DOOM Eternal - Official Trailer 2

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    DOOM Eternal -Official Trailer 2
    Watch the all-new official trailer and RAZE HELL when DOOM Eternal launches on 20.03.20.
    Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity.
    The only thing they fear... is you.
    Pre-Order DOOM Eternal to get a free digital download of DOOM 64. Pre-orders of DOOM Eternal also include the Rip and Tear Pack, which comes with:
    - DOOT Revenant Skin
    - Cultist Base Master Level
    - Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin
    Join the Slayers Club, the official DOOM fan club, at for exclusive rewards.
    For more information on DOOM Eternal, follow these channels:
    Twitter - DOOM
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    PEGI 18

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    1. OccvticOdin

      I came back to watch this after that travesty TV trailer

    2. Amr Alchalati

      I can't wait for this game to come out !!!!!!!!!!

    3. Mark Lee

      Doom slayer fr killed the tyrant before it got it's spotlight

    4. critical error

      Are we going to talk about how the icon of sin might be in the game since it's a remake of the original DooM in 1993

    5. GumihoEscarlata!!!!!!!! infernicAnimation!!!!!!


    6. Carlos Castillo

      I just wanna see doomguy fight a demonic dragon

    7. Nicholas McCarthy

      Khan Maykr: Who are you to defy our traditions Michael P. Shipley: No offense but this aint music its noise Khan Maykr: :O

    8. Colonel_Beast

      Had to come back here after seeing that new TV spot to get my murder boner back up.

      1. Colonel_Beast

        Yep, that worked

    9. Syfi Freak!!!!!!

      We should build a religion based around Doom Guy.

    10. WonderLoaf

      Please, just PLEASE let me literally fight Satan.


      hazbin hotel looks great

    12. pepito pataslargas


    13. pepito pataslargas

      despues de este trailer me he quedado empalmado oh si pepet

    14. MemeBait

      Who would win? A world full of demons? Or one pissed off dude with guns

    15. The All American Bad Boy

      I am fully shivering from the full dose of CHILLS I just got.

    16. Robert Gessler

      I think this is just Florida man simulator

    17. PunjabiSikhRajput1

      When the demon/ monster is killed his corpus should remain and not disappear, the one main thing missing in both the new generation doom games.

    18. EpicAlien 454

      Yo is that Asajj Ventress?

    19. ThisisKyle

      See this trailer works just fine.

    20. gayllamasforsale

      Roses are red, My screams are internal, Fortnite is temporary, But *DOOM IS ETERNAL*

    21. Charles Tate

      Doomguy the hand of God

    22. Oxspire #7

      Isabelle is gonna love this stress reliever.

    23. Fillduck

      Came here to cleanse my ears after watching the new TV spot with that shitty music

      1. Rah Sollest

        I can understand they don't have to show the violence and gore for a television broadcast version of it (which hardly anybody watches TV anymore), but they could of at LEAST go with one of Mick Gordon's soundtrack for the game to make it more hype. :/

    24. Doom Slayer

      who are you a human to defy our traditions me: you do know i have a rocket launcher to your head right

    25. Liquid Sunshine

      I love blood and gore and violence but everytime I play Doom I get motion sickness. Which is crazy FPS games are the only game I play really. Think the last time I played I turned Motion Blur either on or off and seemed to help. Stoked for this

    26. Liberty Prime

      Whats the name of the soundtrack in the very beginning

    27. Nickolas The gamer


    28. Preston

      Looks good, but I prefer when you _can't_ see doomguy's face.

    29. Quwyn Iscoool

      Not as good as animal crossing

    30. oh_itz JOKER

      Yall heard the halo 3 announcer at 0:10

    31. Killer X

      My sister who doesn't play games and thinks they are a waste of time wants to play this.

    32. Slz 0

      Take it off stadia. Lel

    33. Moises Palacios

      Doom eternal trailer: Isabelle: *grins*

    34. greg velasquez

      I like how literally every demon has a "well I'm screwed" face when the slayer kills them

    35. XenosapienOfMegiddo

      everytime i see the thumbnail for this video i keep seeing a ninja turtle

    36. Meatyman 01

      Animal crossing is looking good

    37. Alex Evs

      I hope there will be fullauto shotgun.

    38. Cesspool-Of-Degeneracy

      Me "man I hope this game is as kick ass as the last one" 1second in "yooo" The remaining portion of the trailer 'YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

    39. Uli Schmidt

      got to love how the trailers for the U.S. are age restricted, yet this isn’t


      Demons: Exist Doom Slayer: *Silently and menacingly reloads shotgun*

    41. Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique

      Angel: "Who are you, a Human, to defy our traditions?!" Doom Slayer: no one. Just a guy you shouldn't have crossed.

      1. Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique

        @Travis McNasty "fapping all day in St. Peter's Gates?!"

      2. Travis McNasty

        "I'm here to help. What have you ever done?"

    42. Beta Sketches

      .... Where’d my wallet go?

    43. David Rosa

      WHERE IS DAISY!? 🤬

      1. Travis McNasty

        Isabelle buried her. She didn't kill Daisy, but they were friends.

    44. R0GU3ST4TU5

      Cannot wait to play this on PC, also hopefully this is what Terraria master ode is going to feel like lol

    45. Trey Owen

      1:55 by the power of Argent d’Nur.... I HAVE THE POWAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

    46. gamer core

      We need Daisy to be a pet on the fortress of doom

      1. David the white ball

        There is a cage somewhere

    47. Евгений -

      What soundtrack plays at the end of trailer?

    48. Kent Stone

      2:03 Fucking yes.

    49. Koleuz2

      I showed this trailer to my girlfriend and suddenly... You know...

    50. Ryan Carter

      I'm ready... My graphics card, not so much.

    51. wizard

      Need more switch games😫 @all game developers

    52. J158n

      The voice at 1:42 sound like how it feels to crush crispy leaves

      1. Kent Stone

        Odd analogy but it works

    53. Mad Bird

      I need to get a full version of that amazing guitar riff ❤️

    54. Unit One Alpha

      1 month!

    55. Jeb Broham


    56. David Thornbury

      Who are the 431 snowflakes giving this a thumbs down?

      1. Trevor Jason

        The collective staffs of Polygon, Kotaku, Vice. The on and so on.

    57. Sam Smith

      Now this game is great and all but can you defeat the giant monkey men and save the 9th dimension

    58. MrPumpkinMan 712

      Me and the boys on June 1st:

    59. Thought Gaming

      Anyone else only hear Zagara from Star Craft at 0:57?

    60. Darkdraco002

      At the end. Did he cut up a hell baron or was that a slightly less roboty cyberdemon ?

      1. TacoForce5

        it’s called the tyrant, a different species of cyberdemon