DOOM ETERNAL Exclusive NEW Campaign Gameplay


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    Doom Eternal new & exclusive campaign gameplay.
    Jumping in to Exultia to search the forsaken city of Sentinel past to acquire a device that will help locate the remaining priests and save the Earth.
    Doom Eternal is set to be released on March 20 2020 for Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One.
    Thanks to Bethesda UK for getting me hands on with Doom Eternal & letting me share this exclusive gameplay with you.
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    1. Radishman

      2:39 that soundtrack 😍

    2. First Last

      Just release the game already. So many people already playing. Also wish there was more variety to cacodemon and arachnotron glorykills

    3. J Gov

      whoever is playing right now is an absolute bot

    4. Иван Грозный

      no good, playing with a joy stick.

    5. Максим Г.

      So, as I understand, it was King Novik who was delivering opening speech in Doom 2016? The one who said to "Rip and Tear until it is done"?

    6. Tonus313

      needs more chainsaw and flamethrower

    7. A Pall

      This game needs mouse and keyboard!

    8. Heaptitis Zaids

      oh god gettin flashbacks the Dean T half assed gameplay a couple day ago

    9. Seve Hynes30

      I like how while he’s like “hey that’s not yours to take” but like also he can’t really stop him, like there must be a sort of like law that’s just like “listen the slayer usually follows our laws, you can tell him to stop but like just let him do what he wants, unless you think you can stop him

    10. Multifanprotectoroftheidols

      6:26 Doom slayer: "Yeah? Watch me."

    11. Raees Kamaar

      I seriously need to stop watching these videos to avoid even the most minor spoilers. But I can't... I just can't!

    12. MR.Galaxy 264

      doom slayer headquarters. veeery nice

    13. DelasVC

      i can't help it but the still too slow walking speed is a game killer for me (it already was in the first game)..

    14. Aleksei J


      1. Daysn Lucas


    15. Charles Herrick

      Looks like you got some Halo and Half-life in my DOOM. Call me crazy but im not really all that pumped to have more story in DOOM. I just want to rip and tear. If I want story in my shooter I'll go play something else.

      1. Boneless chicken nuggets

        The story is even more backseat than it was in D2016 given the fact that you can skip all cinematics. And most of the meaty story parts are still dumped into the codex.

    16. kyjortin

      His face looks just like the Doom 3 Marine. Is that just me?

    17. Ванька Дуйка

      facking they will change the color of this interface , and then shit .

    18. Frost Bite

      0:57 isn’t that the gauss cannon

      1. Frost Bite

        Grater Good for what the gauss cannon if so the mods are siege mode and precision bolt

      2. Grater Good

        It's the Ballista. Essentially the Gauss cannon of the sentinel warriors (according to the codex entry of the Ballista. It is kind of a Sniper Weapon with the punch of the Gauss weapon) There are two weapon mods. The charged shot that deals ridiculous amounts of damage with a capital D and the... Slayer Blade? Can't remember what it's called, but it is a horizontal line that fires and cuts enemies in half.

    19. Вован Роза

      Doom eternal я жду !👍

    20. Sasuke Uchiha

      This game, has so far, even without me touching it, become my all time favorite FPS, and that honor went to Doom 2016 for a while, but man oh man, this one may become the game i consider "the Best FPS in my lifetime"

    21. Toxic Male

      The virgin motion sensors and artillery vs the Chad doomslayer biceps

    22. BerryMix

      4:46 oh no

    23. JuSt Gaming

      hell yes i want to see more

    24. Rohan Sawarkar

      Wait hold up. The Betrayer said "Hear me out Slayer, when his heart is laid to rest, then his soul will be at peace.... And so will mine." Is he referring to his son a.k.a The Icon Of Sin(which if true would be a boss battle I'm really looking forward to!

