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Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks

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    Watch the all-new official trailer and RAZE HELL when DOOM Eternal launches on 03.20.20.
    Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity.
    The only thing they fear... is you.
    Pre-Order DOOM Eternal to get a free digital download of DOOM 64. Pre-orders of DOOM Eternal also include the Rip and Tear Pack, which comes with:
    - DOOT Revenant Skin
    - Cultist Base Master Level
    - Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin
    Join the Slayers Club, the official DOOM fan club, at for exclusive rewards.
    For more information on DOOM Eternal, follow these channels:
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    ESRB RATING: Mature for Blood and Gore and Intense Violence.

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    1. Bethesda Softworks

      Are you ready? DOOM Eternal arrives March 20, 2020!

      1. Adam Nowaczek

        Bethesda Softworks apka

      2. Solo Marques

        hell fricken yes

      3. aariyan khan

        How each time you make us feel more badass

      4. memeizzz

        yeah HELL

      5. Nintendo Kid

        I SURE AM!!!

    2. Paradime

      Anyone else notice that chain-axe & shield wielding demon that looked like a bulkier mancubus with tusks?

    3. Rick Magno


    4. TrueBeachBoy

      So glad to finally see a good Bethesda game since *checks watch* 2016

    5. Daromir Firunsson

      Demons went to earth because DOOM slayer was sent to hell.

    6. alex pattas

      The 659 dislikes be like "omg this games is so bad"

    7. Mercutio Escalus

      Had to cleanse my mind after the tv spot

    8. Derethevil

      Had to come back to this, after that pesky TV spot tainted DOOM with that bullshit music.

    9. Alex Gamer

      Marauder : You're nothing but a usurper, a false idol. Doom guy : *Take the BFG 9000.* And you are dust in 5 seconds. Marauder : *Proceed to close the game.*

    10. Mr. M3ap

      I like this trailer better than the official tv spot

    11. KillerOne1234

      It has been a while since i replayed some trailer like 100 times because i am so hyped... Can this release already? XD

    12. ChaosCarl

      Rip and Tear until it is done

    13. Jérémie NGUYEN


    14. Deltarune Jevil

      Poor Samuel

    15. ArkonBlade

      So how badly broken and buggy is this going to be? oh and how long till you go back on that promise of no MTX in DOOM? 2 to 3 months?


      Just realised that the one saying that there are those who seek to stop this and the one talking about the burden are two different people. The first voice is the betrayer the second could be the seraphim as he is also seen in the cover art. Plus his voice matches the rage brutal opening lines from 2016

    17. jon l

      Me: "How are they going to top Doom 2016?" ID : *Makes best first person shooter ever* Me: "Holy god, yes!"

    18. Максим Лебедев

      I was always wondering: what will happen if the Doomslayer and Dante work together?

    19. Максим Лебедев

      2:04 I'm touching myself

    20. Josh Maine

      That scene of Samuel Hayden is STRAIGHT from Robocop 2. They even talked about Robocops influence in the first game. There is no doubt in my mind that Robocop 2 was talked about during the making of that scene.

    21. Grrizz

      Just stopping by to wash that naff rap TV spot out of my mind 😜

      1. Brandon Lyons

        I watched a video where some dude put Mick's soundtrack in place of the rap shit, sounds good. But then I watched the actual TV spot trailer and wondered who the moron is that allowed that to be made and released.

    22. Bryan M

      Man i love that dark heavy metal music cant wait to get my hands on that collectors edition

    23. Jooztin

      Came back to this trailer after the horrible new one they created.

    24. Kyle Brock

      Bethesda give us back our steam games on GFN!

    25. Олександр Рус

      Music good!

    26. Michael Green

      Hope easy mode is actually easy this time. Enemies massively overpowered. Players weapons massively underpowered. A rocket launcher shouldn't feel like a pea shooter!

