Doom Eternal Preview


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    Doom Eternal is bigger, smarter, and bloodier than ever before. Find out about our impressions in full with our Doom Eternal preview.
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    1. Gunzberg

      No stealth=hooray!!


      Awesome gameplay. Love playing Doom classic or modern 😍🎮🐼

    3. Cat Man

      I love Doom in all its guises. This looks a bit easier than the last game as the enemies are more spread out, at least in the part I have seen. The platforming and traversal, I feel a bit unsure of from the footage and the art style for the undead soldiers, I think I prefer in the 2016 game. The glowing eyes is something I hate in game enemies. Just looks too gamey. Still I will buy it. Hope it is good.

      1. Cat Man

        @Parker Gonzaga I hope so.

      2. Parker Gonzaga

        Cat Man this is on an easy difficulty. on harder ones the game is absolutely brutal

    4. Basically A Person

      VEGA survived, Yay

    5. Panda boy

      It looks ok

      1. Matthew Papp


    6. Warrior Mindset

      Can't f'n wait!!!!!