DOOM ETERNAL Trailer (The Game Awards 2019)



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    DOOM ETERNAL Trailer (The Game Awards 2019)

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    1. Baloo

      No actual Tirant in Taras Nabad. Terrible false advertisement 0/10.

    2. Ulisses Hoill

      I need to now if the song used in this is an official track!!!

    3. KNZ Sfinx

      whats the song name plz

    4. Springlocker25

      What happened to the music used in this trailer? The last beats are quite clearly from Gladiator, but the Doom 3 intro music isn’t anywhere in the game.

    5. Victor Ricardo Garcia Martinez

      Que Sony comprase los derechos de Metroid(Samus) y re hacer la saga Prime para PS4 pro

    6. ruktuMonsu

      66.6k subs

    7. Dondlo

      Demons:will game gets delayed again?

    8. cali boiii1

      Doom eternal not in 2019 hes on 2020

    9. If You've Missed It...

      Get some!

    10. Christian Chavez


    11. Hattan AlShutaifi

      I hope doom eternal will surpassed our expectations and live up to our hype

    12. Future hero

      *unholy laughter*

    13. Arctic- Vile

      Remember when some people flipped their shit because they couldn't see the Slayer's eyes behind his visor?

    14. Awesome_Sac_Boi

      Just a couple of months! I’m so excited for this game!

    15. David Durham

      WHO WOULD WIN: -The literal immortal legion of the ultimate evil, the devourers of great swathes of time and space itself Or -one angery boi

    16. Nabroc

      Cant fucking wait, man. Im so stoked. My whole year is gonna fly by cause ill be playing this game lmao.

    17. Elias Dailey

      *See’s video* Well, here we go again *unzips pants*

      1. NOOBGUY

        Is that a Crucible in your pants or are just excited after seeing this trailer

    18. Games For Cykits

      Love it very dope happy new year all, let’s rip and tare

    19. E4-M0NN gaming

      If this isn’t game of the year 2020 I’m gonna be angery

      1. TacoForce5

        J Foster this game will completely evolve the rebirth of the FPS that doom 2016 brought. its competition will only come from doom being less popular than cyberpunk or the ffvii remake

      2. J Foster

        Why? Lots of good games are coming out in 2020

    20. Alternate

      Season Pass, Pre-Order "bonus" and MTX. No thank you Bethesda

      1. TacoForce5

        it’ll have DLC, but it’ll be CAMPAIGN DLC. even then, the game will be 20 hours long anyway.

      2. Coffee & Doom

        You do realise id Software are the devs and not bEthESdA right? Sure, Bethesda Softworks might add a few MTX here and there; it's 2020, it's not 1993 anymore.

    21. MyHeavySac

      At first view when you see the demons you might think it's them showing screams of intimidation and bloodlust but in actuality there screams of horror and desperation because the Doomslayer is here, like he always has and always will be

    22. It's MAM!

      This looks fun af!

    23. Pocketpop Jason

      I pre-ordered the Deluxe edition of this game

    24. Noah Parker

      OK but the dude said, "... against all the wickedness mankind can produce..." which means that we're glossing over the fact that not only may we be fighting Hell *and* Heaven, but both of those *as well as* humanity. It's gunna be a three-way fight with us caught in the middle, ripping and tearing everyone equally.

    25. Labomb 9

      The background music is the fucking best thing i’ve heard in a while

      1. Michael Vincnt

        It's a Masterpiece of a soundtrack

    26. Veljko Gnjidić

      30 second video felt like it lasted 10 seconds, did we all just experience a chronological wormhole?

    27. MadPropzBaller

      The narration is so fucking badass.

    28. Bill Langhan

      there is two new demons the obvious one to the left but then there is this long black snake thing starting at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> the flame is blocking it take a closer look

      1. attack helicopter

        Long snake thing is the whiplash

    29. AlienWarForce

      I love the classic looks for the demons

    30. Lucas Turnquist

      DOOM Eternal was delayed because ID Software hurt their collective backs carrying Bethesda's E3 Presentation



    31. fade the fox

      Can't wait for armageddon, rip n tear

    32. samgalxaymlg olvera


    33. PuReGaming

      Ok so I just really wanna know where you guys found this information about some Marauder, this Betrayer & Seraphim because not only am I extremely hyped for this but I feel like I'm missing something big. I only knew about the Sentinels because of the last game and even then I honestly didn't understand the story arc pertaining to Lol.

