DOOM Eternal: Official Gameplay Trailer



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    In the year 2151, Hell comes to Earth in DOOM Eternal. See the Doom Slayer in action on humanity's home planet in the latest gameplay trailer for the sequel to 2016's fantastic first-person shooter reboot of one of gaming's all-time great franchises. DOOM Eternal will be released on March 20, 2020 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia.
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    1. DoomSlayer94

      Can’t wait to slice and dice with that hell blade.

    2. Randomguy

      This trailer is so much better than the tv one

    3. Fillduck

      Came here to cleanse my ears after watching the new TV spot with that shitty music

    4. Doomer •

      does he still have berserker mode?

    5. Face-tofootstyle 0

      1:55-2:07 when the home depot employees try to stop me from eating all of the plywood

    6. Xenon VH2

      Cyberdemon: Who are you? Tyrant: I'm you, but smaller... Cyberdemon: How are you anymore better than me? Tyrant: I... give Nostalgia.

    7. Pickle Zim

      “The only thing they fear, is you” Isabelle: *waves smol Crucible in the air*

    8. anas ben brahim

      1.7 dislikes are from demons

    9. OneHellOfANight

      "Official gameplay trailer", half of it is cutscenes, the other half cut together without crosshairs. Nice "gameplay" lul what a joke...

    10. Mr Marvell

      Looking forward to this game, the hype is real, check out my fan made trailer! 😁

    11. John smith

      Video: shows 1:59* Predator: *I'll just Wipe my Skull Trophies and Go away heh heh heh heh heh he... :(*

    12. Deklan T Smith

      1:02 Just realised this was the voice actress for Asajj Ventress in SWTCW, sounded so familiar

    13. zeejshh

      now this is a game that you play with a mouse and keyboard.

    14. nightmare wiseman

      Do I have to remind you guys of fallout 76?! This is made by bathesda don't pre-order it yet, wait until release.

      1. Sevenuseven

        It's made by id software you dumbass

    15. 99th Shindaki

      This is gonna be on Switch? What is it again? Nintendo?

    16. Cade Ohlrogge

      The marauder sounds dope asf. Can’t wait to chainsaw him in half

    17. ADR Hindi Gaming

      Kratos: hold my boi...

    18. Venkat Prashant

      Comments for this video are equally entertaining as the trailer!

    19. Daniel An

      I love all the voice actors in this reboot franchise, all epic voices.

    20. Brandon Phillips

      Nice but this isn’t a gameplay trailer

    21. MR.WHITE mahantspTM

      *The only game where you are with boss music*

    22. SuperStarGamer64 Stargaming

      I'm soooooo sorry for your friend! I just finished doom 2016's campaign this week and the game was AMAZING!! I just hope that he is know as the person that worked on DOOM ETERNAL.

    23. Tazboy

      He kosher'ed them

    24. Peter James Villegas

      Fun Trivia: Doom Slayer's pet rabbit's name is Daisy, and John Wick's puppy's name is also "Daisy". Coincidence? Maybe...

    25. Peter James Villegas

      They better not mess this up. **Flashbacks from 2016**

      1. Ryan Olivier

        What are you talking about? 2016 was the best game of that year

    26. Professor doraemon

      Yo the music is so epic they made a game for it to go with

    27. Sanil Jadhav

      *Who are you ? A human, to defy our traditions* _Doomguy reloads with religious intent_

    28. Qamar Hassan

      Can anyone tell plz?Would there be a story(i mean campaign) in this game????

    29. NinjapowerMS

      Why are Angels even underestimating a dude who literally bullied hell for a long time that they made stories to warn future generations about him

    30. TheMonitor

      *Game of the Year 2020* , ladies and Gentlmen

    31. aalever

      Love that Doom is older than most people watching this, and it's still knocking it out the park. It truly is Eternal.

    32. I'm Rogue

      90% guys... IGN misinterpreted story.. 9.99% guys... preordering DOOM NOW!!!.... 0.01% guys... hey what's happening?

    33. Grief Gaming

      Man this new zelda game looks sick

    34. Eron Velez Roman

      Cyber Demon:*gets killed once again for 5 times in the Doom franchise* Literally EVERY SINGLE *GODDAMN* Doom character:How many times I gotta tell you,old man?

    35. beastfulboy

      Thank you Steve, I’m incredibly sorry for your lost. His hard work won’t go unappreciated

    36. Lobo 005

      Yo el 2016 lo jugue en facil xd

    37. CRYTEK

      2:23 sound ?

    38. lucky ME

      Notice "Earth 2151" Any theory?

      1. Count Koopa

        Not really, other than it lowers the suspected date of Doom 2016 which was guessed to be like a century later. Now we know.

    39. Just another Starco shipper

      Doom slayer is basically that one player with an Asian username in a lobby full of casuals

    40. Francesco Marchi

      I just came back here after the release of Warcraft 3: Reforged. Seriously, thank you id Software, thank you because you are the proof that there are software houses out there that still love their fans and make games for them, not only for money. Thank you very much!

    41. J Allen

      Co-op ?

    42. Sohil Khan

      Wow 👍. For you....... xanax tablet info...

    43. Atupele Isaac

      Here from mashed

    44. •{ WL }• YT

      " The only thing they fear. Is you "

      1. Count Koopa


    45. Mariocco Argi

      48 and today...i cant wait

    46. Monster Zero923

      That sword......

    47. SharkBreath625

      1 word... awesome

    48. Abdul Hakeem

    49. Spectral Arts

      made others sacrifice for our prosperity

    50. Gray

      Two ending confirmed, in one part of the trailer the cyber boi is staved in the head but in the other part he’s killed with the blade. Sorry if Bethesda already said they’re would be two

      1. Count Koopa

        @Vulkan Yeah like the OG games. All the bosses were enemies too.

      2. Gray

        K thanks

      3. Vulkan

        Cyberdemon is now an enemy now, not a boss monster also he's called the Tyrant now

    51. Saden Bance

      Just pre-ordered can't wait to make a video on this

    52. Dutch van der Linde

      People call this a survivor horror game For the demons

    53. Uviii Peiris

    54. Animatic World

      if you feel tiered the. watch this


      People: What was your favourite part about the trailer? Me: 0:00 - 2:23 Doom Rocks!

    56. Ryan Olivier

      "Casualties range in the billions" "Fall back now" "They're killing everyone" "Please help us" Man, Slayer is slaughtering those demons

      1. Huzaifa Yousaf

        Ryan Olivier Top 10 anime twists

    57. Pyromancer

      If the final boss isn't over 5 miles tall and destructible, I don't care

    58. Jonathan Dee

      I see the voice actress for the chosen assassin found new work and another opportunity to get killed by humans

    59. TacoForce5

      people in the comment section’s criticisms boil down to “i’m gonna insult this because it’s not cod”

    60. vista1456786

      1:17 killing starts