    60. Emill Music

      Such a nice song!

    61. Sadiq Uddin

      Stop saying the year you're watching this

      1. Lee Hall

        2020 yooooo

    62. Joycy Freire


      1. Tombstoner Forever

        It's 2:58 am and I'm listening to this. I think this was to do with Dougie breaking up with Frankie

      2. subbie sub

        meee i miss them so much :(

    63. Suzi Soama

      How I miss them 😭

    64. Alexsandra Arruda

      I've been a fan since 2007 and I didn't LOVE this album and this phase of McFly, but now, in 2019, I wish they would do anything, really. I miss them so much :(

      1. Maaria Hussain

        I was born in 2007, mate and I love them too!!

    65. Sherly Lala

      Selalu zuka lagu ini. Kira Kira kalian sekarang kerja apa ya? #kepo#indonesiA

    66. Nicole Cristini


    67. Nicole Cristini


    68. Nicole Cristini


    69. Meag C

      I will always love McFly, I miss them 💜

    70. Leticia Francioni

      i miss my mcfly so fucking much

    71. sedrick

      You, guys, are not aware of it but you need to come back. That's the truth.

    72. Silvia Janet Castro Tejada

      I love them 💓💓💓

    73. Aninhas CS

      she said no, dougie single, now what?

    74. Raissa Dos Anjos


    75. kyro loves bbh

      man i miss them

    76. Aris bendanillo

      here i am again!!!!!thats the truth,,,,,2019,,,,happy bday to me!!!!!

      1. Aris bendanillo

        big hands of me!!!!gift beh!!!!:)??

      2. Grace Reynolds

        And happy birthday!!!

      3. Grace Reynolds

        Aris bendanillo ayyy, a fellow listener!!!

    77. Cassie Johnson

      Is it true they are back together?

    78. Aris bendanillo

      2019 thats the truth!!!!

    79. Leticia Reis


    80. Guzz Marinkovic

      This album turns 10, next year 😰😰😰