Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    Samsung Galaxy S20 makes all the right moves in all right places.
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    1. Hellblazer

      *Runs a speed test on 4G LTE and gets 150-190Mbps DL speed* *Runs a speed test on 5G and gets 5.1Mbps* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Phong Nguyen

      Is this guy considered an expert?

    3. Nightcrawler666

      Good review. I watched another one you did with your mate too. In on S9 right now. Think I'll go S20. The plus looks a bit to big. I ride motorcycles and the phone needs to fit in my inside pocket.

    4. Charlike Mike Reagent

      The thing left is to return back to the normal inches around 5 max 6in. These gigantic things are just not comfortable. And I'm still on Huawei P8 Lite from 2016. The only minus is the already noticeable bad quality camera compared to now (back then it was top notch), and the battery life which dies in 2-3 hours.

    5. Michael

      Apple: skip 9 Samsung: skips 9 Apple: no, I meant skip 9 not SKIP 9.

    6. David Gorash

      I had an iPhone X and couldn't stand watching samsung videos because I was missing out on so much, I got a note and now I can watch these videos lol

    7. Giancarlo Solbiati

      Dude, just read Grey D*ck in your shirt lol

    8. Matt Liebau

      Ok maybe some you tech nerds can help me out. I got this phone about 2 weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. I have sprint and I live in Daytona Florida. When I'm at work it say I have 5G (don't know if it's real 5G but it shows the 5G icon in the top right) when I'm on 5G nothing works. It's slower than 3G was. Texts don't send, calls won't go through. I can't send or receive emails websites just spin and spin. Its useless. But When I'm on 4G LTE everything works fine. Sprint is no help just keep giving me the run-a-round. I'm ready to just send it back and go back to my s9 that ran fine. You spend $1000 on a phone you expect it to work.

    9. Jack Chen

      CORRECTION: I contacted Samsung for the 5G, only the s20 doesnt have Mmwave 5G the s20+ and s20 Ultra do support the Mmwave and sub-6


      Galaxy s20 is my dream phone

    11. R9PH

      Awful phone after two weeks browser froze 3 times miss my HTC samsung is a joke

    12. blue sky

      I have phone since 2015

    13. Mr WIND

      I have a question guys. I don't know which one to buy. Samsung s10+ or s20?

    14. ABC ONE

      WOOOOOW the S20+ is awesome I had it 😍

    15. Mohammed Jahrami

      Sorry but the battery on s20 plus is shit.running 120Hz drains the battery like hell.

    16. Christine Jones

      You guys. I just ordered the Galaxy s20 plus and the front facing camera is absolutely the worst. The WORST. IT SUUUCKS. There is absolutely no details when you zoom in, and it looks so digitalized. Video sucks too! Rear camera is OK, but the zoom digitalize everything as well. I just want a natural looking photo! I can't take any selfies with this phone because it makes me look so ugly. I have to go back to my broken galaxy s8 for better quality selfies. Samsung better fix this because this is unacceptable for this price. If not, I'm giving it up and may look to switch for the first time to an iPhone. Be careful spending your money!!

    17. Franco Barrera

      I had the option to get this phone or the S10E. I chose the S10E. I'm not spending 1000 bucks on a phone.

    18. Aether

      I have the s7 with the curve and at first it's nice and cool but after 3 years it gets annoying.

    19. mitt romney

      Tbh I keep forgetting this one

    20. Birch Tree

      Finally I can afford the Galaxy SII

    21. Noizy Otr

      how much you bye it?

    22. Ally Green


    23. Harry Tierney

      Is the S20 worth paying £43 for 30GB of data?

    24. Sadana Wimalasena

      Why this one so heat when it use

    25. pak ghalji

      Hi please send me one phone

    26. After Dark

      4000/4500mah is so unimpressive

    27. melo melo

      Overpriced, A serie is the best

    28. Tanmoy koley

      Hey marques please publish a video on samsung s20+ and share your using experience.

    29. voiceofreason314

      What about the speaker quality though? One review said it sounds tinny.

      1. PARADOX 818

        I have the ultra and through my experience it's pretty good. Decent bass and clarity. You could test it in a store if you dare.

