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    McBusted join Jack Whitehall and his dad on the show 19.01.15

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    1. Crafting Bros Studios

      This is literal proof that McBusted are still Children

    2. Carl L.D.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a> Changing your mind about #tattoo because your learn one person you admire and never met had one discrete is not something an individual who think by himself would do.

    3. teigan

      i love jack whitehall

    4. splendorman's proxie

      I keep glancing at Dougie and seeing a woman.

    5. Ravenclaw Weasley

      I love this when James totally owns Richard Osman

      1. Tamashi88

        I wouldn't necessarily call it 'ownage' Richard is a very polite comedian poking fun at an absurd lyric. But its not as if he's the only one who's noticed that there aren't a logical number of generations so its not surprising that James had a response on hand.

    6. Adam Meads

      it was 1 in 9 not one in 8

    7. Tina Oxnam

      sexy dougie.

    8. Ravenclaw Weasley

      Haha Jack going in about charlie and he is right just makes me laugh that charlie is back in Busted now

    9. Anushka Kapur

      I need an explanation for the hair!

    10. 2267211

      dougie is sooo pretty!!!!!

      1. nifrued

        Lmfao is that his name ?... I’m American and thought he was calling him DOGGY... like a street name.. bahahahaha