      1. ItsBigBoyBess

        So am I :D

      2. Grater Good

        @ItsBigBoyBess Im a different person :D

      3. ItsBigBoyBess

        I know, thats why i said your so smart sarcastically you grass eater

      4. Grater Good

        He is. Remember the giant hand hovering above the Slayer in the Trailer? That is highly speculated to be Icon of Sin with a body (if you compare the head with the one from 2016 you can see why people would think that. I can't think of anything else either, though)

      5. ItsBigBoyBess

        your so smart 😑

    25. Никита Сухопаров

      Would be cool to see the multi-enemy finishers -- imagine two soldiers heads being smashed against each other

      1. Daysn Lucas

        Maybe in Doom 3!

    26. Emir Awadi

      epic and metal !!!

    27. Geralt of Rivia

      Must've been some kind of Badass that guy... to be able to put the Doom Slayer to his knees.

    28. Moon Striker

      Remember this? "John Carmack not only disliked the idea but dismissed the idea of having a story at all: "Story in a game is like story in a porn movie; it's expected to be there, but it's not that important."" It might work, but not sure if I like this skyrim RPG-like direction for doom...

    29. zaki moro

      Glory kills are so fucking good

    30. John Donwood

      So Doom is now Elder Scrolls?

    31. Burnt Drumline Dude

      Can we appreciate how fast the campaign loaded on the first few seconds of the video😂

    32. Nicholas McCarthy

      11:38 "When his heart is laid to rest... then his soul will be at peace. And so will mine." He's talking about his son isn't he. The Icon of Sin. He knows it has to die and that it is his fault. Dude.

      1. Barrythe Speedster

        I forgot for a minute lol

      2. Killer Queen

        yea, and the icon of sin (Original doom 2 boss) has already been leaked as the final boss

      3. Daniloxidado

        @Barrythe Speedster no, the marauder it's not the betrayer's son, the icon of sin is

    33. nippy 31

      Damn I can't wait for this game man hurry the hell up.

    34. Jacob McMahan

      I swear I must have seen the Cacod Demon get his eye ripped out a hundred times by now and that popping noise an expression he makes still doesn't get old.

      1. Daysn Lucas

        And his scream before gibbing is hilarious. You seen the one for the Pain Elemental looking at you in fear before you stick the blade through his eye?

    35. HansLollo

      "Press A" - Aaand I'm gone, bye.

    36. Talion Blackgate

      *see the gameplay* Me: Shut Up and take my money

    37. Hellriegel

      At least you improved from last time, I thought you sucked- but then I saw takahashi’s gameplay, and your faze clan in their Prime compared to him

      1. TommyT999

        Thanks for the feedback!!

    38. Сергей Щерба

      The level design is just cool

    39. MrYodaman90

      I'm really glad the heavy cannon sounds punchier than it did in their Phobos demo, it was clicky as hell back then!

    40. Dalton Williams

      Wish this game had 4 player coop like the og doom games do, that was some of the most fun times with my friends as a kid.

      1. Xscorpio gaming

        Hugh Min who knows dude but hopefully they won’t get greedy

      2. Hugh Min

        @Xscorpio gaming They don't need anymore business, Doom already has tons of loyal fans. Just doesn't make sense why they'd get rid of mp.

      3. Xscorpio gaming

        Hugh Min maybe business reasons maybe marketing reasons something like that for other non doom fans that are already sucked into the regular and brain draining multiplayer like call of duty and what not but we all have our reasons

      4. Hugh Min

        @Xscorpio gaming I meant it as "why would they break from their tradition of releasing games with great single players and even better multiplayers?" I did not mean genre-wide. As for 2016's multiplayer it was designed by the some of the people who worked on halo. And in eternal, it's all ID, y'know, so why should they stop when they have full control?

      5. Xscorpio gaming

        Hugh Min well yea hence “non conventional” part you dense plum, they made a game with no reloading and no sprint button and all that jazz you egg jeez. But no seriously it would be really cool if they redefined the multiplayer again but then again look at doom 2016 multiplayer and how bad of reviews it got (I personally enjoyed it)

    41. Gun Master Ahri 94

      The soundtrack at 4:27 is giving me Korn vibes

      1. DOOM Marauder

        Yeah for a second I thought it was Right Now

    42. Nigel Sheldon

      Controller gameplay. I just always feel that controller gameplay cannot adequately shocase what gameplay can potentiall look like as youre just vastly more effective with a proper mouse and keyboard.