    30. Nayan Bvbreus

      Berazzzzer hawaruuu beraaazzzer u r my black beraaaazzzzer ferrry good ferrry nice my berazzzzzer! african berazzzer We are all berrraaazzzzeeerrrrrrS😍🙌

    31. JustAGeekyGamer

      Is the s20 equipped with a dynamic AMOLED or super AMOLED screen?

      1. GK M

        D A

    32. Pritish Mahadik

      Hey Marques! Can you make a video about the ads experience on iOS vs Android (One Plus, Samsung, Xiaomi) ?

    33. Jin's Epiphany

      are both models waterproof ????

      1. PARADOX 818

        Water resistant, ip68

    34. Jin's Epiphany

      first of all , make a video on "how to be rich to buy every smartphone"

    35. *FireFly*

      You forgot to mention the headphone jack. But other then that video looks good.

    36. Stephan Asdf

      It looks like Samsung are coming out with a phone with a pop up camera. No more holes in the display. They may have finally seen sense. All we need now is Apple to follow suit.

      1. PARADOX 818

        Expect an under display camera next year. They could probably be the first ones.

    37. David Martrano

      A g-whizz & a half for the Ultra? Wow-we, that's a whole lot of bananas? That's more than my stimulating 💰, yikes! Well, if I were to upgrade my S10+ it would be the base model. I luv the form factor at 6.2. And the 120hz display with 12gigs of ram? Better 📷's are very nice. Their displays are simply the best, for me anyway! Great review....


      Super responsive Doesn't respond

    39. Carlos KJ

      The samsung official site sent me here for review.. wow i guess that is the perk for youtubers

    40. Raj Srivastav

      there should have been 4g version

      1. Raj Srivastav

        @Evan Paluch cheaper

      2. Evan Paluch


    41. Saswata Mukherjee

      Samsung cheated us in S20 and S20+ in the name of telephoto lens by providing only digital crop of a 64MP wide angle lens. Being at the top most position in smartphone market this is not expected. There is no difference left between best android smartphone company and petty Chinese brands. Though this was first upgrade in terms of main camera sensor since S7, for poor image processing samsung failed to deliver better camera performance than previous year models. Lack of competition in flagship market puts stop on smartphone innovation, companies spending money only on fake marketing ( 48MP quad camera with actual 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 cameras).Smartphone market has been worst for last may be 3-4 years.With brands like SONY(Xperia arc,S),HTC(One M7,U11),LG (G2,G4) gone, only competition huwaei is also finished with google situation. Think this should lead to a future with low budget phones in android made by likes of oppo , vivo , mi, oneplus (strictly prohibited for photography with only available color filter camera :P), samsung and flagship iphones. Likes of iphone SE 2020 may capture mid tier. More painful thing is the reviewing industry with millions of review channels are just promoting the fake marketing policies with no real reviewer left like Erica.

    42. OMiT

      Can i get one

    43. S P

      Got it for free with Sprint its actually pretty great at least to me.

    44. some japanese cat

      I like this phone but let's be honest the s10 is much nicer looking phone

    45. Ulfarr Varg

      So the base S20 costs the same as the base iPhone 11 Pro?

    46. Victor Aweh

      Me:very nice Marques:do you like it Me:yes,I do Marques:OK good then,I'll get one for you Me:thank you

    47. Sanaulla

      Still icons/theme is as shitty as before 😇

    48. Matej Rendek

      How stupid u have to be to buy this phone XD lmao samsung love idiots XDDD

      1. PARADOX 818

        Smells like broke in here😤😷

    49. Wan Ori

      Curved display is a problem for some people, i don't want it too. Great move with this phone, ill get it

    50. Cory G

      Marques Brownlee, Are you sure about the subpar 5G? I know the S10 5G has the lower standard but the international version (865) of the S20 has the higher standard. I'm in China and just got the HK version. Using the 5G here, it is significantly faster than 4G. I'd double check your data.

    51. Christopher J Roura

      I came here from the one plus 8 pro review and am shocked that you knocked the one plus 8 pro for the camera bump but not the s20. The s20 camera bump is way worse.

    52. dark side

      Samsung is the best in world ❤

    53. Joe Black

      Did Samsung remove the 3.5 mm port socket to divert from the fiasco of making the S20's camera inferior to the S10 Note's camera? When in a hole - stop digging - but it appears that Samsung tried to cover-up their gross negligence by using a vast amount of money on marketing - Instead of solving the S20 Ultra's Cameras' problems. It appears that Samsung didn't manufacture enough Black S20 512 GB phones even before the coronavirus Supplying White earbuds+ phones instead of black ones is another blunder, really stupid mistake, made by Samsung. Who wants white earbuds+ that doesn't complement expensive; grey and black S20 Ultra smartphones?

