DOOM ETERNAL Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - New Exclusive


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    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - DOOM Eternal 2020 NEW Exclusive First Look
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    1. Thomas Nielsen

      This just looks gorgeous, cannot wait to play it 😁

      1. Ben C.

        I'm playing the prequel, and I'm loving it


      Like how the slayer breathes heavily on low health. I hope pain grunts can be activated like it was there in E3. Liked that callback to the classics.

    3. Birdy


    4. secretRBRman

      the only thing i like is the level design. weapon art looks like shit, and i say it again like doom 2016, its doom cod edition. fancy graphics cant hide shit fam.

    5. Aran Erem

      I am excited

    6. bioshock 69

      This is not the true doom how it should of been its nothing like the classic doom it dont play like doom or feel like doom the only thing about this is how amazingly the graphics are

      1. Jdniscool

        bioshock 69 gonna be honest, I expected you to not be courteous in your reply.

      2. bioshock 69

        @Jdniscool i like to be the boomer doomer lol

      3. Jdniscool

        lol, ok boomer-doomer.

    7. Charlie James

      I am hooked ...I can't wait to get this game...

    8. Nick

      Bethesda is the one presenting the game they didn't develop it

    9. Jesse Oregel

      hope you can do more videos you have a great eye thats the thing that happens when i watch jack or mark play games with secrets they never see them

    10. Scott Bryant

      this is not you playing .. dont lie to your fans.. lol

    11. Jennifer

      Really going good to watch you play this, I have the first doom and did finishes it but had help. Haha

    12. A GH

      I feel like doom eternal doesn't have enough blood in it

    13. SCARFACE

      My god that's some juicy footage

    14. Glenn Sweetman

      The average productivity of the whole world will drop when this finally gets released. Lot of sick days. Good job that virus is doing the rounds as a cover.

      1. Critically Conk

        I will purposely stand in line and conceive Corona for the sake of getting Doom Eternal

    15. Nazrul Ongkon

      man when will you stop sucking

    16. jesse selinger

      Is their a competive aspect to this game? Track your kills? See whose top place?

      1. Alex Wolfe

        It will have a multiplayer mode. As for a score tracker in the campaign, the last one didn't have one but it is possible

    17. Troy Fowler

      More videos keep it up

    18. SugaryAshes

      I notice you're playing with a controller. How are the optimisation options? Is it just X axis sensitivity and Y axis sensitivity? Do they have an aim acceleration/smoothing slider like in Doom 2016? Titanfall 2 has yet to be surpassed in terms of available optimisation on a console FPS.

    19. PsychicSploob

      The amount of time it must have taken to perfectly capture the DOOM vibe must have been astronomical.

    20. Captain Gr00vy

      Doom Eternal isn't a Bethesda game its an ID game

    21. Colonel Sanders

      Bethesda are still trash. ID Software made Doom Eternal.

    22. john gray



      Do where exactly is stage 1? Earth?

    24. Nle Wav3y

      More game play

    25. Alan Garner

      Also i hope theres an option to turn of X-ray vision

    26. Takehaya Kagami

      I wonder if this series is the sequel from previous one

    27. Ahmed Al-Ebrashy

      9:31 Doom Guy is Lionel Messi.

    28. Magnetite 02

      Dude play on normal is yawn. Challenge your self. Have a go. Normal is like taking the dog for a walk. I uploaded the previous game on nightmare. Once you get used to it you won't go back. cheers

    29. Cammymiles2 Miles

      Please please please more gameplay lol can't wait till u do full series

    30. Juckey

      3:57 id Software, you mean? There is a big difference between developer and publisher.

      1. Juckey

        @DankMcStank Yep, it's so irritating. No one would thank the record studio instead of the actual artists, because those are the ones who did the actual creative work.

      2. DankMcStank

        Was gonna comment this but tbh I got tired of spamming it everywhere. Bethesda keeps stealing id's spotlight with this game...

    31. Zach Campbell

      I can't wait to get doom eternal on ps4 in 2021.

    32. Mike Liberzon

      Wait , i just saw a gameplay of eternal , its actually the same gameplay as yours but without comentery , are you sure this gameplay is yours ? And its almost the same thumbnail as the other gameplay AND THE SAME TITLE , SEARCH 15 MINS OF DOOM ETERNAL GAMEPLAY , AND FIND THE SAME THING BUT WITHOUT COMENTERY , im confused

      1. Scott Bryant

        yeah its not his .. this is from the game makers themselves..

    33. Jose Cortes

      There was no dash in the last game.

    34. Mid Air

      The weapon design is so sexy, they now look even more beefy than in doom 2016. Love it.

    35. I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt

      Deontay wilder punch looool.

    36. Max Spy

      I want to play doom but it isn't in my country store

    37. Max Spy

      I thought it comes out in March

    38. Derek La

      There wasn't a dash in the last game. You're thinking of double jump. The dash is new.

