Doom Eternal First Look: id Tech 7 Doesn't Disappoint!

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    Doom Eternal is one of John Linneman's most eagerly anticipated games of the year - and he had the chance to sit down and play three hours of it. What's new with the game and the technology... and can it possibly live up to expectations?
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    1. romerogoon

      @2:20 changes to chainsaw mah boiiiiii

    2. gogo

      it`s not the game it`s how much money you will spend on PC... shame!

    3. Jeremy Freeman

      Do Maternal looks great!!!

    4. McBean 56545

      Hey, Apogee! Yeah you, 3D Realms! AARDWOLF!

    5. Jack D. Ripper

      Anybody know if they'll raise the 200fps max to say 250-300fps?

    6. BigDuck

      why is crouching removed?

    7. GolldenFalcon

      I really hope that the framerate won't be locked to 60 on PC...

    8. agliettip

      I have a feeling that the review embargo will be lifted at least one week before the release date.

    9. Cody M

      This game looks so sexy

    10. Beast6228

      I'd give anything for a remake of RTCW with full Multiplayer support.

    11. DED DOA

      First game I have pre-ordered since KoTOR 2.

    12. Marcus Pacheco


    13. kevin bailey

      Looks super cool, doom 2016 doesn't seem tht long ago, an how long did we wait for tht

    14. Chillhoof

      Love how the weapon animations are close to the classic Doom games. How he tilts the pump action when cycling a round and also the timing when reloading the double-barreled... Nice touch!

    15. Aron Soumete

      Even more good new, no cosmetic mtx, all of the cosmetics are unlockable by playing!

    16. damir791

      Doom Ethernal seems good for 2020 release!

    17. X Fade

      "as a fan and believer in doom 2016 even when othere were uncertain" Right get your head out of your ass.

    18. Rob G

      Can't wait to play this on Xbox one x on my new LG OLED.

    19. skat26

      When you do the traditional centered gun option it looks so awkward hahaha I like holding it from the side better. Honestly is hard to watch

    20. broccolidood

      I love how doom doesn't just beef up the graphics at the cost of everyone's PCs, and instead has a bunch of super talented programmers that manage to make the engine so optimized the art team can make the game look amazing

      1. Anthony is Okay

        I really hope it can run my 1050 ti 4gb vram with an i7 3770k. DOOM 2016 ran well on my pc with slight hiccups(stutters), on ultra.

    21. Chains of DOOM

      Damn, i hope it looks nearly as good as this in consoles, specifically the PS4 Pro


      Textures look that of late nineties.... WTF??!!

    23. Lukáš Zapletal

      Multiplayer: overwatch like multi hero shooter with objectives. :)

    24. Strider

      The DOOM SLAYER must know where you stand. Reply either... PS5 SERIES X

    25. NoahThomas29

      The more gore the better!

    26. SunoKuni

      Bethesdas only hope to earn some money

    27. Darthb1te

      Graphic is bad looks like from 2012

    28. South Bronx, NY

      Too many settings but no SLI I bet.

    29. ibrokemykeyboard

      Anyone talking about how the weapon and monster designs have gone back to more of a DOOM II look? I dig it.

    30. Jonathan C

      I wish unreal engine had AA as good as id tech. This engine looks awesome :)

    31. Zemla

      60fps for doom is too low :-/

    32. Pharotman 23

      Getting a little tired of hearing about small levels and worlds for speed runners and level refinement non sense. I want huge sloppy levels with tons of secrets and exploration as well as awesome gameplay. I want to be able to get lost in a level completely separated from the main game action. Older games had this and for some reason millennial gamers have too much anxiety to handle it. Next gens big console machines need to give us more of this.

    33. larbi sahraoui doukkali

      But does it DJENT ?

    34. inteLLectic

      WTF plays the modern DOOM games w/ the weapon in the center? That shit is hurting my head.

    35. Srex 117

      Is there Gauss Cannon is the game. If not then this game will not be as good as 2016 Doom WITH Gauss Cannon

    36. BFKC

      "reminded of the jump from Quake 2 to Quake 3 back then" Never seen a more absurd comparison. What you mean is simply "that there is some improvement", however (classic) Quake 2 and Quake 3 are completely different dimensions of graphics, at least as regards the overall impression. This is nothing like it at all, it's hard to tell they are even different games at times.

    37. The Most Interesting Man

      You've got red on you.

    38. The Most Interesting Man

      Animation > Motion Capture. ALWAYS.