    54. Joe Black

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> Only the S20 works for the 5G sub 6. But the; S20+ and the S20 Ultra both should be compatible with mmWave - probably told by Samsung UK before the lockdown in England, UK.

    55. ElCatrinMuerto

      So is this where we are headed now, $1000 phone? That's a bit much. I have an s7 right now and I've been happy with it but I noticed a couple black dots on it. I think the led under the display messed up from a drop so I know I'm gonna need a new phone soon. I could get the S10 but it feels like weird to purchase a new phone and be behind a year. I know first world problems. And yes I know I'm behind 3yrs at the moment lol. Damn im gonna think about this one.

    56. Viktor Kuo

      Is it a big upgrade from a OP5?:) it's either S20 or Iphone, having a hard time deciding:)

      1. JustAGeekyGamer

        The s20 will feel more natural as you would be coming from an android phone

    57. Yuuvraaj Jain

      Hey marques why don’t u make a video on s20 plus I really wanna know the difference between s20 plus and s20 ultra

    58. Cheng soong keet

      which phone is your favourite android phone?

    59. VisionOfWave

      dudes thumb is so flat lol, looks like a beaver tail🤣

    60. Kevin Kallbom

      Why is there bairly anyone mention that you CAN NOT play games in 120 fps? -.-

    61. Rich'ard parker

      I'm fucking hate Huawei. It's just Samsung's fake.

    62. Jacob Wade

      The s20+ does do uwb mmw 5g

    63. Ktom

      DONT BUY THE S20,! I have the s20 now. Im coming from the s10. Worst "upgrade" ever. Battery life on the s10 was better. S10 had a headphone jack. And i swear the s10 was faster. The s20 has a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1209">20:9</a> ratio and the s10 19;9, so the s20 is horrible watching youtube. It is so narrow you cant type! S10 has a Better camera setup and looked overall Better imo. Only advantage the s20 has is the 120hz screen but if you use that im having a 3 hour screen on time. Had every galaxy S Phone from the s3. This is the last time i swear. Gonna sell this one and buy the OnePlus 8. Horrible job by Samsung

      1. Ktom

        @GK M congrats

      2. GK M

        iam using it s20 one month super mobile like it


      Hey! I need a help in my new Samsung S20, it is getting too hot in many situations like using camera for a few minutes or playing a basic game or watching videos for a few minutes. Doing a video call as well it's getting too hot! Is it normal to device getting heating up?

    65. mmm

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> "Super responsive" *Doesn't respond to swipe*

      1. Aryan Sinha

        It actually did respond, there was nothing to scroll that way as that was the only page on his home screen.

    66. Icescreambobcat

      The whole time I was just reading salty comments instead of watching...

    67. MrsJay89

      Huawei mate 9 still better than all these new phones

    68. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

      FACT : if you rub the S20 Ultra , four times really hard it expands to the Samsung Wall MicroLED TV a whopping 292 inches !

    69. Godfred Asamoah

      I want one of those😎😘

    70. Bryan Welch

      Fucking fanboy. This is not a $1500 piece of tech. Period.

    71. Roberto Reyes

      Audio! Audio! Audio!

    72. Pepegahaus

      iPhone: our phone is ugly.. Samsung: Hold my camera

    73. seb seb

      Why does this video let me use 1440p on s6?

    74. 热心市民

      Can anybody tell me type of may be the led clock? it is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> in the indistinct left background. THX

    75. DreamWolf

      I just got my new Galaxy Note 9 and I don't regret buying it at ALL. I LOVE THE S-PEN!

    76. MR.C&A Video911Game

      rather buy the ultra or note

    77. Michael Ryan

      It's interesting you say that 5G would only be 20% faster than 4G, when I tested it on my S20+, I was getting speeds more than twice as fast as 4G (350Mbps down, compared to 165Mbps on 4G). Did the specs change after you posted this video?

    78. Deepak Dinesh

      The real question is whether its better than the 7 pro

    79. Deepak .N

      Is this phone having heating problem