      1. TacoForce5

        PuReGaming doom 2016 left the REALLY deep lore pretty vague. eternal will explore more of the lore of the doom universe.

      2. NOOBGUY

        @PuReGaming well you must've forgot

      3. PuReGaming

        @NOOBGUY That's literally what I did though lol. I love the doom games. I even got the platinum trophy for the BFG bundle that had 1, 2 & 3 for the ps3, and then earned the one for DooM [2016] on my ps4. So I did literally everything I could but I kinda feel dumb missing important details like that somehow..

      4. NOOBGUY

        Get everysingle codex and read them ... thats all you can do ... or you know watch a lore video like Night owls

    34. Brian Charles

      how does it win awards if it's been delayed twice and no one has played it??? bit of a joke really.

      1. Coffee & Doom

        It won awards at E3. They had a demo there.

    35. Alistair Hughes FS

      song anyone??????????????????????

      1. TacoForce5

        it’s the opening of doom 3

      2. Michael Vincnt

        It's probably if i could guess is the song for the start of the game defenetly You will get the name of this Masterpiece in the soundtrack

    36. Castle Bravo


    37. Yuri The comrade

      Just imagine all of humanity becomes like the doom slayer with unique armour and just going around killing demons and angels

    38. SymphonyOfWar63

      >Seeing all these demons Man... look at all those SFM models.

    39. Joseph Spence

      Rip And Tear Until It's Done

    40. h h

      So much hype

    41. Max Ortiz


    42. Mega Potato

      "and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before."

    43. OddGamerFreak

      This games probaly will suck. Its all about ForTniTE!

    44. Mike Stephano

      I know Overwatch won back in 2016 But the lame ass Overrated2 got nothing kn this masterpiece, Doom ethernal will brutally rape every other fucking game out there at release! -Im hopping-

    45. John Philip Tan

      Send the doomslayer? Shit thats waaay too over kill my dude... Tone it down Seraphim...

    46. C.A. B.T.


    47. Iury Cabeleira

      Man i really hope that in some twisted way the Seraphin is actually Lucifer that just wants everyone of hell and heaven dead for allways medling in humanity

    48. Chase H.

      Awards and nominations before the game is even complete. Have some integrity award givers..

      1. Русский Киборг

        This are Doom 2016 awards

    49. NIKOvbn

      One Slayer is all you will ever need \m/

    50. Wellplayedpeople

      This is DOOM we don’t give a shit about SJWs

    51. Maykro 99

      Against all the evil that Epic Games can conjure.All the wickedness that Mojang can produce.We will send up to them...only you

    52. Doom Master

      Is Mick Gordon using Doom3 again? 'cause the music here reminds me of the music at the very beginning of the game, when the marine arrives on Mars

    53. cog gear

      I'm gonna be playing this until I'm not banned from halo reach anymore

      1. cog gear

        @Michael Vincnt for being afk when I was taking a shower and I left a rubber band on my controller so I could be in the same lobby as my freinds.

      2. Michael Vincnt

        Why u got banned?

    54. RX7821979

      The narrator totally sounds like Anton Lavey

    55. Jolly Cooperation

      Shoot first ask questions never

    56. tokumo 21

      In the realm of hell one being stalks the land in never-ending rage even the demons and gods themselves fear of... THE MODOFUCIN DOOMSLAYA

    57. Clonedcheese

      Game of the century award should go to doom eternal

    58. Comedian David Sykes

      Against all the evil that hell can conjure,all the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send onto them, only you.

      1. Comedian David Sykes

        @RX7821979 lmao

      2. RX7821979

        He was basically describing my mini dachshund lol

    59. Anass KR

      It is such a shame that a lot of people are missing out on the new doom series. Honestly one of the most satisfying first person shooters out there. Superb sound design and the music supplied by Mick Gordon is amazing. It pays homage to the original best seller and re-invents itself at the same time. I can’t wait to play Doom Eternal.

      1. TacoForce5

        doom basically shoved the oversaturated fps genre we know up its mothers vagina and led rebirth of the whole FPS genre we know today

      2. Michael Vincnt

        Amen to that

    60. Consequence No. 62

      I get nervous when a game is already getting an award before it's even out.

      1. TacoForce5

        Lord Krythic true

      2. Lord Krythic

        @TacoForce5 I'm in no way denying that this game will be good. In fact, I'm certain it will be good. But no game should be winning awards before it's even out. That's like giving a book awards before the author is even finished writing it.

