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    It's just another day in Doom until Veeg reveals a shocking secret that might blow Carn's mind...
    Written by Tom Shreeve
    Additional material by Ben Michael & Tom Jenkins
    Animated by Chimaru
    Voice of Carn by Dan Gavin
    Voice of Veeg by Ethan Gallardo
    Voice of Veggitoes by Dan Gavin
    Sound Design, Music Curation & Edit by Jason Dewey
    Additional music by Joe Gizmode & Alex Walker Smith
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    1. mashed

      HUMANS ARE NOT INGREDIENTS! Sponsored by Veggie-Toes™ (Not really, because Veggie-Toes aren't a real thing you dum dum)

      1. Hamza Idris

        I'm not a dum dum I'm telling my mom Jk You dum dum

      2. yeetoh weekly

        Meat is superior This comment was made by the anti-vegan group.

      3. Darkan Khan

        this video is funny because demons hate other demons but not as much as doomslayer

      4. billy bob bob


      5. Cling Clang

        I actually thought vegan toes was a real thing wtf

    2. Boneless chicken TV!!

      Not bad

    3. Desu Panda Desu Chan

      Thank you doom.

    4. N'ordic Adam Animations

      The demons became vegan because the doomslayer ordered them to.

    5. SupahMikeMahDawg

      3:12 Yeah I think that in Hell they have the warm thing covered.

    6. AmaiJiSatsu


    7. Chris Wright

      I'm sure this idiot is bored and doesn't have a proper 9-5 job like normal people do because all i see is trashy ads from him dude get a life will ya!

    8. Jorge Velazquez

      1:53-2:01 Gordon Ramsey reviews a food that he likes

    9. Chris Wright

      Not another dumb ad vid from this person again stop wasting your time and stop your dad's bank card to fund this crap!

    10. nmgh marquis

      Ha Xb better he enjoy only 2 witness the price and hypocrisy of waste with production cost that effects the environment giving notes 2 the high life of higher class benefits being dumped on under classes then named as excuse 2 indulge on less healthier options as if humans are immortal with consequences in life never leaving it would be kinds nice if a vegan demon cult existed in sequel instead of killing they just take weapons away or jump on u crippling movement Hmmm6_6 Goood show kinda nice

    11. Mc Babycakes

      Why is this an add

    12. H4RR150N


    13. Twisted Individual

      Vegans are pussies

    14. Fidlingkitten64


    15. The Soviet Onion

      *tHe gUiLt fReE tReAt tHaT tAsTeS LiKe fEeT*

    16. Cybard Sands

      Would love to see this in a real video game, after hoards and hoards of mindless slaying, by chance you hit a lul not attack a couple of monsters on site and don't attack you, they then start up a dialog instead but many would never know because by that point you are essentially a murder hobo

    17. Никола Тесла

      The hell did I just watch

    18. Antoine Washington

      I love doom4

    19. una ikonik


    20. I Love Music

      Omg-My vegan Brotherin!!!! 😈

    21. Walter Clements

      I honestly don’t understand why heck knights have no eyes

      1. Yoto Saurus

        Walter Clements what the fuck is wrong with you

      2. Walter Clements

        I said heck knights because of youtube acting like a child because i said the poop word boohoo smack my bum

    22. Roby Doggett


    23. Vomur

      Abbadon is an angel right?

    24. Mushroom Head

      1:55 Mmmmm! Tastes like a daira! Perhaps just one more?

    25. otaku Gamer13

      Wow men

    26. LuviYu

      Where can I buy these vegi toes

    27. pawan rohidas

      Ugh these demons just talking makes doomslayer so mad makes him feel to crush their skulls

    28. FLAMEsnipr12

      The Hell Knight is literally me with the Burger King Impossible Whopper I can CLEARLY TELL THAT THE PLANT BASED PATTY WAS NOT MEAT, I LOVE ACTUAL MEAT AND THAT PASTE WAS NOT MEAT

    29. Shark lover1212

      To be fair. Respect to the hell Knight for at least trying his friands new food etc

    30. human guy

      Dam that spicy

    31. Zack52 Kiska

      Fresh -MEAT- carrot

    32. Sans Communism

      I love how all of there are slight changes in the vocabulary so nothing involves Hecc. Probably to please the algorithm.

    33. Bear The Gamer

      I just realized that skinny dude looks like skinny thanos

    34. Diamond Brony


    35. Eric Heng

      Demons actually eat each other, Pinkies are a delicacy in Hell

    36. p the Thompson

      Doom guy

    37. William Smith


    38. N0Sp4c3s

      this demon is adorable

    39. N0Sp4c3s

      what madness.....Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    40. Dave Cullins

      In the eyes of the Doom Slayer they're all just *DEMONS*