Doom Eternal After 3 Hours - Preview

Easy Allies

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    Doom Eternal is shaping up to be one of the best designed and most exhilarating shooters in recent memory.
    Written by Ben Moore
    Video Edited by Don Casanova
    Played on PC
    Coming to PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One March 20th
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    1. mo mighty

      Game of the year

    2. Inquisitor Guy

      I got an ad at the end that was in low quality but the video for the Doom gameplay was high quality.....the fuck?

    3. Conan Inflable

      Doom 2016... damn the time goes so fast

    4. RJ MacReady

      Im usually into the high power single shot weapons, like the supershottie and the gauss rifle. But something about that automatic barrel mod for the shotgun truly speaks to me

      1. Ø

        Its still a single shot weapon only that single shot is repeated 5 times per second ;)

    5. Aidan Stephens

      DOOM eternal is still 2 months away :'^(

    6. nyzmikey

      5 minute video. EZA putting in work

    7. David Parsons

      When I heard this voice, I had instant flashbacks to ten years ago browsing trying to earn enough points to purchase something from their store.

    8. mkk 1995

      “DOOM: ETERNAL IS COMPLETELY OKAY WITH A GOOD IDEA LASTING WHAT SEEMS LIKE ONLY A MINUTE OR TWO AS LONG AS THE TIME IS COMPLETELY WORTH WHILE.” ... What in the actually fuck is that sentence supposed to interpret 😂😂 people really do the most to try to sound smart lmao

    9. SK1F7 Green

      I need this game in my life like a year ago! Thank you id software for all your hard work!

    10. Deoxyribonucleic acid

      Oh my God, I can't wait!!

    11. eddebrock

      FUCK OFF! I don't want a fucking platformer! I want a game where I get to shoot fuckfaces without having to care about platforms and puzzles.

    12. Equanox214

      Im always shocked when "doom 2016" is said. How is time going so fast

    13. Christopher Shaner

      What's really really sad is that just because this game doesn't have a traditional multiplayer like CaLl Of DuTy, it won't sell nearly as well as it should......

    14. Pan Darius Kairos

      I haven't played DOOM since the very first iteration, as a kid. I didn't even play DOOM 2016. I'm very much looking forward to DOOM Eternal.

    15. Charlie Österlund // Drums

      If this fully delivers it has all the potential in the world to be one of the best shooters released in *years*

    16. jroaduri


    17. Michal

      BING! BING! WAHOO! *1UP*

    18. dieubermensch

      I wish this would've been quake and doom have keept the doom 3 scary theme

      1. Jooztin

        I respectfully disagree. Doom 3 is amazing, but Doom is not a horror game. *BUT FOR THE DEMONS IT'S MUCH DIFFERENT....*

    19. Mike Thomas

      0:37 I have a pretty distinct erection myself.

    20. TylerNessss

      Heeelll yessss This sounds like good old benchmark level ID again. Looooove it!! Also sounds kinda intimidating, but love to have god tier ID back

    21. Rowan B

      I just hope all the maps aren't just open air arenas like I've seen

    22. Andrew Bindon

      As much as i love their conversation style previews i really appreciate the brevity of theses edited previews when time is not on my side

    23. Alexander Mortensen

      Finally a good preview! im not sure that i like the whole forcing players to play the game one way...

    24. Joshua Brewer

      3:57 Civvie 11 is gonna be hyped for this.

    25. Miyazaki Fanboy Hurr Durr

      Now everyone is hyped. I remenber before the release of the 2016 few people were really confident in the game.

    26. FreddyHardCandy

      would have been cool to have the discussion format on this one

    27. davidevoid

      Geez, Doom 2016 was soooo good. And somehow this look to be even better. Can't wait to play it.

    28. Phry3

      "In its quality and distinct erection." Alright, sounds good.

      1. Michael McGrath

        Wasn't paying close attention and had to rewind that 😂

    29. Unsung Zero

      Took Friday off for this. Definitely one of my most anticipated games.

      1. Unsung Zero

        @Babayy Cole Thank you! I was confused about that myself.

      2. Babayy Cole

        Hollow Skull You’re on a channel that talks exclusively about video games and you’re calling someone sad for being excited for a VIDEO GAME. Strange person

      3. Unsung Zero

        @Hollow Skull Why?

      4. Hollow Skull

        Unsung Zero sad

    30. Chris Corcoran

      0:50 You said "manipulate the environment to find a way forward" while he had his hand out, making it look like the Slayer was using the force. Clever.

