DOOM ETERNAL Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [4K 60FPS PC] - No Commentary



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    Doom Eternal Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Doom Eternal Gameplay on PC. This Doom Eternal Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on PC while being upscaled to 4K 60FPS and will include the full game, all endings and all boss fights.
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    Thanks to Bethesda for inviting me out to their event to play Doom Eternal early!
    As the DOOM Slayer, you return to find Earth has suffered a demonic invasion. Raze Hell and discover the Slayer’s origins and his enduring mission to rip and tear until it is done. Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as you battle your way across dimensions with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat. Developed by id Software, Doom Eternal is powered by idTech 7 and set to an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, DOOM Eternal puts you in control of the unstoppable DOOM Slayer as you blow apart new and classic demons with powerful weapons in unbelievable and never-before-seen worlds.
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    1. MKIceAndFire

      Part 2 - Thanks to Bethesda for inviting me out to their event to play Doom Eternal early! Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you know when the next video goes live! The video was captured at 1080p 60fps since that's what they allowed at the event, but I've upscaled it to 4K so it looks much nicer on FRsel! I got to play around 4 hours of the game at the event, it was amazing! Can't wait for the full game!

      1. LegendPlays93

        @Devon White 😁



      3. Daniel zamfirov

        Also, the game is awesome! I'm jealous, because you got to play the demo. Can't wait til' the release and buy the game! (I've played DOOM 2016).

      4. Daniel zamfirov

        Is Mick Gordon the composer? If yes, that's nice!

      5. Emilio Cantu

        @Dante's Inferno that was single player that's how you get the super shotgun it's probably not the only demon possession I'm guessing

    2. kyjortin

      Seeing other people play doom makes me realize how much i need an early copy to REALLY show off the game and what you can do.

    3. Robert Chesley




    5. PVN NVP

      and mohawk blonde goatee blonde wise neonazi southerner elder, netflix-bad ass. it's pre-alpha, yes?

    6. PVN NVP

      this looks cartoonish. it's alpha?

    7. cofiking23

      Even though it looks astonishing i don't feel that claustrophobic paranoid feeling I got from the original doom games. There is so much space to jump, to climb, you can almost fly in this game, where in the original you were usually confined to a box with hordes of demons coming from every corner. That feeling of being so close to monsters with no means of escape was really scary back then, even though you were still able to destroy them. Another thing I noticed is the lack of screams and growls coming from the monsters. That amplified that nauseous feeling where you can hear them, almost smell them when they are close. Even the doom slayer made human grunts and sounds of pain that made him vulnerable. Here this guy doesn't even feel human at all. Just a mindless killing machine that never utters a word, apart from some pain cries when hurt. I would make him more human just by adding a voice to him. Grunting, breathing heavy, maybe even an occasional battle cry when doing a glory kill. Turn the volume up for the monsters and their viscous screams so we can hear them, not just see them. This will balance out the superb graphics with the sense of sound, cause right now its 80% graphics and 20% sound, not including the music. So this is a different game, they wanted to explore different mechanics apart from the originals style. If they want to stay true to the original they will have to confine the slayer to box level designs so we can feel trapped. Battle mechanics in this kind of place might be rolling on the ground, breaking walls or floors to escape certain areas, jumping over demons or pushing them etc. That's my 2 cents.

    8. 제임슨조지

      홀리싯!!!!왓도 혹!!!!!! 옹마깡!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Revidex Serrano Deadsarwin503

      Doom Eternal its not a game that i say “i want it cause it looks cool”ita a game that i say”i NEEEEEEEEEED that in my play”

    10. Gamerch Music and Play

      3:35 zombie death sounds from Brutal Doom?

    11. galih pratama

      Man a they're really get a lot inspired from doom moders community, and i'm glad they did that because it showing the dev were actually really care againts the doom fanbase all this time. Much respect.

    12. Alyssa Buenaventura

      0:32 so that guy turned into a demon an enemy on the new doom game

    13. Hattan AlShutaifi

      It good to hear Vega again

    14. Raptor Primal

      I hope the dash noise is toggleable. That can be real annoying during combat

    15. Zeed

      It only seems fitting that the Doomguy can demonically possess demons.

    16. Chris G

      Fuck you for getting to play this. Thirty years waiting for a remake and who would've thought the last month was the worst part? I know I dont mean it and I apologize a month from now.

    17. nightblade 2.0

      It was hard even understanding any fighting

    18. Max4Million

      Reminds me of gears

    19. Kass

      Finally I can use the 4k feature in my device

    20. Mau Vasconcellos

      Why is this video already starting INSIDE the game level? How about the entrance, first steps and such?