    43. SugaryAshes

      I notice you're playing with a controller. How are the optimisation options? Is it just X axis sensitivity and Y axis sensitivity? Do they have an aim acceleration/smoothing slider like in Doom 2016? Titanfall 2 has yet to be surpassed in terms of available optimisation on a console FPS.

    44. Doom Slayer

      I rather go play cod and fortnite

      1. Doom Slayer

        @Pøwer surge 467 Oh, are you serious! I write such a comment and I don't get harsh replies. Just look at mah user name, I was just trolling.

      2. Pøwer surge 467

        Then you're missing out 😉

    45. Third Street Saints

      Finally some DooM Eternal after yesterday's horrible DeaN Eternal...

      1. ItzEndy27

        Eternal as in "The Eternal suffering he will go through for not knowing to jump over the damn chains."

    46. Pompax

      You realy play in "I'm too young too die" ?

      1. Egg Boy

        @ItzEndy27 There's no point in doing this dumb shit where you say "oh, the game wont be as good on lower difficulties." Some people just don't have the reflexes, or time, to master a game like this. If Id put in a difficulty option (which btw, has been there since the first Doom game), you're obviously allowed to use it. I will be playing on UV, as per usual, but people should pick the difficulty that is right for them. I doubt the other difficulties are afterthoughts, they're probably balanced for the specific skill level they're geared towards.

      2. Moon Moon

        NOOBGUY I only had 20 minutes so this list isn’t super long but here’s what I got that was new. Cacodemon- he lunges forward a considerable distance when he bites. That skill shot lobbing a grenade into his mouth is to counter that since you can’t dodge it without a dash. The range it has is pretty big. Cacodemons can bite you from longer ranges and the range will probably surprise you. To top it all off, it does almost double the damage it used to. He also flies towards other ground demons so that when you fight him, the demons on the ground have a better shot at you. Hell knights - they are a bit faster than they used to be but they are also jumping a lot more. All of the jumps they do, even when getting from place to place, do damage. He often works with the Anaracatron to push you into his grenades. Mancubus - often works with the new shield guy. He’s really slow but has a lot of health so the rocket launcher is the best way to kill him. I forget the name of the new shield guy, but he will wait until you have a shot at the Mancubus and then put a shield right in front of you so you hurt yourself with your rockets. Armor - there isn’t much of it lying around anymore. And there isn’t a rune that give you armor on glory kill. If you want it, the flame Belch is the primary way you will get it. No resource mix-and-matching - you can’t get two recourses from the same action anymore. For example, If you were low health in 2016, chainsawing a demon would give you a little bit of health. In eternal, that doesn’t happen anymore. Another is, if you chainsaw a demon that’s on fire from then flame belch, you will only get armor. Blood punch - this thing is the only thing that staggers any big demon quickly. If you need a demon flinch and get away from him, you will need to use this. It will always void a glory kill if used. There’s what I can think of off the top of my head. My only play session was about 7 months ago. If I think of anything else I’ll edit it, hope you find this interesting.

      3. ItzEndy27

        This is a "Just sayin" to all the people who play Doom 2016 and will play Doom Eternal: You're not going to have as much fun if you play on "Hurt Me Plenty" or "I'm Too Young To Die". you will get the best experience out of the games if you play with at least Ultra-Violence difficulty. That's mostly because if there's no sense of difficulty or some kind of challenge, the action portion of the game will not be as fulfilling or engaging because of how easy it is. (Which the action portions are like 99.9% of the game)

      4. NOOBGUY

        @Moon Moon yeahh sure why not

      5. Moon Moon

        NOOBGUY those are ways to counter the new rules and stuff. Trust me, you’d be surprised at the Cacodemons new bite range, or the hell knights new jump attack. Skill shots and stuff are required of you. You won’t last long without them. Plus damage is raised up by quite a bit. And a lot of the demons tend to work as a team. It’s pretty cool, but there’s so much that’s new that they aren’t talking about, like the demon team combos, that starting to play this game, even if you are a master of the “doom dance,” is a little tricky to get used to. Pretty much every demon, new or old, has a new trick up their sleeve you probably aren’t expecting. It’s a lot to get used to at first. Especially since I only got to play for 20 minutes. If you would like me to tell you any of the new demon team combos or demon attacks or skill shots, I would be happy to.

