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Joyner Lucas

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    1. Mexico Luver

      This songs too fire

    2. Omar Mpamba

      Let's celebrate black talent 💣💥🥇🏆

    3. Chloe Bowden

      masterpiece !!!!

    4. Ande Caleb

      Joyner Lucas on Instagram To Will Smith " i dont know if i should cry now or later, i spent a year writing this song bro, When Kobe died, i knew it was time... Thank you for everything @willSmith.. #thatsStrong. #respect

    5. Goblin Tacos88

      This was awesome, great job Joyner, I'm definitely subbed, I heard some of your past songs, don't know why I haven't subbed before, you are a very talented artist!

    6. Ruthless Lawn Gnome


    7. curlydude2012

      Has Will Smiths dead been subliminally predicted?? 😨😖

    8. Isiah Yovich

      At least this men's look up to will Smith unlike his own son 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️💯

    9. Deep Singh

      The beat.......

    10. Fauzan Satrya Nugraha

      Anything about Will Smith :)

    11. matoolol


    12. Fabian Guzman

      Who even thumbs down this is a fukin idiot

    13. Jon Da God

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Freestyle King 2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. Cory Hunt

      Man I love this man 💪💪!!!!will my favorite actor

    15. Julian Uribe


    16. Adrian Flores

      Y homie look like furious from boyz n the hood in that thumbnail tho?????

    17. Sheldon Dubois

      I thought changing ur name exactly to a celeb. So he brings you to court and that makes you known. But just simply grabbing a icon from Hollywood and using that in a music video also works 🤣🤣🤣💰💰💰

    18. Derrick Ogendo

      Respect from Kenya Joyner!💥

    19. Code-12

      Tribute to Will Smith + Produced by one of my favorite producers (Crank Lucas) + Joyner Lucas = Legendary song

    20. Michael Hadjiyiannakis

      don't even try toargue... this music video was lit and will is hands down the best actor ever. best video of 2020 and probably of this decade

    21. Wiz keezs Mr lover

      Old school men

    22. Nestor Flores

      This made me think about lebron ode mans my hero

    23. The Observer

      Greatest respect to you Joyner Lucas, you're a great lyricist you talk about relevant things that give us a better understanding of mental illness and you tell us a different story each song with information that play a part in who you are or what you've experienced in life, great video and homage to Will Smith who has been apart of all our lives and our children's, thankyou for sharing with us and showing another human you appreciate them and acknowledging the impact a single life can have in a positive light, if everyone focused more on the good and the creation of something good then we would all be apart of the world healing both in a physical and emotional direction,we all need to tell the people that have been inspirational or supportive in our lives that we appreciate them and strive to gain the appreciation of others with that feeling of "I made the world slightly less shitty" as the only thing gained. #focus#appreciate#acknowledge#unify

    24. Darryl Warren

      He nailed the walk in the beginning.

    25. Vantrell Lewis

      I don't cuss when I write my rhyme ok maybe a few time but only because I was upset with my mom but after I wrote them I threw them away

    26. GOLD BALL TV

      my dream 100malion subscribe please click !!!!!!

    27. A Xxx


    28. Benjamin DaBest

      Lucas: im Will" *looks like carlton*

    29. Caroline Trzcinski

      Love the respect xx

    30. Jug Head

      joyner lucas u absolute legend this beat echoed to another dimension

    31. Scrizon

      Damn, didn't know Joyner's Idol was Will, crazy

    32. Jose Pinero

      Atleast HE let the beat breath 😂.

    33. Best Feeling DZ

      Smart nigga

    34. LMNY_KingJay

      I give you props for how in every lyric you put one of his movies or tv shoes in it and you change your clothes to look like him when he was either in that movie or show

    35. Nisar Khan

      This is straight goat behaviour from Joyner. 🐐

    36. Corbett Robinson

      Creativity outta this world

    37. ECHO

      I Love you more Joyner.

    38. fanaticbeats za

      Please check the song, vibe and stay safe!!!

    39. jordan harris

      🔥 will that nigga

    40. Rosoro 1980

      He should get a Grammy for this video. Very positive & inspirational. Much respect to Joyner Lucas & Will Smith.


      I love will Smith and his movies as well, I love this song it's dope

    42. Tony Vincent

      🔥 Real Hip-hop is being able to paint the picture with your 🎶 , be graphic and at the same time not have to curse every verse or disrespect women in the 🎤 to sell records/make hits. Respect, 💯

    43. Lungisa Mapuma


    44. Nonsense

      Sickest beat I've heard since This Is America

    45. Gray Fox

      9k haters

    46. Lukr Jihade

      The new Fresh Prince of Belair I guess

    47. Shloak Gupta

      I pray he crosses 100m on every track and as many mills as possible cause homie ke kills 💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    48. LegendShaan -

      5th time watching in 4 hrs

    49. Alexander Gutierrez

      When quarantine is over you should do a remix with will smith

    50. m4ple CS:GO

      This is why i love joyner, he keepin' it real and lowkey!

    51. John Gay

      Nobody else is gonna say it so am I crazy or does Joyner look like Carlton stole Wills clothes in the fresh prince part at the beginning

    52. Damonte Gilyard

      Lucas you forgot the movie bright that is a raw movie but the song goes hard tho I ain’t gone to lie or anything that🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    53. FFF FOUND!

      🇼 🇮 🇱 🇱 🇸 🇲 🇮 🇹 🇭

    54. Amalia Code


    55. Xephir

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> That flow switch is godly

    56. Nate Colin Studios

      love the deepfake

    57. Zyl0phone

      me : MoM Can wE BUy fResh pRiNcE oF bel AIR mom: WE GOT FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR AT HOME AND DONT DANM ASK AGAIN fresh prince at home:

    58. Naïm

      jaden feat joyner lucas ???

    59. Chevelle Wilson

      If anyone asks "how do you feel?" say "I'm feeling like Will."

    60. AnTrg DAMN

      I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil. Damn.

    61. Loco Lawrex

      Did he just make me like Will more?🔥🔥🔥

    62. Irish

      This is the best and the greatest song

    63. VenuxEU

      i am listening this 24/7 i am getting hott :):):):)

    64. Gandoe Dyck

      had to listen to this a few times to start liking it. reversed my thumb down into a thumb UP! FEELIN' LIKE WILL! Lol

    65. The Zzzzeal

      What ya'll think about my diss track?

    66. Parth Chavda


    67. Ghe - Topic

      Beats by crank Lukas

    68. common logic

      He got slapped with a not good tho

    69. Calinks

      Love it man. Pay tribute while they are here! Do the same for your loved ones. Don't bring them flowers only when they are dead!

    70. Cheezyy Mac

      just now realized that's not really Will Smith at the end!!! LMAO

    71. Chukwuka Ossai


    72. Politically Correct Individual

      Elias type beat

    73. Bryan _956


    74. cman k


    75. WeedFur

    76. New Age Heat [N.A.H Ron]

      Who watch this song twice

    77. hauserrer

      Best Song 2020 so far man this song hits different...

    78. Ahmad Mallard

      Great video!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Will Smith at Sony Pictures long time ago... He deserves a shout out like this. JL did it in grand fashion.

    79. Alissa Briscoe

      Likw i love this so much❤️

    80. tumatauenga

      Not feeling it.. 🤷🏽‍♂️