Doom Eternal Preview - You Are NOT Prepared For This!


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    Doom Eternal is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks.

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    1. Indeimaus

      It's going to be a long 8 weeks

      1. CaptainSky

        4 weeks

      2. L Lawliet

        6 weeks

      3. The DOOM Slayer

        @The Eiszeitmann You can skip cutscenes. .-.

      4. Michael Anderson

        A long (as of this comment two weeks later) 6 weeks and 5 days for you to put out. The video.

      5. One Billion Caring Mums

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    2. Jordan Bauer

      idk why but seeing the cacodemons having their eyes torn out makes me feel bad for them somewhat

    3. Ilya Kuznetsov

      Doom eternal tries to feel more like an arcade. That explains unrealistic parts.

    4. WorthlessDeadEnd

      I wonder if they'll make you play as a rogue demon who fights against his bretheren, like when you played as the Arbiter in Halo 2.

    5. Boddhi

      Thanks for also making clear about details like new key bindings! Great vid.

    6. The SUPER Show

      The look in his eyes when you picked up the powerup... terrifying! He has the look of someone that has been waiting too long for a game to come out...

    7. Michael Green

      Hope easy mode is actually easy this time. Enemies massively overpowered. Players weapons massively underpowered. A rocket launcher shouldn't feel like a pea shooter!

    8. Mortified Max

      they need to stop with the cringe lore

    9. Trent Coleman

      Friends is much better than Seinfeld

    10. Matthew Stephens

      I guess I should get around to beating doom 2016 now haha

    11. wearwolf420 PSN#codeguess

      The real question is... new game plus?

    12. Eat your cereal

      SAYS YOU

    13. Roderick Treadaway

      This is gonna be like an FPS version of Diablo. Except instead of Heaven being destroyed, it's Earth.

    14. DaNes200581

      I don't like what I saw about this game. I don't want Super Doom Bros. I think I will pass on this.

    15. iRememberY0U

      07:05 that's a lie. Sure it's gonna be good, but damn man, Titanfall 2 has the movement system. Period.

    16. Ali AlMarhoun

      Oh boy, here I go playing DOOM again

    17. eric phung

      0:52 that analogy has nothing to do with what you are talking about here lmfao 😂 🤣🤣🤣😂

    18. Mad Society20294

      I'm excited for this game going to try to get the unmaker gun. I'm also excited that there is going to be dlc for the campaign

    19. Andreas Liosatos


    20. Deroside

      I was having a crappy day myself dude, 100% understandable for sure, anyway not long now mate

    21. Josh F

      Still not sure about the art style but I'm sure I'll get over it. 2016 was great.

    22. WillWhiskey

      anyone else just dont want the slayers face to be more visible? why? why the fuck would people want that? the 2016 reboot could've made the visor completly black and eternal could give us more teases but never as much as it shows now trough the current visor i DONT want to see his face because i like to compare him to the likes of dredd from 2013 who never takes off his helmet or pyro from TF2 we still dont know who or what he is or smoke from rainbow siex siege i like that mystery its a nice way o create speculations and god damn it even reaper form overwatch could've had a cool unknown visage going on but blizzard those dumb fucks just had to reveal his face trough artworks and skins...

    23. Steffen Stengård Villadsen

      Look really cool. My main concern after seeing is that it seems a bit advanced, compared to just fast paced action (like quake3). If it all feel intuitive i do not think it will be a problem.

    24. Sonny Crockett

      If I'm not prepared then I wouldn't have fuckin pre-ordered it bitch.

    25. Tuukka

      Friends is better than seinfeld.

    26. Villager McVillage

      Prepare yourself everyone, less than a month left!

    27. lifebarier

      I wish they made linux version too... Also, what about multiplayer? FFA without loadouts on launch?

    28. Mdxfiend

      lol why are you talking about the keybinds as if we cant change them?