    21. Abtin

      Thanks for that walkthrough, it was a good ride :) Question : what difficulty is it set on ?

      1. LegendPlays93

        I think easy mode

    22. ondrejkarol

      Where is the beginning ? ...

    23. Dark Shadow


    24. eefalzer

      I like the dopefish!

    25. Mimi Heikkinen

      Backround music is good in that demon fight

    26. SonnyTheGamer

      10:52 nice one ID software LAMO.

    27. Michael Velasco-Camacho

      3:55 which song is this, sounds amazing!

    28. McCool117

      So disappointed you didn't take 30 mins to get past the chain

    29. Sinjin Reed

      This is giving me _Wolfenstein: The New Colossus_ vibes. That's not good.

    30. alex hutchings

      The guy he talks to at the beginning will end up being the marauder. Just a theory. After you kill the khan maker...

    31. Angel Alcudia

      VG eso es mucho para mi

    32. Jordan Keeton

      This feels like a more realistic Mario game and now I kind of want that to be a bit like this

    33. M3Studios Official

      10:20 that face you make when your wife realizes you didnt take out the trash and the garbage truck is picking the neighbor's can.

    34. kelvin fennell\

      Doom guy: Master Chief:

    35. AR Critic

      I didn't plan to get it but after seeing this gameplay video, ooh boy it changed my mind, looks awesome!

    36. Ištvan Fekete

      Not gonna lie, you kinda suck at this game. But keep on man

    37. Dead Theories

      Big F.G 9000

    38. Luke Williamson


    39. AlbertoBO5

      i don't like the shotgun sound :(

    40. Josh Salvador

      Doom guy: i used the demons to destroy the demons

    41. dodo2208

      the climbing animation looks so dull xD but it is what it is nice game until the big games release either their dlcs or get released , looking at you cyberpunk 2077, dying light 2 , borderlands 3 ( expansions )

    42. Dr. Headroom.


    43. apóvlitos

      Wait until midnight sees this

    44. Urban RoninX

      out of everything I saw, the game looks awesome. Apparently Bethesda took some cues from Mario bros with the spinning flaming chains, lol

    45. LaserfaceJones


    46. cz productions

      Hey I never played this game but it looks interesting af. I played halo and it looked similar but a lot more different mechanics. Can someone tell me how fun the game is and if the game is definitely worth buying?

      1. Boneless chicken nuggets

        In many ways yes, it’s a wonderful uncompromising gameplay experience dedicated completely to fun. Story wise, most of it takes the backseat in order to not distract from the gameplay. I would advise playing Doom 2016 first, since Eternal it’s a sequel, it will give you a better perspective.

    47. Svetoslav Ivanov

      this doesnt give the feel that the last doom gives, this feels kinda cash graby graby

      1. Boneless chicken nuggets

        How so?

    48. Emanon

      is there a way to turn off the chainsaw animation? wtf ever happened to good 'ol choppin in real time?!!

      1. Boneless chicken nuggets

        Nope, it behaves exactly the same as the one in 2016

    49. sam bana

      This is like super mario doom

    50. Elijjah Ragas

      Why is ur pc olny getting 60 fps?

    51. Мизер Часбер


    52. Nightquaker

      2:40 Super Slayer Bros.

    53. Tunasub Backwards

      Almost had a seizure, but ima okay. Too much for this tunasub

    54. Help me reach 420 Subscribers

      Demons: exist Doom Slayer: *_W E C A N T E X P E C T G O D T O D O A L L T H E W O R K_*

    55. Cytron1515

      10:43... what is that... beneath the arctic water? I can't quite make out if that's a giant dead sea creature or just some shallow land mass. The Doom Slayer is moving too fast but...

      1. Boneless chicken nuggets

        It’s an eater egg, that’s Dope Fish an enemy in Commander Keen. There’s a lot of those in Doom 2016 btw

    56. Happy Meme

      Actions speak more than words

    57. Vuckoland Vučko

      FOV is bad

    58. lucan valerius

      This game will definitely make other popular fps shooter games look like shit

    59. FajarDian Rakha

      "Infiltrate the cultist base" More like "Blast your way into the cultist base"

      1. FajarDian Rakha

        @Luiginoid Tank well no, but actually, yes

      2. Luiginoid Tank

        *finishes ripping apart another demon cultist* wait those aren't the same thing?

    60. Kane Animation

      That's crazy!