Gunna - TOP FLOOR (feat. Travis Scott) [Official Audio]



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    The official audio for Gunna’s “TOP FLOOR” featuring Travis Scott from his “WUNNA” album - Out Now!
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    1. Luis Z

      Everyone talking bout how Travis fire on this which is true but the beat is off the chain I don’t know who produced this but damnn.

    2. Christian Adjevi

      This gives me hot vibes

    3. Jyunus Djack

      Best Track on the new Album!!!

    4. Lady Pale Rider

      Travis did it yet again 💕

    5. Rahat Sidhu

      This is truly fire!!

    6. skizzy

      gunna fire af

    7. Angel Villar

      Now we need the remix with thugger 😎😌

    8. Alfonso Chavez

      LETS GO

    9. Dominic Oros

      This better be in gta 6

    10. ex

      Gunna god of flows🔥🔥🔥

    11. D Scales

      I've replaced thirty pair of speakers already from so much heat 🔥🔥🔥💯

    12. Killua

      Idk why but I hear subway surfers no one ask why

    13. itsthekidbih

      Travis sound like Jaime foxx on the hook

    14. Victor Fedotov20

      This sound look like molly

    15. Milkias Zewdu

      turbo and whezzy always make the wavyy shitt

    16. God

      This beat kinda sounds like Hot

    17. M R

      This is Travis's song now

      1. Emīls Lapāns

        no. gunna came hard

    18. WhvppedSoundz

      Am I the only one getting hot vibes from this

    19. Double high101


    20. Trippy Tribe

      Who is here from bloodshot movie 🔥

    21. Jon Ortiz

      Hot 2

    22. Anthony Chagoya

      He ain’t the only 1 who gets v lone from barri

    23. M__ Wahdan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> i suddenly have the urge to do drugs

    24. Angela Strowbridge

      Travis is an forever the greatest

    25. GetRekt 79

      It sounds like they either reversed the Hot beat or switched the speed

    26. TJ Awesome

      Travis Scott songs ain't that good but I know why this dude is on the top. 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Quinton chapman

        TJ Awesome what you tripping troll he just had the best concert in video game history

    27. TJ Awesome

      Bruh, Travis Scott featuring songs are much better than most of his own songs.. LMAO 😂😂😂

    28. L McIntyre

      This song is straight heat but damn this beat outta this world🤯

    29. Robert Andy Obreja


    30. MonsterKat

      Gunna fell off

    31. Hot Bologna

      I swear this song ain’t on Instagram music yet and I can’t share it on my story and I’m ticked

    32. exxpxsedd

      Travis and gunna r so lit🔥

    33. drake tv


    34. Rudra Harsh Verma

      i like sound ooooh.... dope☮️

    35. Hitmarker 657

      Travis Scott sentenced to death for committing grand arson

    36. east side beatz

      Gunna feat Travis Scott ❌ Travis Scott feat Gunna✅

    37. miguel angel correa arias

      IT'S LIT!!!!

    38. Gita Risqya

      gunna too rare 🔥🔥🔥

    39. Willawn Powell

      Made a 🔥song even more🔥with a pt2 😭🐍

    40. ShiftyyMo

      This better be on 2k21 😤

    41. Jack Blundell

      Best travis feature this year

    42. Darren Torain

      This gives me hot vibes cause of the beat 🔥🔥🔥

    43. Afro Jack

      The remix is going to have young thug at the end

    44. spenserxmonster 7

      We need video for this!!!!!

    45. michael farley

      This song ass

    46. Tommy Gun Tunechi

      Lowkey cant wait for the remix with Thugger

    47. Tommy Gun Tunechi


    48. Darling Zelaya


    49. SELF

      lets go

    50. misolou fout

      I'm a simple guy, I see Travis Scott and I save to my playlist. Taking absolutely nothing away from Gunna, I enjoy your art too. Keep it lit guys!

    51. Nervz Muziq


    52. Gurbachan 23

      Is it me or Travis sounds like J Cole ??

    53. phet 07


    54. Kalifala Konneh

      This the best song on here. #s don't lie💥

    55. PURPSKY

      I get those goosebumps Everytime I hear Travis's voice 🔥

    56. PURPSKY

      I love how Travis's voice always give me goosebumps 🔥

    57. Ana Maria Tachama

      This song kinda sounds like HOT and ANTIDOTE at the same time...🔥🔥🔥🔥

    58. lavonte adams

      travis need to collab with frenzy hendrix thats the best new tx artist

    59. AG Beats

      Hot sauce🎆🎆

    60. Zeek

      I don’t get the Travis hype honestly lmao

    61. Rahul Manne

      Gunna flow insane

    62. Laron Jones

      I have goosebumps. Either this song is really good or it’s because I’m taking a shit rn.

    63. Drigo Ruiz

      “Amount to (ooh ooh) To toxic (ooh ooh) Wavy, not vibing (ooh ooh) I’m so surrounded (ooh ooh)” That chorus hit different

    64. Marcus Aurelius

      That oOooO is so chill it's almost soothing, so soothing it's almost meditational, so meditational that it's almost transcending.

    65. Eduardo Jimenez


    66. Tin Oković

      This album straight fire

    67. Raphael Oliveira


    68. Pain_ n

      The only thing that missing here is lil baby ( i want remix with lil baby!!!!!) like this comment if u want it too, let's make it real.

    69. Tyler Major

      Hey it’s that guy from fortnite

    70. Arayan

      Since this is Hot V.2 the deluxe of this needs to have thugger on it

    71. ZuriTheGodAimBot The Savage

      First: Hot ft Young thug Next: Turks ft Navy Now: TOP FLOOR ft Travis Scott

    72. Easy Mike

      Travis mi fai venire il cazzo duro fratello

    73. amber loves to cry for her idols, bye

      This is way better than Hot..

    74. Gabriela Andrade

      This Sound Is Amazing Bro!!!! 😎🔥✨🇧🇷🇮🇹🔥

    75. I Karma

      T-Pain walked so that Travis could run

    76. amber loves to cry for her idols, bye


    77. Yzy elie

      TRUMPETS + TRAVIS + GUNNA = fire 🥵🔥🔥🔥

    78. Yzy elie


    79. Blvk Wachira

      Thugger should be included in the remix🤩

    80. Dawit Teklit

      yo thats hot two point zero.But its fire