    29. kid Lifted

      I don’t even care the platforming looks doooope!!

    30. Justin Cody

      I've have never played a doom game in my life. You have got me so hyped for this game though! I'm probably gonna get doom 2016 just so I can get the story down

    31. Veg Bytes

      I absolutely LOVED Doom'16, it felt like "Doom", but was so much more. From what I'm seeing of the current (and I'm sure "release" version), it looks like an almost hybrid of Doom and Rage2, I'm not liking the overblown pink/green Rage2 color schemes, I was hoping to stay dark and gritty but whatever, I'm going to get this and it will be one of my favorites I have no doubt.

    32. Rob-Bot

      So once again, Doom is redefining the entire genre. Hell yeah.

    33. Mike S

      Great looking game, but personally, I think it's too colorful and cartooney.

    34. Daniel Beharry

      Back for my daily viewing.

    35. genangar games

      But but.... friends is better then sienfield, yes that’s what I took from this video lol.

    36. Don Kapsalon

      The multiplayer better be goooood

    37. Rickenewyork

      They delayed it so it cane be the best game of the decade 💪

    38. Green dude

      Who ever didn't like glory kills in the last one can suck it if you ask me. It's Doom never played the others then you know nothing about doom.

    39. Tommy Verge

      Friends is bearable... it can be watched... it is better than seinfeld.. sincerely from NYC

    40. Bill Trevino

      Doom (2016)'s are style felt more like doom 3 with darker environments and a more realistic style while Doom Eternal's are style looks more like classic doom.

    41. Relius Mattox

      For the 2 time hell is on earth

    42. Formula Bruv

      Not having co-op really sucks.

    43. Matthew Stewart

      besides the random floating platforms in hell.. this looks ridiculous

    44. Angel Miranda

      we don't need a face reveal just go look at his face in the old doom games.

    45. Mansoor Hameed

      Markiplier was for sure not ready for this lol!

    46. Jeffrey Holub

      Does the Betrayer have the same voice as Kratos?

    47. Quicksilver_Cookie

      Oh, trust me. I'm so ready for this.

    48. Arctos

      Probably gonna get crucified for this comment, but this game kinda puts a lot of roadblocks in the way of ripping and tearing. It almost seems like it requires too much strategy. I loved Doom 2016 because I could mindlessly kill with rage and precision, but now I feel like the slayer has to survive instead of slay. I just really hope the combat doesn't seem too far off from what we know and love.

    49. TacoBird76

      Rip Nintendo switch graphics

    50. joedatius

      As much as im sure the game is gonna be great I kind of find it hard to live up to gmans hype. I think it takes a lot more to have a game be as impactful to the industry and genre as the games he compared it to. Honestly the idea of DOOM making all other FPS games bad is just close minded and foolish, these days all kinds of FPS games are made for different tastes and audiences and i think that's for the best. DOOM just doesn't need to compared to other completely different types of shooters that's like comparing devil may cry and dark souls because they're thirds person action games with melee combat

    51. bryce donelan

      3:34 OMFG!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    52. bryce donelan

      1:26 Im ready to RIP AND TEAR TILL ITS DONE!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!

    53. Balázs Fényes

      His face is not a big deal, even demigods have the face of a human being. I dont see such a big deal of him having or not having his helmet on. Noone really cares, all we care about is how we can rip and tear demon's face off.

    54. Jason Clawson

      3:24 Wait, did Slayer just growled at that guy?

    55. Dean Britton

      Friends better than Seinfeld - Tell her shes dreaming.

    56. BA demon

      Doom is back

    57. Anthony Campos

      if you honestly thing this game has some of the best movement mechanics of any FPS then you really gotta play Titanfall 2

    58. Mikey Estrada

      Im pretty prepared trust me

    59. Jacob Sims

      did.. did gman just compare this to half life? this is going to be a fucking phenomenal game.

    60. bloop gaming penguin

      I'm a hurt me plenty person