MAX 최강창민 'Chocolate' MV



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    MAX’s first mini album “Chocolate” is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    01 Chocolate
    02 High Heels
    03 Lie (Feat. CHUNG HA)
    04 Piano
    05 Me, Myself & I
    06 No Tomorrow
    MAX Official
    #MAX #최강창민 #Chocolate
    MAX 최강창민 'Chocolate' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. kpop fan


    2. Mystix Clanz

      Put it on 0.5 and it will sound better.

    3. Haytam Farrak

      Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â. ..........

    4. manuela zeca


    5. shuting lai

      i love it!changmin oppa fighting!

    6. Maša Mišić

      Stream chocolate 🔫💀

    7. Jańe Lane

      This is my alarm

    8. Eiko

      3 813 957

    9. Sr. Santorski


    10. Mim Kpop

      #1 yassss Changmin

    11. Lĩnh finewithdis?

      How I wish my current babies age this well.

    12. 芸若充庭


    13. وردة البنفسج

      اكثر اغنيه احبها💖💖😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥

    14. toledo76

      Literally why is the song still not on Spotify anymore??? They usually only do this for the first 3 days to week after MV release, but they straight took it off Spotify.

    15. ImcHoKing

      i deadass looking for max the american singer and i stumbled on this... woah ok i can get with this

    16. 8 7


    17. Geraldine Stefany

      Changmin, te apoyo precioso :3

    18. official stay

      Who’s Max and why is he so attractive????

      1. official stay

        Thank you 😊

      2. Mim Kpop

        Changmin from Tvxq

    19. kim lip’s hand holder

      HIS DILF SLAY...

    20. Karla Mendia


    21. Karla Mendia


    22. Karla Mendia


    23. celida ramirez

      Okey esta rola esta buena... la escucho siempre 👍

    24. Akira Lawliet

      No me cansaré nunca de esta canción

    25. Haruki - Chan

      Hino maravilhoso pra tentar cantar enquanto limpo a casa

    26. Dj Electro

      This song was Post on my birthday


      This song>>>>>>>

    28. Mikooki kiss

      Why I didn’t know about him???????

      1. Mim Kpop

        Changmin from Tvxq

    29. Christianthy Putri


    30. Lul1ta Quiré

      estoy enamorada de un acuarino :&

    31. pao

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> I kiss you and more.

    32. uma armyBr

      to viciada aaaaaaaa socorro

    33. Aki Yaya

      The beat singer out there, I think anyway

    34. Öykü Elçi

      hi changmin i was making lay marathon and i came here nice to hear you, i love that song, sm family hurray


      i'm literally so attracted to him hope he stars in kdrama

      1. Mim Kpop

        He was in one a few years ago

    36. Karla Monroy

      I know you won't read it but I just wanted to say that I completely love your album, hearing your voice it's like enter to heaven, you are amazing and so talented !! Love each and every song. I cried with No Tomorrow it's fabulous 😭😭

    37. Élise

      As a french, the « un, deux, trois, quatre » at the beggining scared me


      his vocal is no joke , for who doesn't watch this mv might think this song sang by 2 people , bcs changmin deep voice and also his high note . at first im watching this mv , im SUPERRRRRRR shocked .

    39. ling lee

      我已經很久不買實體專了,尤其是kpop。但這次買專買的超值! 音樂好才是真的好,對於歌唱實力絕佳的歌手來說! 聽會唱歌的歌手的音樂真的是很幸福的!

    40. ling lee

      整張專輯的歌曲都超好聽,不愧是主唱大前輩! 每首歌天天循環,就是覺得曲目多點更好,畢竟聽不夠!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. ling lee

      THE BEST ALBUM of 2020! You must listen Chocolate full album! Max is voice king of kpop.

      1. Mim Kpop


    42. Sy

      Yeah, always king of high notes

    43. STAN LOOΠΔ

      He’s always looks so awkward when he dances. I don’t know why...

      1. Fantasia

        Yessss hahaha awkward duckling Changmin. He's always been like this. Used to be the worst dancer in TVXQ 😂

    44. esra has jams

      that song slaps different, i am so OBSESSED, i can’t stop listening to it. wow.

    45. かつりす

      This song is honestly too underrated

    46. Loulibear

      This song played on my random kpop shuffle and I was wondering who this Max is, solo? duo? cuz damn, he got strong vocals. Had to check the vid and I'm surprised its Changmin (did i understand correctly? lol). Wow, power vocals indeed.

    47. Ku_ C

      I’m looking forward to seeing this performance in beyond live 🙈🤍🤍🤍🤍Coming soon!!!!!!!🙈🙈

    48. John Rey

      just watched this because this is Blackpink Jisoo's bias lol

    49. Icy

      iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ain’t scared of eletriicityy

    50. justthat asiankid

      his voice is so satisfying 😖❤️

    51. 우서윤

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> 가핫이즈베엣~

    52. Raluca Cirlan

      Amazing song

    53. Phoenix Feathers

      Potentially unpopular opinion; this song gives me 2017 panic at the disco vibes

    54. natalum

      So glad for auto play 🙌🏾 I would have missed out on this! Started body rolling at my desk, looked down, what is this addictive song! Love this ❤️

    55. loveming


    56. Fhora Zz

      Max je t'adore. ♡

    57. Suga's Cute Gummy Smile!


    58. Anthony Tan


    59. Zombi T.

      Wait but he's literally describing a wet dre-...Ahem. A wet dress! Yes a wet dress...mhm yup.

    60. 난다


    61. Keyuri M

      Wtf can't I find this on spotify

    62. Yanii Xd

      Soy nueva en esto,pense que tenia entre los 20 y 23 años❤❤❤

    63. Anonymous User

      This is a bop like what! So catchy!

    64. Eme Lee

      I'm completely addicted to this, help

    65. Never Glow

      He and Baekhyun have similar voice

    66. • Kîm Søoyā •

      I love your song

    67. ゆうみんichigo


    68. I am SONE HYOYEON

      Count me in to he's fandom 🥰

    69. AsaHEeHEe

      It’s upsetting 2.9K dislike this.. don’t worry.. their phone was upside down 😌

    70. Lady llama Kawaii

      Why there are only 3 millions views? Cassiopeias come on! Let's get 10 million views!!!!!

    71. Vera Rami

      Couldn't not notice some of his hot dancers *_*

    72. Ольга Лоншакова

      Песня просто огонь и чувак тоже!🙃😁💫

    73. Sara Espinosa

      Chocolate es una joyita

    74. but i am a potato WTF



      oh i love his voice. Its true, LEGEND Changmin TVXQ

    76. SCM R.

      This is max.This is max changminnnn!

    77. Fia J

      TVXQ’s Main Vocal everyone. Yes its time to stan if you are breathing oxygen

    78. ۵ ʙᴏss ᴀɴɢᴇʟ ۵

      Homem poderoso

    79. Anais Carriere

      Jaime bien la musique 😁😁

    80. rin55

      His voice is perfect for this track. The sheer power of that voice is something else.