Hazbin Hotel: Charlie meets Doom Slayer (extended)


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    Click here to watch the first version: frsel.info/video/video/0Mh7nHqqtoDUqoQ.html
    I was surprised as hell that my first video blew up the way it did. Here's the extended version with actual backgrounds and bits of animation.
    Hazbin Hotel Pilot: frsel.info/video/video/vNKmpbDUk4OVlWM.html
    Vegan Demons (Doom Slayer animation): frsel.info/video/video/t6upqKi0tWPafog.html
    Rip & Tear (Song used): frsel.info/video/video/3MCGmXLX3JW8f6o.html

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    1. Mono Chrome

      *loads shotgun with malicious intent*

    2. a pack of sloth

      Bro spoilers much?

    3. Obi-Wan Kenobi


    4. Jobel The cool kid

      You have no clue how much doomslayer and charlie hentai is out there

    5. Xanny Dante

      Don't let him in *Instantly lets him in*

    6. Ernesto Melendrez

      Like in you want an episode do Hazbin hotel called! Alastor vs Doomslayer vs Steve

    7. lsumd2011

      Welp on the plus side, hell will no longer have an overpopulation issue. Granted that will be due to no longer having a population, but hey, glass half full.

    8. ExelArts

      And the show ends They had a good run...

    9. CMT Productions

      A fitting end to the series.

    10. The Dude

      This is gay

    11. нескажу кто

      Делаю вид что излагаю умную мысль😁

    12. yung dildo

      I fucking love doomguy

    13. 1ups_

      Idfk what is hazbin hotel but this meme is good 👌(I am not American, maybe this is the reason why)

    14. Cody Erickson

      This is the best crossover I’ve ever seen 😂🤘

    15. Thathomie Youknowme

      The music literally radiates off him

    16. Undead Calcium Dealer

      thie takes vibe check to a whole new level

    17. ORANGE_ DUDE

      Well be right back

    18. Boudersa Ayman

      to be continued

    19. Christopher Hill

      Doom Guy: I heard you have to many demon in hell and I can fix it for free.

    20. name surname


    21. Shaggy Rogers

      Charlie: we are overpopulated! Doom Slayer: *sounds of shotguns intensifies*

    22. Artur Borgert


    23. JayHawke84

      Should have had a BFG or (my favourite) Gauss/railgun

    24. C H A R A

      I refuse to believe that Doomguy/Slayer isn’t secretly part of HH canon Xx

    25. OP4Shephard

      I like how his helmet design looks like the classic one

    26. Marz

      “Love you, bye!” Lmfao, you are a being living in HELL. How can you “love” anything?

    27. Doctor Von Tacos

      This is the really what should have happened.

    28. Pop Pop

      To be continued

    29. AA Barbone

      What did I just witness

    30. Are You Thicc?

      There’s enough shells for everyone

    31. BotAndrew

      Doom Speedrunner: *finish under 10 seconds*

    32. Eduard catana

      i like doom slayer is cool

    33. Aleksander Didur

      Imagine doom slayer and Alastor in smash bros

    34. Chris plays

      That shotgun loaded itself isn't that weird

    35. Aang Dknight

      Doomguy : Excuse me, I already have a reservation her- DID YOU JUST CLOSE THE DOOR ?!

    36. TheAzureNightmare

      *"On behalf of Big J, Tell me everything you know about this establishment, and tell me what you're planning. We've already got a Purgatory, and if you try to put one up here, you're making a mistake."*

    37. War_gameZ TV

      Old person trap

    38. AssHat

      Ok then

    39. Some Guy

      So when i score 99% kills and 99% items in Doom II this is where they've been hiding huh?

    40. The Master of Aiming

      Doomslayer: god's ultimate weapon

    41. blah blah man

      big doom guy destroys Satan's daughter with his big hot throbbing gun (gone sexual).

    42. Sir Ecliphelion

      I hate you but I love you, Thank you

    43. M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

      doom slayer would never do this omg im so sad this would never happen im so sad im crying

    44. Kurt Crisepic

      This is gonna be the end of wakanda

    45. The King of Scrubs

      So does the Doom Slayer just politely wait the whole time...what a nice well mannered man he is.

    46. xTITANx Gamer

      0:21 xd

    47. FlameEmber

      the only hazbin hotel content i will enjoy

    48. NutNapalm

      Charlie: "And everyone's happy in heaven!" Doomguy: :Giant Anime Sweatdrop:

    49. ScrapzMask

      Doom Guy is just Jesus in an alternate dimension.

    50. Hawkticus' History Corner

      Just here to remind you that Doomguy qualifies to be Pope

    51. Vinny Latoria

      Doomslayer: Meet gun. He's nice.

    52. -666 sub

      F :'v

    53. RobTheFox

      Demon: *exists* Doom Slayer: You have been evicted from living.

    54. Savage


    55. Капитан FAIL :C

      Oh boy do i want doomguy in the series.

    56. OrionsTale

      Vivziepop needs to make a Doom animation. Just sayin'.

    57. Trxshbamboo

      “If I can book a room u won’t die” Charlie: u can have angels room Angel dust: WHAT

    58. Taylor Was Here

      The best thing i ever seen....

    59. Zachary Schulling

      *Heavy Metal Music Intensfies*