Ernie Ball Presents | SLASH in "UNSPOKEN EXPRESSION"

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball

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    "The guitar is basically a vehicle to be able to express feelings of anxiety, feelings of anger, feelings of passion, feelings of love, feelings of excitement, feelings of violence, feelings of sex...all of these kinds of emotions are, for me, very well expressed through the guitar".
    Filmed inside his private studio, watch as SLASH shares the moments that shaped him from his dad’s love of British rock ’n roll to his passion for horror films and his first blues lick.
    "Living the Dream" by SLASH ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators is available now. Order here:
    SLASH has proudly played Ernie Ball Slinky strings since 1988.


    1. Gustavo Quinteiro

      Wich cameras did you use to record that? Very nice!

    2. zuhdi ahmad

      Why when slash playing.. I m wait Axl scream? 😆😆😆

    3. RedNeck_Child

      Does anyone know the What the First Riff he Plays is called

    4. alejandro nardone


    5. Pro AlexaS

      Slash is legend

    6. Howler Monkey

      He's always had good songs but his playing keeps getting better.

    7. Samuel Sam

      Ahh man it's my dream to meet him once in my life

    8. Carlos Diego Medina

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a>.... Ese es Jeff Beck?!?

      1. Paulo Cesar Gamboa Aguilar

        Es keith richards , jeff beck sale en una de esas con slash y jimmy page.

    9. Riff Magos

      Ace Frehley made me pick up a guitar, but Slash made me want to buy a Gibson Les Paul.

    10. Fester Vain

      if i could meet slash in person,,i will grab his guiter and run the freak out of me😄🤘

    11. Joe Donkey

      What is the name of the song he is playing at the beginning?

    12. boyka gonson

      My inspiration is he... Playing guitar makes me happy...and yah he is the reason I'm a fan of Lespaul

    13. Kawiri

      La razon por la que toco rock ...metal

    14. El Xoloitzcuintli

      I DID NOT know he was from the UK..

    15. Vitor Souza

      O slash é o Ronaldinho Gaúcho da guitarra quando quer é genial e deixa todo mundo boiando

    16. Sam Fisher

      Slash might not have bumblefoot's technique but bumblefoot will never compose as good as slash. Look at all the iconic songs slash has written in guitar. Sweet child o mine, November rain, Estranged and so many many more.

    17. brad ward

      Right around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> what song is tht

    18. rafael rezende

      Slash FTW

    19. Juan jesus Aldava saldaña

      ajuuua! 1'000'000 likes..

    20. Henry

      Does anybody know the background music in the beginning and starting at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> ?

    21. Dessares

      Sé que Slash es un personaje, y la verdad, jamás me ha caído bien, de hecho detesto Guns and Roses... creo que me cae mejor Saúl Hudson.

    22. Max Twentynine

      Feeling of sex 😂go fuck yourself Hollywood

    23. The Riff Writer

      I tried to find that full size Twilight Zone rabbit monster statue on the web with no luck. I figured it was a Slideshow collectable. He must've had it custom made. It's in way too good of shape to be the original movie prop.

    24. b12am ham


    25. Anderson bryan

      Guitar is like bacon and everything, slash seems cool, you put a guitar on him, and now you can't have it without it

    26. Il-Koo James Kim

      Super nice

    27. nameunselected

      Seriously. WTH. Haha

    28. nameunselected

      His noodling is better than anything I’ll ever come up with hah

      1. spiralout72

        nameunselected for real huh? Dude makes it look effortless

    29. Nicholas das

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> Which solo is this?

    30. Anthony Wandowicz

      I wasnso pumped for slashes solo album and then i was greatly disappointed. Then i was pumped for his next album but then i heard miles Kennedy sing and it is the most offensive noise my soul has ever heard. Its the most generic souless average parody pop rock buck cherry boring nice guy . Fuuuck i hate his voice sooooooooo muuuuchh

    31. Davide guitar

      La gnocca prima di tutto

    32. curlysunflowers

      My favorite living guitar player! Amazing

    33. Aljoben Pitogo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> what song guys?

    34. Sing for yourself

      how do you make guitar melodies or solos ? i want to learn

    35. R D

      Whoa. I see Slash making the same finger movements I make when I 'try to play' lol. I had no idea other people did what I do so at least now I feel better about the mechanics of my fretting notes and how my fingers move. Sweet.

    36. Henry Alberto Castillo Paco

      Slash Rules!

