Doom Eternal Gameplay + Impressions ( It's really good )


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    Doom Eternal gameplay is brilliant. Having spent 3 hours playing it, I need more right now! New gameplay and Impressions in this video. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. znxster

      When a game is so good, jack doesn't bother with commentary at the end. I think this is exactly what they needed to do as well. Too many games are pushed to be games-as-a-service and it breaks the overall enjoyment. This is just pure doom slayer fun.

    2. A Very Menacing Name

      0:38 love how right as you say “fill your brain with knowledge” you glory kill an aracnatron

    3. S Ryan

      This gameplay is so hypnotic

    4. Too Much Sus

      Did I hear the Q3 hit sound somewhere?

    5. Josh G

      I spent all weekend play Doom 2016 so pumped for Eternal!

    6. Nintendo Main

      Next month on 3/20/20 is my super mega hype

    7. adham adyatma

      You can upgrade your upgrade...

    8. Tallon IV

      if I were to go back in time and show the public how far we've come with games, this would be the game to give them

    9. Torok

      BEAUTIFUL Gameplay man! I loved it so much, the slow motion rune is so cool goddamnit I might have to use it just for the cool effect alone.

    10. Ahmed XH Chakhoum

      DOOM 2016 on steroids, this fucking game is off the hook, my testosterone increased from watching this badass gameplay this is has to be the most fucking awesome FPS game i've ever seen, the smoothness is just satisifying, i mean what the fuck is going on, if you blink in this game those demons will fuck you up

    11. AIRWOLF

      Something’s telling me they’re guna make a quake 5

    12. Robert Schäffer

      I really hate the jumping mechanics. In Doom 2016 those few we had were there because of logical level design. Now you have platforms and sticks to grapple on at places just because they had to be put there for the jumping. Not reversed that you had to jump to get through a collapsed area or something. Too forced. And these shiny rainbow colors. FFS this should be doom not Destiny. At least the shooting and pace of the game looks good.

    13. This username

      Glad to see saving throw is still here

    14. Comfy Man

      thank you for having both commentary and solo gameplay audio sections. Really awesome.

    15. Imago Gestalter

      Insanely good game play footage.

    16. August West

      As a Doom kid from the early 90s I gotta say, this is DOOM AS FUCK!!! Am i the only screaming "YES! YES! YES!" at the screen?

    17. Communism_is_wrong

      Love the electric metal soundtrack, the music really makes doom..doom

    18. Chris Gill

      the demon's bodies showing all the "battle damage" is such an awesome touch

    19. Simidae

      I can't get exited about DOOM Eternal, I never finished the last one. I just got bored & stopped playing.

    20. M.L. from Jamestown N.Y.

      know i thank u 4 this video no hate just constructive criticism o the other video (just-say-en ) ;)

    21. Raphael

      "This is why I hate video games, it just appeals to the male fantasy" Me: *watches Doomslayer punch a demon's head straight down into its own torso.* Me: Goddamn right it does.

      1. the bongheadization

        Fuckin right

    22. Rénald D

      it look very better than doom 2016

    23. Mako Troid

      Ty. Finally, early DE Vid from someone actually good at the game👍

    24. Isaac

      This game looks so sick and I actually never played the original one

    25. BHS

      Weapons look all weird to me I don't know why. I just want classic doom 3 remake on PS5

    26. Dave

      I don't think u could get another game with as much action as this

    27. Mantis_Riger

      If I were to describe Doom Eternal, I would describe it as a raging erection.

    28. Disco Machine

      That BASE at 11:23

    29. Sinclairelim

      Wait. So DOOM Eternal has Invasions now? So damn cool

    30. momo 3HD_2

      Me: never pre orders anything. Also me: pre orders doom eternal out of sheer fear of what the doom slayer will do to me if I don’t.

    31. Sarang Jogi

      It’s like Killzone meets Metroid Prime!

    32. Jason Crawford

      Alright, Jack, I've been with you for a long time and you love a challenge. How about trying to beat DOOM Eternal with the music muted? That's 10x harder than restarting or even a no-damage run.

    33. Fuzzy Dunlop

      You-have. A. Weird-cadence. In. The. Way-you-speak.

    34. J G

      I loved Doom 2016. This game looks fuckin incredible

    35. Mr.Tweezy007

      I like killing stuff. :)

    36. Krzysztof 363

      this is better than porn

    37. gsomslayer

      okay so im gonna sound really sadistic saying this but like is it just me or does the game still not look brutal enough? game looks sick though. fast-paced and action packed

    38. StoneBrain

      Doom engine must be the smoothest engine of all time! The textures on these levels are just superb!

      1. Zuri

        They switched from Mega textures that were used in Doom 2016 and now everything will look much more detailed up close.

    39. nicolas B.

      I love that part where you just punch that engineer zombie into the mancubus and it explodes in a shower or blood and guts

    40. Greg Ahnassay

      How do I become a game tester like you

    41. Greg Ahnassay

      How did you get to play before it came out

    42. Emir Awadi

      epic and metal

    43. Flying Dude

      Probably gotta play on the hardest level to get that retro feeling of being a kid that sucks at video games.

    44. Mark Foxwell

      Could you imagine if this studio made a terminator game were you was terminator and had to destroy the resistances.

    45. G P

      Looks like it wasn't a mistake to pre-order a year ago :-]

    46. Zach . Hudson

      Bethesda: how should we make creative glory kills? Developers: ... Also developers: JUST STAB EVERYTHING IN THE HEAD

    47. MIchał Sz

      Holy shit this game is adrenaline pumped.

    48. mojo master

      this is fucking intense

    49. Junior Raymond

      How was u able to play it an none of us lot haven't :/

    50. Brett Wallander

      2016 was better..was more about re creating the original..this is so video gamey and idk....looks off.

    51. William Brasky

      Enjoy this title, savor it because bethesda will do everything possible to make sure the next release is absolute dog shyt

    52. Will Lange

      9:50 The WHAT now?

    53. TheUnchainedMind

      Gameplay looks amazing but so far the music isn't quite on par with 2016. Still very excited though.

    54. Eliezer Stefanello

      Mick Gordon's soundtrack is awesome!

    55. PROPHYZ

      looks fkn EPIC, cant wait.

    56. woodpecker

      Good to see games that are finished and can be enjoyed instead of stupid beta testing externalizing the risk of videogame making on ppl. Thx

    57. Ryan Sansaricq

      Looks like a bigger version of the previous game with a better story, expanded gameplay, and more shit to kill without removing what made the first game amazing. That's pretty much exactly what I hope for with Dying Light 2 and TLOU 2.

    58. slinging penguin

      thank u man u were the first competent video i watch on the new demo out of 12 vids

    59. Big Crush

      Very good yes.😋