    39. BFKC

      Others were not uncertain. Stop bringing up random crap of an extreme minority, it will just cause an issue out of nothing. Foolish...

    40. Stanley Smith

      I hope the the icons and some of the in game stuff like ammo and those riot shield can be tweaked, because they look outlandish and cartoony. Some FRsel reviewers are already screaming 'downgrade!😵' just because some pink glowing ammo boxes. 😏I hope id takes notice, because we really don't need this stupid fortnite-style in a Doom game. It crashes with the overall tone and it really makes the otherwise excellent graphics look immature.

    41. DisChipo

      Great tech analysis. id Tech 7 is just awesome, looks and performs great but there's something that still bothers me since day one... it's too colorful. Idk if it's just everything but at least the hud, the items on the ground and some enemies have a too intensive color pattern for my taste.

    42. Strabby Crabby

      this Doom looks more like Painkiller with all these castles and stuff... oh, if they did a remaster of this game! more people should know about it ☺️

    43. Mclloydeeee

      How does changing your graphics and performance of the mechanics in the game gonna affect your " play-style "?

    44. FENRIR_SZN

      Never played doom but now i wanna try this one and 2016 out

    45. Giuseppe De Riso

      Something tells me Stadia version will outclass consoles.

    46. Adrian Campos

      Y does it look like he’s aiming down sights like 100% of the vid??? Welp saw that it’s an option in the menus, it’s hella weird for me I’ve never seen that option in another game

      1. Khelan

        It's to mimic the weapon placement in the classic Doom games and other 90's shooters.

    47. Salt_Train

      Why was your explanation of the game engine at 0:59 sound like marketing vile? “...I’d tech software is designed to push the limit to the max” that sounds like your selling me a product...

    48. flipwarrior

      Good job, Alex.

    49. JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI

      I love it that the weapons are CENTERED in this video.. Classy DOOM Stile is BEST DOOM Stile 😎👍

    50. Unknow0059

      There's a downgrade in visual design. • Creatures are more realistic and human-like, less cartoony, less interesting. This was my original problem that I had as soon as I saw the new enemy design. • UI is not curved, its flat, making it less interesting, and you don't feel like you have a helmet on. • UI seems tacked on and not a part of reality. It's less grounded in reality because of a lack of imperfections. • Items are multicolored, causing noise. • The energy shields of enemies are almost a flat color. • Text is less readable due to added unnecessary detail. • Even the subtitles are worse because there's no color difference between the text that refers to the speaker and the text being spoken. The visual design issue is worse than I originally though. This disappoints me so.

    51. Rex Banner

      Gpu melter.

    52. Smashmambo

      I wonder what the other options are in menu under "UI Color Profile" ?

    53. Omega Point Singularity

      looks like quake champions, I dont understand why people are so hyped for this game. It looks like shit. It looks like quake. This is not doom folks. You have been fooled.

    54. DickBurns

      Pre-ordered months ago 😁

    55. Sega _Kid

      Man this year i'm gonna so beat........ Doom 2016. Believe it 👍

    56. ZeR0's BuLLeT

      please let it be moddable

    57. Sillas Lucena

      Who would imagine that, as a publisher, Bethesda's best games would be from the Doom and Rage franchises instead of fallout and TES 😅

    58. VisionEffectable

      Will run on base PS4 fluid?

    59. CopyrightStrike FkingSucks

      Can't wait to see what Halo Infinite looks like, last time they showcase Slipspace engine capability at E3 last year, it's insane. That engine already ahead of its time.

      1. EnGenDex

        CopyrightStrike FkingSucks Huh??? Learn some english man. Stop making praises when you have no idea what the game will look like. “Game engine footage” just means that a scene will be rendered that way before being downgraded into gameplay. Don’t you even know that Halo 5 looks worse than 4?

      2. CopyrightStrike FkingSucks

        ​@EnGenDex as long i'm being gamer for 16 years i say no, this is microsoft we talking about, not ubishit. Halo team never lying about graphics, also at E3 they show realtime engine footage, not gameplay but unlike ubifake which is showed pre rendered gameplay which is not come from their game engine . so my point stand still.

      3. EnGenDex

        CopyrightStrike FkingSucks No lol. They showed a pre rendered cutscene, not real time gameplay.

    60. Mikael

      Shame they had to add shit like finishing moves etc, imo don't belong in a doom game. That said its good to see ID push the tech again.