    31. Brandon Kelly

      This Game Had Better Be Good. Especially After Getting Delayed So Long.

    32. Miles Williams

      This game looks so damn good. I need to finish the first one before this comes out. I got about six hours in, and then life happened unfortunately. Been meaning to get back to it for a while.

      1. Miles Williams

        @Sergio Next Busy with The Outer Wilds right now, but it's definitely up there on the list.

      2. Sergio Next

        Get back to it. Especially for the ending. That'll get you so hyped for Eternal

    33. Griffca

      I know I'm asking too much but please don't have monitized multiplayer and TCP/IP, LAN support. I enjoy me walled garden of servers that don't have randos hopping in and complaining because we don't want to cater to them.

    34. Already_ In_Use

      Looks really fun, but i don't understand the people praising the graphics... Looks a bit dated to me. Maybe it's just the captured footage though.


      good vid

    36. Brutalious

      Doom Eternal is about to fill the void Metroid Prime left in my heart so many years ago.

      1. Daniel Movsessian

        Story of my life bro

      2. Haunted HotDog

        THIS. I keep getting echoes (eh?) of Metroid Prime when I see this. First person platforming can be total garbage, but it can also be done extremely well and without the potential camera headaches that third person games can introduce. Metroid Prime is my favorite game of all time, and Doom Eternal looks even better than I could have reasonably expected.

    37. Alexandro Q.

      You guys shouldn't use a controller for a fast paced fps, looks slow.

    38. Soybean Grill

      Man this looks good. Im gonna get so many points in the fantasy draft.

    39. Johannes Meier

      Can`t wait for this, Doom 2016 is one of my favorite FPS`s!

    40. Ian Peng

      doom and doom:e might or might not be a good game, but it has objectively the best performance with vulkan among fps. it's mind-boggling to me how a 2016 game can run and look this well when recent titles have shit optimization. I think it has something to do with amd featuring this title and since intel has higher ipc, they would need to have it optimize to spit out good performance. well done.

    41. Leo

      Why does the platforming looks só much as Metroid Prime?

    42. Andre Martinez

      Can't wait to see how the PC police attacks this one.

    43. Louis El Duro

      All these upgrades stink of some sort of microtransactions. I want it loved the first one but ill wait a few months to get it Im not confident in that there wont be something weird going on

    44. David Echavez-Valdez

      The first three hours already look as if there‘s more level variety than all of DOOM 2016.

    45. Ibby

      I like a Jones VO as much as the next guy, but why not have Ben sit with an ally or two and discuss his experience? Ben's enthusiasm is infectious! :)

    46. UziSuicide666

      How does it play on "Hurt me, Daddy" difficulty?

    47. Snowcone Guy

      I love watching Ben play fps with mouse & keyboard.

    48. Marcus Vinicius

      DOOM was an excelent game, but the ID Software finished & destroyed that masterpiece, with JUMPS like Mario Bros... WHAT A MESS.... Never play DOOM again... NEVER AGAIN...

      1. Jooztin

        Doom: *Innovates and evolves in great ways.* Purists: *NEW MACHANICS BAD!!! DOOM RUINED!!!*

    49. Alex Lion

      Looks awesome!

    50. I G

      🔮 9.5 incoming. He'll blame some puzzles for slowing down gameplay and a few technical hiccups. 🔮

    51. Nuno Magalhães

      Another game with a small subtitles and text, WTF.

    52. Rick Porter

      We already know single player will be awesome, but I sure do hope they make multiplayer just as awesome.

    53. Tom Walker

      Would have loved it if this video was more of a conversation

    54. Brandon Murray

      Good god, I'm so pumped for this!

    55. The God RA

      This was a fantastic preview. Man, Brandon Jones’ voice is just magical. Great job from everyone involved! I’m currently playing through Doom 2016 and LOVING it.

    56. Kent Estes

      I wish it wasn't so...glossy.

      1. Jooztin

        Just like my soul.

    57. SecondOpinionMan

      Man agitated skeleton very much looks agitated this time around, and that gibbing is just phenomenal. I cant wait to rip and tear.

    58. Bobby May Cry

      Huge supporter of D00M 2016, and love the franchise (outside the third entry) But something about Eternal seems off, I'm going to hang back and see how it turns out.

      1. Jooztin

        What feels off? I'm curious

    59. library gary

      Never finished DOOM 2016 so I restarted and plan to finish in preparation!

      1. Sergio Next

        Do it. One of the best shooters ever already and Eternal looks even better

    60. PST Hunter

      no Game of the Years this year?