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    It's just another day in Doom until Veeg reveals a shocking secret that might blow Carn's mind...
    Written by Tom Shreeve
    Additional material by Ben Michael & Tom Jenkins
    Animated by Chimaru
    Voice of Carn by Dan Gavin
    Voice of Veeg by Ethan Gallardo
    Voice of Veggitoes by Dan Gavin
    Sound Design, Music Curation & Edit by Jason Dewey
    Additional music by Joe Gizmode & Alex Walker Smith
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    1. mashed

      HUMANS ARE NOT INGREDIENTS! Sponsored by Veggie-Toes™ (Not really, because Veggie-Toes aren't a real thing you dum dum)

      1. john doe


      2. Hamza Idris

        I'm not a dum dum I'm telling my mom Jk You dum dum

      3. yeetoh weekly

        Meat is superior This comment was made by the anti-vegan group.

      4. Darkan Khan

        this video is funny because demons hate other demons but not as much as doomslayer

    2. The Majestic Canuck

      Carn's reaction to Veggie Toes is me to trying Beyond Meat for the first time

    3. Jeremy Puhrmann

      Doom Slayer doesn't about who is vegan and who is not. He dines on the deaths of the most vile beasts the infernal pit has to offer. Death is his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bon appetite

    4. Damian

      Considering Doom Eternal is coming out i suppose its logical i got sent here by YT.

    5. Andrej Nikolic

      DOOM Game is a good game

    6. Hair

      Nobody: People with foot fetish:

    7. skythewolf35

      I lose it every time the Hell Knight says "What Madness..." before vomiting

    8. Doom Slayer

      Demon: *exists * Me: *Your free trial of being alive has ended*

    9. Toxic Male

      “Timidity and spite with just a hint of self loathing.” Ah, must have been with HR.

    10. GI Jack

      Plot Twist: the Doom Slayer gave them the Veggie Toes to weaken them.

    11. Leyla Prismriver

      Where's the Patreon link? all good cartoonists are being pumelled by youtube algorithm(watchtime>views) and deserve more love

    12. Enderhuman

      Mephistopheles’ red balls 😂😂😂

    13. Memed up Gamer

      Demons: can we change our--- Doomguy: *NO*

    14. Soulite

      As a vegetarian and prior vegan for over a year, I approve this message.

    15. C H A R A

      Did Veeg try to take a bullet for his friend? 🥺

    16. Lion Heart

      I always need to get a crunchy snack after watching this

    17. it'sJustDepressing

      "VEGAN DEMONS" *Hmm...hmmmm...yes*

    18. ultra instinct before vegeta Here take this

    19. Arllek 1n

      Nooooooooooo!!!! Vegan Demons

    20. Юберион

      Free 🇭🇰

    21. Master Chief

      Poor Demons ;(

    22. Master Chief

      Now i fell sorry for Doomguy

    23. sailorcarr


    24. Михаил Горбаренко

      He, he good vegan deamons 🤣☺

    25. Zedthejoker

      Hells nightmare a team of 5 enters hell to wipe it clean Doom Slayer, Deathstroke, Master chief, Kratos, Marcus Fenix. Demons start killing themselves in response

    26. Carrot_247

      Who knew demons had a foot fetish

    27. Timmy Jonson

      The strong demon like his eyes are balls

    28. Daniel Lipton

      That’s one hench demon 😂🤣

    29. Monkeh

      FUCK OFF

    30. Melted Sketches

      Fake. Vegans are never that shy about coming out.

    31. cont sters

      I finnaly watched it NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE FRsel

      1. NoctagonTF

        Finally someone who says so

    32. PickleHater

      Fuk u ad

    33. John Powell

      Seriously stop forcing people to be vegan.

    34. Alan Cogan

      Do Vegan Demons come from the planet Vega?☠

    35. Ben Robson

      1:54 The Emperor’s New Groove reference

    36. fence panel

      why does he sound like everyones impression of papyrus

    37. Terminal Borewell

      A vegan demon can only be a dead demon

    38. Red Velvié

      DoomSlayer killed the two nicest demons in Hell

    39. Casey Hurrell

      I want this as a difficulty in doom where you have no guns, and just walk around empty handed, listening to demons arguing over meat and healthy food

    40. Axel Jäger

      1:53 - had me dead when he broke down the thoughts of man.

    41. DemonBowser

      3:40 Man thing. Hell knight is now my new favorite demon.

    42. AstroManX100

      Imps are all thin by nature but Veeg is a whole 'nother level of thin. I've seen bulimic people with more meat on them than that.

    43. Bjørn in Gulf City

      "I don't even milk them anymore", sounds like my ex she was a demon too.

    44. Андрей Малинский

      что я сейчас посмотрел???

    45. Crafty pixel

      Fun Fact: You did not search this up.

    46. Weerapong N

      1:47 *nine*

    47. marie louissaint

      Wait demons milk humans...give me doom guy

      1. Doom Slayer

        Yeah. Imps drink breast milk.

    48. captain price

      What do you mean... "Milk them"?

      1. captain price

        @Doom Slayer will them milk YOU?

      2. Doom Slayer

        That's a mighty fine question.

    49. Jaden Torrence

      Even demons will never know why humans do this to themselves

    50. Nani chickin2

      thats why you are in hell

    51. Totenkopf 907


    52. Jaye_


    53. Kleiner Helfer

      I really like this muscular demon. He is funny.

    54. SleepyMcCree

      This is just "How to not get killed by DOOM Guy."

    55. Dany Gaming

      Yeah I prefer getting eaten than getting spared by that thing

    56. Bendy Fish

      if demons get knowledge by eating humans than murdoc the mancubus over there is prolly the most wisest demon there is

    57. Apos 8ate

      Vegans are monsters. Plant murderers.

    58. Benjamin Boswell

      Even demons don’t like vegans

    59. yusbo yusbo

      Spider mastermind : i'm vegan and feminist!

    60. Josh Arsi

      He described me when he said a hint of self loathing