      3. TacoForce5

        yeah, be nervous for how good this game is gonna be

      4. Lord Krythic

        In today's society, you get awards for showing up. Hell, you can fail and still get awards for pretty much everything in our society now. A mountain of them. You can thank Democrats for that bullshit.

    61. Macyle

      Look i am all hyped and juiced up for this game and it could even has the potential to be my GOTY 2020 But isn't stupid to show off all those "best x of whatever" awards even tho the game hasn't even released yet ?

    62. Dark Spy

      Hey look buddy, I'm the Doom Slayer, that means I solve problems.

    63. Bruce HC

      The DoomSlayer nevers speaks, but can always get his point across with one well placed chainsaw. After all, the chainsaw is the great communicator

    64. MrBig s

      We all know this Will BE THE BEST SHOOTER Ever MADE !!! Others will try to copy this marvel. ❤️

      1. odin175 lorenz

        @J Fosterno it's going to be the best fps because gameplay first. It uses the best things from old fps design like freedom in the way you play and great enemydesign. You must earn everything in the game, you must find the secrets, you must master the combat. Many people don"t know why old fps design is good. It has various reasons, but also his flaws like bullet sponges. Doom eternal take this old gamedesignphilosophie but improve it and use the best things modern game can offer. So yeah there is a reason people and myself are fucking hyped about this game, not only because violence. Id Software give a fuck of trends and make a game with no creative limitations. This is real art

      2. J Foster

        @TacoForce5 did I say it was trash it's not the best just based on gore like you idiots are on

      3. TacoForce5

        ah, a generic gamer saying that an fps that isn’t cod is trash

      4. J Foster

        @TacoForce5 gore doesn't make it action pack and have you played zombies

      5. TacoForce5

        J Foster are you saying cod is as much of an action packed gore fest as doom? leave. IMMEDIATELY.

    65. Jacob McMahan

      What the hell was that?

    66. Devon Dunseth

      Game awards: You sent this guy?! One guy?! The industry is dying and you think this one guy can save everything?!? Id software: we didn't send one guy. We sent HIM.

      1. Pvt. Groundmiss

        There ya go chief :)

      2. шахматный эксперт

        ID software

      3. Pvt. Groundmiss

        id software Fix that

    67. mako rampage

      All Heil the all mighty doomslayer

    68. John Weak

      Girls: ''Eeeek!!!" "Demons!!!" Everyone Run!!!" Boys:

      1. Viking ZeroOne

        шахматный эксперт it’s gonna be a clusterfuck of gore everywhere.

      2. шахматный эксперт

        Imagine a ton of Slayers running to the demons

    69. SAClassHunterZero

      ...and yet it's still probably the equivalent of dropping an atom bomb on an ant hill.

    70. PowderedElement

      rip my gt 1030

    71. Dennis

      I still hate those exposed biceps

    72. QR M57R

      Think of doomguy as rorschach from watchmen, as how the prisoners were trapped with him, and not the opposite way, the demons are trapped with doomguy, and not the other way around.

    73. Panagiotis Veioglanis

      The music that plays is from doom 3, at the beginning of the campaign...

    74. Augusto C.

      In English: *Raze Hell* In Italian: _Inscinerici L'Inferno_

      1. Mike Stephano

        lasagna pizza peti formacci!!! lmao

    75. The_1st_wing

      Wait, was the Switch version cancelled? It wasn't listed in the consoles it was coming to.

      1. Coffee & Doom

        The Switch version has been delayed but will be released later on next year I presume.

      2. Lord Krythic

        Who the fuck plays games on switch? What, are you like six?

    76. imran hazim

      Not yet release but still got Game Award.

    77. miles pennington

      Mick Gordon’s new soundtrack sounds like it’s gonna be amazing maybe even better than doom 2016 soundtrack.

    78. Echotechnic

      Some Guy: " many demons have you killed so far?" Doomguy: *"Yes."*

      1. Kelly McCormack

        Doom Slayer: Let's see. Carry the three. Times 6. About 666 Demon armies and 5 Demon overlords.

      2. memetard

        @GunlessSnake lost count at 5,000

      3. GunlessSnake

        Alternatively: *Not enough*

    79. Scorge

      Wait.... This game releases when animal crossing does. Coincidence, I think not.

      1. TacoForce5

        both are released on international happiness day

      2. fahadtheslayer

        The switch version of this game has been delayed as well, so who it won’t affect animal crossing....

    80. Yan Tameziwi

      They haven’t even published itand I’m already killing em boys