Doom Eternal | Phobos Gameplay Trailer | PS4

PlayStation Europe

PlayStation Europe

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    The DOOM Slayer takes the battle to Phobos in the gameplay reveal video for DOOM Eternal.
    Unleash your ultimate power fantasy with an arsenal of weapons, including the Super Shotgun's new Meat Hook mod, an extendable blade, and the shoulder-mounted rocket with flame thrower to wreak havoc on Hell's onslaught of demons. Battle against re-imagined classic DOOM demons like the Pain Elemental and Arachnotron across locations like Earth, Phobos, and beyond.

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    1. Dmitry 93-year-old

      Garbage they sell

    2. 15gold

      the red blade is like a lichtsaber or something


      0:36 That may be the most gentle things ever I have seen from DOOM

    4. TheLefrod

      The Slayer is one of the missing Primachs of Warhammer 40k, that explains all

    5. chiriboga 11

      Why do they fear the doom slayer is he not their allie

    6. dio5482

      BFG 10000 > Death Star

    7. Руслан Гачинский

      Лютый трэш. Саундтрэк просто бомба!

    8. Darkstride Is I

      They added so many more demons, too bad they changed the fat cyclops demons into fat normal faced demons

    9. boobie miles

      Hahahah this looks like that typical video game someone is playing in a movie scene, looks good tho

    10. Jaime Lopez

      DOOM = SSBU new Character !!

    11. Devan Hale

      why is there no blood splatter on the walls or floor..

    12. Andrew H

      ...was cool 30 years just a predictable meh

    13. Gametron 227

      I know it's late but yeah boi

    14. Fire And Blood - Free Fire

      Cant wait. :)

    15. holymolly guackamole

      They know their place threw Experience, Fear, or BOTH

    16. Johnny Castellano

      God I can't wait to play this on ps4

    17. GamingMunkee

      So wtf is the slayer? I always figured he was a man until the end of "knee deep in the dead" But is he still even the same man? Or did him and the ancient go Vegito and become something entirely different?

    18. Glowstik

      No longer is it demonic threats at unsafe levels Now it’s *THE SLAYER HAS ENTERED THE FACILITY*

    19. Karl Franz , Emperor of Mankind, chosen of Sigmar

      I love that that gigantic gun is called the BFG 10.000

    20. KamenRiderBlackSun

      Play this game while having Dragula by rob zombie playing at the background

    21. Luiz

      "Slayer threat at maximum" *speaker turns to demons* "Im talking to you tho"

    22. TheCrowncard

      "Warning, the Slayer has enter the facility" Human:RUN! Demon:RUN FASTER!!

    23. cynthia rouse

      In Your SimWorld Majik Loop de Loo On Your Call of Duty Who Do You Coup?

    24. Mario abelendo alvarez


    25. darko hunter

      Tbh the way the guy plays the game is way to defensive you gotta run in there and ram that shotgun down their throat

    26. Dancerogue

      HORRIBLE Parece que va caminando flotando no caminando y cuando empieza el PvE es literalmente apuntar a conos inmóviles 3/10

    27. Clay .T

      This game is brutal xD

    28. Bo Antonetti

      Worker 1 : Corporate says we should let him through Worker 2 : What? Why!? Doom Guy: You must be new.

    29. presjo

      damnit that looks awesome

    30. JiTiAr35

      The people look scared of him. I would've cheered him out.

    31. x-_YoShi_-x

      Ok... Nice game

    32. Sean Klipp

      What is this heresy? "Can I play daddy?" difficulty!?

    33. Tour maline

      Please make a game based on Berserk manga

    34. Lord Azreal Lais

      Doom metal Jesus edition

    35. Alexey Vlasov

      Even in trailer sometimes I see low fps :O

    36. ZeroWolfAlfa

      looks to easy... '

    37. Billy Bounce

      I don’t understand why xbox better than PS but it’s true

      1. RunLego

        I don’t understand why pc is better than console....

    38. Jake Bzoskie

      A day in the life of tyler1

    39. james cameron

      Концовка зашла!=)

    40. Bender Doblador Rodriguez

      we need the CHIQUITO MOD for this!!

    41. eLIPHAS3333

      Doomslayer and Gordon Freeman NEED to team up.

    42. Jona Alaba

      The new weapon arsenal looks great although the gameplay seems a bit to easy and kinda boring because of this

    43. avx7

      I feel tougher just watching this

    44. Ogedegbe John

      Who's here after watching the just newly released gameplay second trailer.

    45. Gender Bender

      The solution: R A G E . . .

    46. Pedro Simões

      But will I be able to play it on my fridge?

    47. Draco Marine

      Whenever I hear BFG I hear both Big Force Gun and Big F**king Gun. Both of which fit the weapon

      1. Draco Marine

        And another name could Bio-organism Fracture Grenade launcher comes to mind

    48. patrick's best friend

      that warning about the slayer entering the facility gives the same vibe of a final boss entering the level

    49. Luca Baldi

      Doomsalyer enters the room Demons: aight imma head o- Doomslayer: *literally decapitates him*

    50. Tywin Lannister

      well, call me Michael Bay watching a movie budget being used in explosions, because i have a full erection

    51. The WubMeister

      "Corporate says we should let them through!" DOOM Slayer: "That... won't be necessary."

    52. MrYodaman90

      Space Marine: Hey! You can't be Doom Slayer: Son, give me that thing before you hurt yourself with it!

    53. jahiddle

      Master Chief-I'm good at killing bad guys. Doom Slayer-Hold my beer!

    54. Ohmnex

      Joels gonna be mad about those archviles

    55. Контент на сушке


    56. Kami no Natsu

      I died when he grabbed the dude and pulled to keycard to the panel

    57. Bubba Fett

      Finally the next episode of hazbin hotel

    58. A Weirdo On the Internet

      That new dash feature as well as the new guns look fun as all hell too goof around with

    59. fox-fox6909

      Awesome ! 😂😉😃😄

    60. Sir Baconbaker 3.1

      The guy playing this is absolutely terrible at it