    39. 1911A1lover 45


    40. ItsTimeToPlay

      Doom is my jam time to go beast mode 😈

    41. Lone Wolf Jet Jet

      Doom + gore + weapons × extremely dangerous = let's go out in a pure badass stautes and taking out monsters/demons Doom is where the veteran dogs play at

      1. MageBurger

        0:12 And where the veteran dogs quite literally live apparently

    42. 22njo22 22njo22


    43. Kris A

      Doom, Quake & Unreal - if only they were all out at the same time! Damned Fortnite shite!

    44. 겐트혐오옵치사랑.

      We want play demo!!!!

    45. Jourdan Dewey

      C'mon Bethesda, let Scott play more.

    46. sammuelkain

      Better than Tennis AO but worst than others, like NfsU2 & Heat! 😉

    47. Øyvind Hanstad

      Hell yeah😀😀🤟🤟

    48. Hansiwansi

      Yeah, this will be a good second part of Doom! Cant wait to play it ,... Eternal!

    49. Daniel Bolin

      I mean, I'm always happy for a new doom game but based on the trailer and this footage, I prefer the 2016 game. This feels a little too "overwatch/fornitey" with the super bright neon/cartoony pickups. And I wish they hadn't put in the hit tracker; clutters up the screen and lessens the fear/panic from not knowing where you're getting hit from. The 2016 release had a much darker, gritty, claustrophobic feel to it and this just seems like they made it campy/cartoony. Don't get me wrong, I'll still probably get it, but it won't have the same appeal as the 2016 one did for me.

      1. Daniel Bolin

        @Marvin Schön Thanks for the reply! Another person said that a lot of the things I didn't like were because it wasn't the final build of the game and they didn't want to give away everything so here's hoping the blinding screen clutter is part of that lol. Have a great day!

      2. Marvin Schön

        The HUD is customizable. They had a stream celebrating DOOMs 26th anniversary a little while back and they showed some of it. You'll be able to change the colours and enable/disable numerous elements to your liking. I personally like most of the HUD because of the information it gives you. Hope this helped! :)

      3. Daniel Bolin

        @Cole Durham Thank you for taking the time to send this very informative reply. Usually people in the YT comments section are, well... :) but you sound like an awesome human being. Hope things are going well for you and have a great day!

      4. Cole Durham

        @Daniel Bolin I think Hugo mentioned in a stream or a video somewhere that the pickups will be different in the full release of the game. I believe they made it different for the demos at Quakecon and the most recent event. Probably because getting those weapons contain spoilers to the story is my guess. And if it's as customizable as they claim to it to be, which is highly likely, then you should be able to change stuff like that fairly easy in the settings menu. I don't blame you, man. I had the same feeling when the first trailer dropped. Then I looked up stuff on FRsel and on the internet and discovered that there will be a ton of customization. If I were you, I'd wait for the game to drop so you can check out all the details but definitely buy the game eventually. I think it will definitely worth the full price.

      5. Daniel Bolin

        @Cole Durham hopefully they do but it's mostly things like the weapons themselves that instead of being a weapon just laying there, it's a neon green icon floating in front of you. And the armor/life pickups look like they turned the saturation up to 11 and broke off the knob lol. I don't mind the colors, just that they are glaring and make it feel more arcade-y than before.

    50. hammersreviews

      A Quake & Quake 2 remastered would be great aswell

    51. evilwalks 1992

      Never played doom before

    52. • Nathaniel •

      Is it just me, or does King Novic sound like the guy in the beginning of DOOM 2016 saying the they are rage but?

      1. gsomslayer

        @VEGITO BLUE in the bible, the seraphim are high ranking angels. im assuming they'll be the same in DOOM

      2. VEGITO BLUE

        @Hoovy but I still think he said this to the Slayer while giving him his blessing like a pep talk before the powerup

      3. VEGITO BLUE

        @Hoovy it doesn't sound like the seraphim to discourage him so yeah that makes sense that he is not the one from the trailer.

      4. Hoovy

        @VEGITO BLUE Nobody know but perhaps yes, he is the hooded figure

      5. VEGITO BLUE

        @Hoovy so who is the seraphim? The hooded figure? He was there in the cover art though

    53. J Hehl

      So jelly right now that you got to enjoy the destructive guns of the Doom Slayer 😭 Please show up the rest of what you did...

    54. the steelkeeper

      i Love this but i believe 76 deserves a remake or reboot later when they fix their bull

    55. bryce donelan

      You got a sub, cant wait to see more epic DOOM ETERNAL GAME PLAY!!!!! Got the Digital pre order Deluxe edition for Xbox One!!!!

    56. Liam Jenkins

      I want more I want more

    57. Ritchie Kilsby

      I still play the original doom to this day lol

    58. tevin durrant

      More bro more !!!!!!

    59. Mason Wright

      Nobody is playing the game

      1. Mid Air

        Well duh, its not out yet, you genius.

    60. Camouflage Fensky

      I have Doom 3 and I played it to completion in my spare time :3