DOOM Eternal - Phobos Gameplay Reveal | PS4



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    The DOOM Slayer takes the battle to Phobos in our gameplay reveal video of DOOM Eternal.
    Unleash your ultimate power fantasy with an arsenal of weapons, including the Super Shotgun's new Meat Hook mod, an extendable blade, and the shoulder-mounted rocket with flame thrower to wreak havoc on Hell's onslaught of demons. Battle against re-imagined classic DOOM demons like the Pain Elemental and Arachnotron across locations like Earth, Phobos, and beyond.
    ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.
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    1. genetenz

      Looks simple and repetitive

    2. Chad A

      The Slayer is not here to save you. He’s only here to destroy them

    3. Saihaj Singh

      Man literally to angry to die

    4. Comrade Seanski

      i like how that demon at the end gets a badass intro like we're not gonna stomp his head in 30 seconds later

    5. Comrade Seanski

      "slayer threat level at max level" *Me who is playing in my underwear while eating chickie tendies*: "myes"

    6. Tim Dinh

      Doom slayer is like John wick when someone kill his pet rabbit

    7. luis perron

      Are the demons fighting each other as well as doom slayer?

    8. João

      0:52 that guy on the left is wicked smaht.

    9. João

      *Warning: The Slayer has entered the Salty Spitoon.*

    10. Mr. Magnificent

      The doom game after this is just you playing as countless different demons and try to survive the doom slayer, but you never win

    11. daryl lim

      "Warning. the slayer has entered the facility." Demons: *"(chuckles.) we're in danger"*

    12. Campbell Harris

      I'd say the intro is probably the best part about this entire video. In 2016, you could only see the reactions of Samuel Hayden (who is emotionally dead) VEGA (literally is AI so doesn't care) and Olivia Pierce (who's just got a massive ego and refuses to accept the slayer's true power). So being able to see the reactions of normal people, and even the badass security guards who fear him, is really satisfying.

    13. Ven Noel

      Demons: ah this is pretty neat. A nice planet. Why do I hear boss music?

    14. Smile Doggo :Lord of Borks

      Demons: these humans are pretty weak *You have alerted the slayer*

    15. Weiland Loveland

      So when the AI says "The Slayer has entered the facility", is she referring to the DOOM Slayer, or the big demon who looks like him in trailer 2?

    16. BRYANbluesky


    17. Eric Daluz

      at 0:51 i like how his buddy just backs away

    18. Niskara

      For Doom guy, this game is an action shoot em up For the demons, it's a survival horror

    19. Andy Nguyen

      Why did the intercom notified the Demons that Doom Slayer was coming? Anyone know the lore behind this?

    20. Gib Ger

      The BFG 10000 is Heavy's new weapon. Costing literal billions to fire once.

    21. Abiz4shiZ

      Imagine being so much of a threat that there are warnings of your presence in a building

    22. A A RON Bradds

      If your close to 2 enemies you should be able to do a double kill

    23. A A RON Bradds

      I know what I'm geeeeeeting

    24. Andruw Gonzales

      Lift guard: You can't.. be.. here.... Doomslayer: So anyways I started blasting

    25. Rizal Asura

      should've just leave the corpses and pieces of dead monsters on the ground rather than make them disappear.

      1. Atrumoris

        Considering body count we're talking about here that would choke any CPU within a minute.

    26. Xavier Lapis

      This game's so christian you slaughter demons on god's will

    27. HeyImCode

      “Warning, the Slayer has entered the Facility.” Demons: *ight im bout to head out.*

    28. Gentlemanly Jerk

      a lot of people talking about how the doomslayer just takes the guys gun and such. It's likely been years since the slayer has done like, ANYTHING other than fight demons. he's not used to asking someone for something, he's just used to taking it

      1. Nerd

        Actually, it's been literal EONS

    29. coto

      Christian thoughts intensifies

    30. Malicant

      If I was making this, the guy whose card he uses would have had pink hair and a pronoun badge.

