Jaden - Ninety


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    1. Billy Eddins

      Bro ...he did it again....this is so dope ...love it ...i like how deep dude goes coming from where he came from to still have so much soul ..JUST AWESOME

    2. qatmoss TWNZ


    3. qatmoss TWNZ


    4. qatmoss TWNZ


    5. qatmoss TWNZ


    6. Cristina Z

      season 8

    7. qatmoss TWNZ



      Lit shit

    9. Apple Oshun

      This a bomb ass vibe Jaden.. Mad I ever slept on YOUR MUSIC!!! 💛

    10. Trash


    11. EViiLL GRiiNN

      Dude this is amazing! Solid proof that musical genius is passed to the next generation. Keep it up kid 👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥

    12. INSIDE

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="242">4:02</a>

    13. ZERO

      Oh nah dis shit a banger wtf

    14. Tazo Ubiria

      We have to feel this type of emotions

    15. •S A B I A

      Omg I’m Criying😭🥺

    16. Gabriele Malaguti

      personalmente la migliore traccia di Jaden

    17. christian James Flores

      Smile 🙂

    18. Kate Biebs

      I appreciate you Jaden. :)

    19. Call Me Quackers

      Some people may not agree and I respect that but I get X vibes from this

    20. Fallen Flicks

      what a simp & you getting lazy. i know your dad wont say it but you are a disappointment. when you were a kid we all thought you were ganna be the goat, best male actor of all time, continuing wills legacy, instead your a "rapper" lol weak little zoomer

    21. Kevin R

      4 my 1 still my favorite song

    22. Kevin R

      I feel this lofi chillhop poetry is the real jaden

    23. Tess Nadura

      Jaden's message to tyler



    25. Shakhzod Faizametov

      Что я только что посмотрел ?))

    26. Yogzentré King

      You're an underrated prodigy bro. Everything from the flow to the story to the vibe most of all your production. People been sleeping on you far too long.

    27. Psycho Musician

      I still see him as kid in the karate kid

    28. Essie

      Lost boy needed one

    29. allyiah simon

      bruh who is hurting jaden. I seriously doubt it. Unless he’s getting played by these rich white girls.

    30. Treniesha Wright

      Wow 🤩

    31. J

      thiiiis made my cry omg i love it

    32. Treniesha Wright

      🔥 🔥

    33. Loomie

      Jaden Smith became one of my favorite Artists, if not my favorite. Quality stuff!

    34. ZeroDegreez

      Jaden recorded all his videos at once and releases them when he feels like it

    35. frankie lugo

      Finally a video! I'm gonna wait for Natalia to watch it tho 💙

    36. Anthony Lesfrith

      Le gar est loin .. ❤️

    37. lilxsenpaii

      I didn’t deserve this🥺

    38. Jhony Terra

      shit i love you jaden

    39. E K

      I feel you've improved significantly as a musician.

    40. pimp chef

      Where is the smith

    41. Beast Skate Clothing


    42. Beast Skate Clothing


    43. Beast Skate Clothing


    44. Beast Skate Clothing


    45. Louis Friedli

      Bro is really doing his own thing 🔥🥃

    46. Miles Turner

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">03:15</a> good vibez✌🌅😎 this is where I feel the song starting

    47. ashaan facey

      This song helped me through some tough times man

    48. Chris Mdanda

      • what really happened to syre?

    49. Something New Dance

      LETS GO JADEN...!!!! We just started dropping dance videos on our channel. If you all have a moment, check us out! Thank you...!!! :)

    50. Sol

      the entire song its a "bro i really felt that"

    51. Rayvon Lewis

      No more karate

    52. PRUSAX

      aight jaden ✨

    53. Dion Geter

      Jaden just take me to a different dimension, and I’m here for it 💆

    54. lyricalweirdo

      i just realized this was probably the same day he filmed the music video for icon

    55. Karolína Sabolová


    56. Ivy Neema

      Literal flames

    57. mellow


    58. Ace Rebel


    59. John Tius

      Nice beat. Nice vibes. Nice clip🔥

    60. Bast Dlr

      It’s just wow

    61. martin Gbokou

      Smith you are the best

    62. Narcisa Slimac

      is this in euro truck simulator 2???

    63. Lil Xo

      Will Smith created legends I may say

    64. cléclé

      thank you Jaden for doing that ❤️

    65. cléclé

      def in my top 5 ever

    66. LOsT BOγ fROM AfRIcA

      Everyone please come back to Africa, we love and adore you all here💪🏿

    67. Oscar Batchelor

      yo is this location where westworld is filmed?

    68. buddadust_tv

      So someone shot SYRE and when the sun sets he will die. These are all images playing back in his head. At night ERYS comes alive.

    69. Ag4xM •

      "i hope he will sing "Never say never" with justin beiber again.." Who Agrees?

    70. Janielle Lecia

      Love this !!! 🎶❤

    71. David Thioye Andersen

      This is my neightbor’s favorite song whether they like it or not!

    72. C C

      I'm so glad he chose to do a MV for this song! it's so underrated and my fave one in this album😭

    73. Adnan shaikh

      Its kinda got that J.cole vibes😍🔥💯

    74. Eddie Greenwood

      Whoever hurt my boy you better watch out.

    75. SimplyDMS U

      This is so cringe

    76. RockZy

      Jaden is a true lyricist and if u don’t think so ur brainwashed by auto tune

    77. crescian medston

      You can tell he got a lot of influence from Cudi. The tracks him and his sister have with Cudi are all next level.

    78. jbnOracle

      Rapping is not just your thing..go back to school

    79. Allan Velez

      I wish I knew where that western town was located!

    80. Shivank Parashar

      i feel like i just watched a movie. it was brilliantly beautiful.