Doom Eternal vs DOOM 2016: 10 BIGGEST CHANGES


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    Doom Eternal (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is greatly expanding on the ideas laid out by Doom 2016. Here's what we've seen so far.
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    1. Spethman Jones

      I love that with most asymmetrical games, it would be “a few humans vs one demon creature” but in this game, it’s the demons that need to team up against the one badass human :D

    2. Spethman Jones

      As a big Warhammer 40k fan, this is about as close to a 40k game we’re gonna get anytime soon and I’m so excited! _BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!_

    3. Moltenriches1

      What happened to point number 8?

    4. GGaming 360

      Doom Eternal is Doom 1 and 2 / Doom 2016 is Doom 3

    5. GGaming 360

      The Multiplayer of Doom2016 not that bad reminds me of Quake/Team fortress 2/Halo

    6. Bras

      #7 BS!!! Old story was better!

    7. swegboilolol DANK

      doomguy: finds a bed in hell minecraft players: nervously sweating

    8. Daniel Stout

      No no no no no no no fuck that im waiting for the full release

    9. Giorgos Kyrenes

      First seconds... Showing Doom Eternal, an FPS game, and then a controller and a box of PS4...

    10. Jeremy Trent

      I dont want crazy jump puzels, i jus wanna shoot deamons!!

    11. Brendan James

      Not going to lie, no traditional MP takes the game from, pre order to buy on sale

    12. dopp

      hm, introducing this fortress, where you can spend stuff, looks like potential mechanics for macrotransactions, but AFAIK they said, that DOOM will not have macrotransactions, we'll see after release...

      1. dopp

        @Boneless chicken nuggets i have read, that they said, the in DOOM Eternal we will be able to unlock all the stuff via walkthrough/secrets, no macrotransactions, i hope it's true, but i'll wait until they release it.

      2. Boneless chicken nuggets

        You already can unlock everything with secrets in the campaign.

    13. Jesse Leo

      Can't wait

    14. CDKJ 85

      I mean this as a positive, but a few of the new features seem to be taken right out of Brutal Doom. Brutal Doom is fuggin DOPE

    15. Boktorinator

      That Doom base sounds like some super mario galaxy shiz

    16. The bat

      The video quality is disappointing for gameranx

    17. Little Foot

      This game on ultra nightmare will be even more of a challenge compared to DOOM 2016, Can't wait!

    18. Dave Gentleman

      As long as the cutscenes are skippable.

      1. Boneless chicken nuggets

        They are

    19. JuSt Gaming

      pray for my gtx 1050 ti

    20. 87alphaone

      I am taking a week long holiday at work!

    21. Daniel Newman

      I prefer the Doom 3 horror-style version of the game. Doom 2016 was kinda boring to me. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    22. WaDdLeWaDdLe 34

      Anyone else notice they skipped 8? Or am I crazy

    23. SpacialKatana


    24. Michele Valletta

      Id software man, the best studio ever.

    25. Wilfred Willy

      6:15 this is the biggest disappointment damn. 2016 multiplayer felt off trying to be an arena shooter and a modern call of halo at the same time, and the demons disrupted the classic fast paced arena shooter feel but i still felt like it had potential if they could cut the demon crap, and bring back map spawned weapons to encourage map traversal and control. They could have made a fast paced competitive arena shooter just like Doom was back in '93, but instead this is likely going to be that tacked on multiplayer gamemode you play twice then never touch again.

    26. thsudy

      But the biggest change of all was: The cover art. I’m glad they didn’t put just a guy’s face on the box.

    27. Reid C

      Mixed feelings on the whole helmet off/cutscenes thing.

    28. Christopher Simon

      Im waiting to get the eventual upgraded version on ps5

    29. Janko

      I guess when you spend to much time in hell you start giving people the hot shoulder

    30. Zhi Yong Ng

      Was going to complain about they removed the weapon mechanism animation... Hmm... Maybe not

    31. Vz Eezy

      Jesus forgives and forgets DoomSlayer forgets to forgive

    32. Shani Geine

      "Rage 2"... Man, if you have to talk about dashing (and destructible demon parts), how can you not invoke Shadow Warrior 2 ? After it came out, id themselves said it had a better chainsaw than the one they put in DOOM. They obviously learned from it.

    33. Skeletor Jopko

      Hey, nice top 9 list. You might have missed a number there.

    34. ployth9000

      the rtx patch will come after nvidia releases the new cards later this year most likely :D

    35. Crozdogger -

      My only problem is the new design changes

    36. Hell Knight


    37. Captain Dreadnought

      >"10x the detail" > published by bethesda *oh no*

    38. ScottM1

      The real question is: Are there enough buttons on a controller to perform all these feats!?

    39. S4lami_gr GAMES

      i havent been this excited for a game since Titanfall 2!!!

    40. Corey

      This game has layers onions have layers this game is an ogre

    41. Jonathan Kressbach

      Ya know this game is also being developed for the switch right?

    42. Yo Goldy

      How is no one saying how they went from 9-7, have 2 number 6s then go to 4 then finishes the video going 3 to 1? Like how did no one review this during editing.

    43. Trent Nunyabiz

      The double dash reminds me of half life 2's dash function.

    44. BaRrY

      doom 2016 is pubg and doom eternal is fortnite

    45. Agata Soda

      The chain is the most difficult part of the whole game.

    46. corpusadenums

      "Doom's never really ever been about the story.." are you serious bro?

    47. justin colburn

      But.. we loved doom multiplayer. It was violent halo with a big twist in the form of demons

    48. SuperRATical Stunts

      finally cutscenes! lol am i the only one stoked to get these since 2016 DOOM didnt have like any at all

    49. Dwarf in The flask

      You left out the huge new fact that heaven is a location we can now visit.

      1. Trent Nunyabiz

        I see it more as a space equivalent to superman's 'Fortress of solitide'.

    50. asdfbry

      eeewww. the best thing with doom2k16 was the mp, you're saying its gone? well then so is my hype.

    51. TheBitterLime

      Stop sucking up the developers. The multiplayer of doom 2016 was great. Battlemode looks like it’ll get boring quick

    52. 2sallads

      I was wondering why owning the rereleases of Doom1-3 gave you classic doom guy skins that were color variations. Seems the hub is where you unlock the original green one.

    53. Slime G

      Man doom looks so awesome to bad my parents will never let me get it. :(

    54. reaper games

      I pre order the game and cant wait

    55. The Chad Cruzaider

      Mechs that resemble DoomSlayer? Cool.

    56. Michael O'Shea

      Looks like Candy Crush.

    57. chadiwack

      Firstly, sweet video. I'm 45...been gaming since the '79 Atari with games like Adventure and Missile Command. Gamer for LIFE. I watch a TON of gaming vids on IGN, Gamespot and FRsel... Reason for saying all that is to say I'm not a 14 yo random kid who's only ever known COD games. Point is, this video is great. The editing is awesome, it's fast paced but not too much, the narrator is clear and easy to listen to without sounding like an over the top numbnuts and most importantly.. is interesting and not boring. I make tv commercials for a living, an editor and visual effects artist... great job to whoever put this vid together... also made me mega hype for Doom Eternal. Cheers.

      1. SpacialKatana

        An honest measured response. Good lad (yes I'm older than you !).

    58. Fernando Duc

      Sometimes I feel that Doom 2016 and Eternal is basically Mortal Kombat's Fatalities but on a First Person perspective. That´s AWESOME!

    59. Roman Byars

      where's number 8

    60. Satyajit Kundu

      where is number 8 ??????????