    27. unum

      Not a "Doom"

    28. counter Chaos

      I hate game designers and the kids that make these games. y'all went backwards on doom and took out snap map and the classic multiplayer that made it an arcade shooter at its finest with glory kills an your friend in PvP and coop on snap map y'all fucked up. The game modes y'all have BATTLEMODES, it's going to die off quickly. no progression system, I'm actually mad Imma play this for a week an not play it again because y'all took away original pvp and the new snap map from doom 2016. Game designer need to learn how to add stuff on to the next generation title they have Instead of taking things away to add stuff you could add on as a dlc, later that year.The push back from November to march was not worth the wait an the game didn't come out yet if no one else sees what game company's are doing instead of trying to make spaces in there games then we are fucked forever an they will forever hire shit people an have terrible games that don't exceed our expectations.

    29. AnimeStep Field

      Dante: Devil May Cry Doomguy: DEVIL WILL FUKIN CRY!

    30. Ryan Wardell


    31. Ryan Scott

      Why change the music?

    32. Paulrus Tusk

      God I just came from the TV spot trailer… Needed something to wash the horrible taste of shite out my mouth after listening to that… Feeling much better now

    33. Utsuho Reiuji

      Maykers: Who are you, a human, to defy OUR traditions? The Slayer: *stands up* Maykers: Understandable, have a good day.

    34. Doom Slayer

      christians back in the 90s: doom is a demon game and is hurting christians now: doom is the most christian game ever

    35. Rhesanly Ukab Stanley

      Who came back here, after that horrible tv spot trailer

    36. Just some Facts

      The Doomslayer is now the Godslayer

    37. 이름안정함

      I was back to this trailer because of the tv spot's trailer

    38. Sükänmi Böllzäcck

      If this game succumbs to the fate of *other* games released by Bethesda in recent years, I'm gonna be fucking pissed

    39. Andrew Lee

      Doomguy gets a sword Deus vult mutherfuckers

    40. Nico Ventura

      "Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... Only you."

    41. Daniel Scholz

      The comments on this trailer are like the things of legends

    42. Sacky Kai

      will Isabelle be there?

    43. Lars Jørgensen

      game takes place after Trumps reelection.

    44. iRock

      I'm so hard 😭😭😭🥴🥴🥴

    45. Pretty Khaleesi

      What's the song playing in the trailer?

    46. Zach Schmitz


    47. moongls

      I still get goose bumps watching this

    48. DrRickyMan115

      It was cool to hear Samuel Hayden again

    49. Been Reckless

      Had to come back and wash the taste of that new “tv spot” out of my mouth

      1. Иван Киселев

        Been Reckless true story, I felt that

    50. Rohan Singh

      They couldn't make this the TV spot because it was way too metal for the general public

    51. Bonnie cz

      ohhh This oughta be gooood...

    52. Harry Lu

      Orisa died at the end

    53. Racist Chicken

      Why the fuck does this have 600 dislikes? Must be demons.

    54. Kermit 5

      Hugo Martin is the best thing to ID after the two Johns.

    55. Paul Cabania

      "Who are you to defy our tradition?" *Doomslayer:pumps shotgun*

    56. RockCave 69

      Who else came back to the this trailer because the latest one was trash

      1. Jonah Raffaut

        I did

      2. Schnittertm1

        I certainly did, I need my metal fix.

    57. Wantedlemon

      Hey you, yes you, you came here to wash out that disgusting taste that was left after that tv spot trailer huh well so did i.

    58. TOY The Gamer

      I LOVE how this game is kicking against the trend of political correctness (with making fun of identity politics and how SJWs want to destroy entertainment with their agendas). id Software instantly gained my respect.

      1. Stalker Von Neuman

        @Mister Fire Tango yes, you're idiot.

      2. Mister Fire Tango


    59. Godhatesfatpeople

      Had to rewatch this after the new dog shit TV spot trailer. Feel better now, thanks.

    60. Dawid Sosnowski

      expressing dissatisfaction with Bethesda on their support after buying a game just because it was available to play on GeForce NOW and then not being able to play it after they removed it = having you account deleted -> BEST 40$ spent to find out what a BS firm they are and never buying their games again PRICELESS