    47. Hyde the Frog

      I'm eternally grateful for spoiler free content thank you so much!!!

    48. Clayton Lamb

      What a great story.

    49. Trippie

      That menu theme smells like a remake of map 30 from doom 2 :)

    50. jorge cosenza

      Good game, bad gameplay

    51. Wade Scott

      At 13:05 so other players can invade your game???? :OO

      1. Jules 55152

        Yes, but that one at 13:05 is a different mechanic. Empowered demons are demons which has killed other players in their game, said demon may spawn in your game and will become empowered, making it stronger but have way more rewards when killed compared to its normal counterpart.

    52. Gideon Horwitz

      I hope there will be a option to tone down the color layout of the hud I find it distracting

    53. Brolly5

      6:26 Doom Slayer: Wrong.

    54. Rocket To Space

      So the slayer isn’t the Betrayer...that’s strange, I thought he was.

      1. Rocket To Space

        Fwosty Shrakes On the Fortress of Doom, there are plenty of clues showing that the DoomSlayer is Doomguy. For example, the painting of him and his pet rabbit, who was killed by demons. Also his classic suit can be found there.

      2. Fwosty Shrakes

        @Grater Good Oh hey that is a good clue I didn't pick up on

      3. Grater Good

        @Fwosty Shrakes I don't remember in what video it was, but one gameplay showcase gave away one of Vegas voicelines when the Slayer was in the cultist base. He said something to the effect of "There is a weapon of your past" or something like that, referring to him being on earth and his Super Shotgun you get in that level.

      4. Fwosty Shrakes

        @Rocket To Space Wait what does exactly? How so? Personally I like that he's not the Betrayer specifically, I can't reconcile playing the role of a hero if that same hero's backstory entailed selling out his entire people to Hell. Someone else pointed out how it seems like the real Betrayer now spends his time hidden away in shame. But the idea of a protagonist motivated by anger because some demons tricked him doesn't feel like a fulfilling role to me. Also I'm still not so sure about the idea of the new Doom games being in the same continuity as the old ones, or at least the same dimension/ universe, because that would mean Earth has alreafy been invaded once before (Doom 2) & I don't see any signs of that yet lorewise here

      5. Rocket To Space

        Fwosty Shrakes Yeah the theory was that Doomguy from the original and the Slayer were two different people :/ this confirms that he’s the same guy from Doom 1.

    55. Adam Langfelder

      This is beautiful!!!

    56. Erik Brooks

      So is the doom slayer an alien or something?

      1. Fwosty Shrakes

        If he's actually of Night Sentinel descent then more than likely yeah, however it's entirely possible that in the world's lore the Night Sentinels could have come from Earth, or have been the first ones to populate it, given their access to interdimensional slipgate technology. Just my speculation tho

    57. Princess Scarlet

      I'm kinda glad they dropped the whole "story in a game is like story in a porn movie" thing. The story in the context of Doom Eternal seems to like that of a hentai. It's there, you CAN care about it if you so choose. But it ain't what you're there for now is it? ;)

    58. E4-M0NN gaming

      Your doom skills have increased dramatically since your google stadia doom video. Nice video.

    59. MacBurnin' Man 17

      Absolutely love it, look forward to rip and tear. Are you able to give us an insight of some multiplayer action?

      1. Telekinetic Kaiju

        MacBurnin' Man 17 The only multiplayer insight we have right now is the Battlemode trailer they released last year, no other footage has been released... for now.

    60. Reaper 48

      But here's the question why are you playing on I'm too young to die?