    31. Curri

      Why do the people fear the guy who kills demons? And what is the bfg aming at?

      1. Curri

        ​@Atrumoris I would probably try to be his friend because he looks friendly with these huge weapons. Btw I played Doom VFR on my PSVR and it was sick, I wish that Doom Eternal also comes out for VR but I also buy it if it doesn't come out for VR.

      2. Atrumoris

        It's. A guy. Who KILLS DEMONS!!! You say you wouldn't find that kind of a guy a bit... comminatory?

    32. Ivin3690

      Everybody gangsta until *THE SLAYER HAS ENTERED THE FACILITY*

    33. Arthur W

      Intro song name?

    34. Mia

      0:37 I'm sure he saw the memories of his whole life at that moment. 0:50 He's like "Bro, no". Then 0:53 "Goodbye my best friend".

    35. David Schmidt

      New theory Chuck Norris is Doom Slayer not wearing his armor

    36. StarwindAmada1

      Slayer enters facility Imp talking to his grandkids: "So anyway we started running..."

    37. Ancap Otaku

      I want this game so badly

    38. Früher

      Guards: HEY, WHO ARE YOU? YOU CAN'T BE HERE! Not a single word: ... Guard: Ok, take my gun but please don't hurt me.

    39. Deniz Atlası

      He is just amazed by the Big F**king Gun at 1:15

    40. Eric Brezosky

      Wow this game looks horrible

    41. learning parkour bigginer

      It annoys me that hese waisting so manny rounds on week enemys

    42. TheMysteriousGamer6

      Doom Slayer: sees BFG 10.000 Also DS: *I gotta get one of those.*

    43. Cool Gamer

      What I’ve gathered about The doom slayers backstory: he was the general of the night sentinels, the night sentinels all died and he waged a one man war against demons for ages, he then killed the titan, he than made a demon blacksmith make the praetor armor, and the preists collapsed a temple down on him and then sealing him in the sarcophagus he wakes up in.

    44. Mik Moen

      I'm kinda more interested in what exactly the BFG is firing at.

    45. Luis Ortiz

      SUPER !

    46. Chris McElroy

      Palpatine I’m going to need that *unlimited power* I’m sorry doomguy here let me give you my fingers too

    47. P MAANN 610

      The Slayer is human but super human he has 24 chromosomes

      1. Atrumoris

        Slayer has Down syndrome?

    48. Sargon

      Well I'm glad the UI is no longer a stupid rainbow.

      1. Shaikh Arham Azhar

        This is a old footage, but I know what you're talking about

    49. doom slayer

      I'm cool aren't i?

    50. RauserCraft525

      Unstoppable trio : 1. Doomslayer 2. John Wick 3. Chuck Norris

    51. m3divh

      I love how he is so scary everyone just looks at him in absolute amazement and at the same time he still cares about humanity enough not to hurt anyone in any way. Not a single word and his whole character just is there for you to amaze in it.

    52. Dank_Souls

      The slayer has entered the facility Demons: *Soft muffled sobbing*

    53. Thanos

      Why shoot the demons When you can beat them to death

    54. long chin man

      doomslayer: *exists* demons current objective: survive

    55. Kenzo Kashima

      DOOM 2016: Show you how to beat up the demon many ways DOOM Eternal: Show you how to cut them cleaner than Gordon with his knife.

    56. Gavin Lavalley

      Demon: *roars while summing flames* The Doom Slayer: That’s cool lemme just get my demonic lightsaber real quick.

    57. arsenic sore


    58. B Millea

      Alex Jones is real doom slayer

    59. Nibun No Ichi

      What if a crossover will happen the demons opens a portal to another universe and that universe is the Crysis universe. Doom Slayer meets Prophet they fight, (ofcourse the Praetor Suit would beat the Nano Suit) then team up to beat the demons and ceph.

    60. XenoplagueDoctor

      6:10 Joel is not happy with this doom wad