    37. Moises Garcia

      why people dislike this lol

    38. ronald villanueva

      This should make a collab with the slash of the Philippines @perfectodecastro that would be A site to see between two great guitarist!!!!

      1. ronald villanueva

        And it would be so easy because his already based there in the United States...

    39. SCuba Do

      Slash is a humble man and drips coolness and IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! My absolute favorite solo was when Micheal Jackson couldn't get him to stop on stage! It reminds me of when one weird person tries to impress another weird person, but in doing so gets their mind blown away by that person. Ok weirds not the word but you know what I mean..

    40. Blackbear Bear

      What said is true for you it is easier for you though guitar plus its fun for you

    41. Lee sin

      the main reason why he post such weird post's on ig

    42. Dino Osmic

      Slash have so much groove, heavy r'n'b in his playing. So many remarkable guitar solos and riffs 🤟

    43. 扒衣老爷


    44. Alexis Pérez

      Que genial, que inspirador

    45. Jazaman666

      Anyone know what amp slash is using in the parts where you hear him playing?

      1. ★Supr3me

        Jazaman666 it’s a Marshall Signature Model called SL5

    46. Snowman374th

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> The actor... From Stir Crazy...

    47. hiram perez baca

      Patrocíname enie ball

    48. Vero Niktarem

      Extension de toi!😉

    49. Vero Niktarem

      Il mennerve! Il est excellent et je vais apprendre a jouer! Mdrrrrrr!🌬️❤️💙☄️🌞😉

    50. deltafit

      The best thing about Slash is even without all the money, success and fame...he'd still be that same person wearing a top hat and leathers probably in a club/bar band, still playing a Les Paul through a Marshall. I'd put money on that. Absolute legend and still say one of the best guitar RIFF writers that's ever lived.

    51. Bill Bradski

      GnR needs to write a new album.

    52. Natália Aguiar

      Slash é um guitarrista muito bom. Está entre os melhores da história do rock!

    53. Erivelton - Tim Hudson


    54. Filo Alvi

      I play Guitar thanks Slash,he is my favourite guitarist,my Guitar God

    55. Dulce Condena - Hinchada Nacional

      Aguante el TANO MARCIELLO, PUTOS!

    56. Eno Obaja

      Slash always cool

    57. chad schulze

      sex and guitar...mmm

    58. Joey Skar

      What strings was Slash playing before 1988? They sounded really damn good whatever they were lol

    59. Etem Avgül

      Bu slash gayet düzgün bir adam amk instada neden bu kadar marjinal takılıyor

    60. Josh Brz

      Damn slash looks like shit all of a sudden

    61. UGİ RaP

      Slash is best

    62. Albert valdez

      What I’ve noticed about Slash is that when he’s playing a riff he’s really relaxed, but when he solos he plays way more aggressive

    63. MoIsEs HeRnANdEz BaUTisTa LOOOK

    64. Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández

      Take 14.821, plis no, no The Godfather this time, no! Gotta question: Watta the fuck is he playing'

    65. Erich Lawrence

      Peak the Rolex Submariner "Hulk". Good choice mate!

    66. Russell Auger

      Dinosaurs are pretty boring unless you can play the background music for Toy Story like Slash can. So, magneto-tactic bacteria and acidophilic bacteria can eat a pet rock.... Asking for bacteria and allergy resistant ceramic slinky strings to out last dinosaurs I guess. Floss 7-]

    67. Need for Weed

      After this interview his instagram page finally does make sense XD

    68. LiNeArOaCh MoViEs

      U guys shourd do a show with yngwie

    69. Firas Albdour

      Who knows the riff's name that starts on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a>, which song ?? Any help fellas?

      1. Carry Baccon

        Firas Albdour call of the wild

    70. César Mestanza

      Wich is the song in the minute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a>?

    71. Wilfred Thomas

      The title is UNSPOKEN EXPRESSIONS and Slash Keeps on talking. And there are so many videos where Slash never talks. I now wonder what do we call those😁😂🤣

    72. Florian Blangeois

      What slash playing in the vidéo?

    73. Del Rei Rock

      His guitar tech said he changes strings after 8 or 9 songs. How is it possible? Is this Ernie Ball that bad?

    74. gasho 69

      Slash rules 🐲

    75. Kampf0r


    76. CunningStunts

      when pfd came out i was 15 and they took the stage by storm , slash will probably have no idea how much of an impression he made on people .

    77. Beautiful Disaster


    78. gtxjhcrbq


    79. Mike Parmar

      Damn, He plays so effortlessly! Guitar God indeed!