DOOM Eternal - Official E3 Story Trailer

Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks

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    Raze Hell. DOOM Eternal launches on 3.20.20. Watch the all-new Story Trailer for DOOM Eternal, the much-anticipated sequel to DOOM (2016).
    DOOM Eternal puts you in control of the DOOM Slayer as you blow apart new and classic demons with powerful weapons in unbelievable and never-before-seen worlds. Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as you rip and tear your way across dimensions with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.
    Pre-order DOOM Eternal to receive a DOOT Revenant Skin for use in DOOM Eternal multiplayer called BATTLEMODE, a “Cultist Base” Master Level, and a throwback Shotgun weapon skin.
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    1. Huanito Kartoffel

      Doomslayer has become Nietzsche?

    2. Lori Kame

      "You will bring down the heavens wraith" Doomguy - "Bring it on"

    3. Nour Ghafarji

      kratos best friend

    4. RoD H

      That Chain shotgun is shooting 300 fuck yous per second.

    5. Nathan Evans

      "You are but one man." DoomGuy: Yeah that does seem unfair, hey, Bethesda! Remove all of my weapons from Doom 2016.

    6. Dark Parterx

      God probably won’t be an enemy. Just the guy that probably warns the doom slayer and then leaves Makyr to do her own stuff on doom slayer

    7. Malachi Gomez

      Epic battle Doom eternal: ITS VEIWER MAIL TIME AGAIN 1:22

    8. Gambit

      Doom logic: "If it bleeds it can be killed"

    9. Towaf

      After coming back to this, a question came to mind: "They are no longer your people to save." Is this in reference to Humanity or the Knight Sentinals? I feel it should be the Latter. Or was the answer too obvious and I didn't realize it..

    10. Leo Morningstar

      God- They Are No Longer Your People To Save Me & Slayer- First off Hold My Fucking Beer and secondly *puts BFG to God's Chin* They Were Never Yours To Abandon

    11. Aneesh Patankar

      Once the dislike reaches 666, it's proof that the devil is watching *nervously*

    12. mrkiiprototype

      *Sees chaingunner* Doom 2 UV flashbacks intensifies

    13. mrkiiprototype

      Doom Slayer finds his way to heaven God:Oh god oh fuck

    14. Demigod Legion

      Da he to da he tooooooo dooom

    15. Wojciech Łysakowski

      This is probably the most metal thing there is.

    16. Василий Третий Чижов

      IDDQD and IDKFA in Hell! =)))))

    17. Gaspar Magalhães

      Só basically Doom Slayer is stopping Armageddon?

    18. Casey

      That chainsaw vs the laser axe shit at the end is so over the top but so fucking necessary

    19. RED pyro

      God: "you are but one man" Satan who alredy has delt whit doom slayer: *nerveys demon sounds* Demons who have tasted the bite of his sword: *sobbing hystericrelly in the corner* Doom slayer: "is that the sound of more bodies to rip and souls to traumatize i hear?"

    20. Mark Gilbert

      Wait how did Samuel Die? And how did the Doom slayer get the crucible?? Are we supposed to know these things going into the game, or are they explained in the game??

      1. shi t just hit the fan

        Nah bro no one knows

    21. Ondra Lavicka

      The only thing, that irks me about this is doomguy having a face and personality. He now seems to be.... well.... human. I like the idea of an endless rage better. He now seems mortal and rage shouldn't be.

      1. Gumball

        Doom Guy has always been human. That's what so horrifying. He is but one man.

    22. Richard Sweet

      "You will bring down heavens wrath" He will bring down heaven PERIOD

    23. Erick torres

      The two titan-slaying angry bois who will win a DEATH BATTLE *KRATOS* VS *DOOMSLAYER*

    24. BamaSam777

      Bruh the music for this game is going to be the most METAL SOUNDTRACK

    25. Yonan

      We wants it preciousss.

    26. FurySh0ck

      Doom Slayer is not considered a human anymore among Heaven and Hell

    27. ClericNeo

      This will forever be one of the greatest trailers I ever see & I will watch it long after the game has come & gone. Ready to Raze Hell in March!

    28. c1rcu1tn3rd

      The massive demon at the end is definitely the Icon of Sin. It does not match the Titans looks in the new trailer. However it looks identical to the huge demon with red lights all over it. And that demon's side profile matches the Icons.

    29. Sleman Gerdy

      How TF did i miss this trailer????????

    30. Charmandy Orton

      So there’s not just a Heavy Metal Choir in the soundtrack, but also a church organ??? This really is the greatest timeline for DOOM so far...

    31. Ignis King

      I like this better than the new one.

    32. W34KN35S

      Best trailer ever for a game , I keep coming back to watch it. The music and sound effects, tone and everything are just perfect.

    33. Dragonax

      God: You will bring heaven;s wrath Angels: O fuck please God don't do this

    34. Kamhi

      An oblivious hellish berserker approaches with a high-tech/magic battleaxe. Doom guy: *Pulls out a chainsaw with malicious intent*

    35. Beanosthepengus

      Yo dude Cthulhu might be in this

    36. GantRaThor

      The most badass title reveal of all time

    37. DDWG

      0:00 through 1:56 is what you came for. 1:00 through 1:21 is what I can't stop playing.

    38. Arik Hoveland

      Who’s here after trailer 2 of this?

    39. Joseph Wong

      unlike other fps games, Doom actually gets my adrenaline pumping like I'm right there in the fight through fast paced actions because you're not able to just sit back and snipe from afar.

    40. xTALPAx

      2 months no, can't wait

    41. SongJiangShiJin

      Hands down the best shooter

    42. DaBossBass

      Just finished watching the new trailer, and holy FUCK this is gonna be SO DAMN EPIC!

    43. Tom Mann

      "You are but one man" And that is more than enough.

    44. Liteforever

      After gameplay trailer?

    45. The Doom Slayer

      Doom vs Halo, Metroid, Anime, Sonic And More games....who wins? One Eternal while the others are VERY Temporary

    46. Robert Swan

      Coming here to brush the shit of my teeth about 2nd trailer

      1. Jo

        Why was it bad??


      Doom story trailer has more gameplay than the story Doom gameplay trailer has more story than the gameplay me: is this some kind of joke

    48. dynocom dyno

      sound track no good give me back old doom sound

    49. Direto do Zap!

      This one is better than their new trailer.

    50. Road to Zion

      Who’s here after the second trailer was released?

    51. Jesse Eldridge

      Am I the only one who misses what DOOM used to be? It's starting to look like Darksiders. All over the top action and gore, not a single element of horror left in it. I mean yeah, cool.. Doom, doom monsters but they shouldn't have tried to change it so much; the storyline looks completely whack for what it's supposed to be.

      1. Solehin Aznan

        @Pantsalonis he definitely did

      2. Pantsalonis

        Uhh you do know the original dooms were like this also right? Or did you only play doom 3?

      3. Kiddie Strangler

        splish splash your opinion is trash

    52. Pierce BottomText

      Just wanted to point out that at 0:56 you can see our Chad's face through the visor a bit. Gaze upon the eyes and nose of the Slayer!

    53. thatloose bloke

      I really hope the chainsaw is a constant usable weapon in this.

    54. Xander Park

      If you are not hyped for this game you have serious fucking mental problems!

    55. Chackles 1

      I want this so bad

    56. x X Risen Empire X x

      Honestly doomguy/doomslayer is one of my favorite badasses in gaming history. The reason is well.....its doomguy/doomslayer..... he doesn't give a f**k about ANYTHING and hes very relentless, and dangerous......but most important reason why..... Is that he RIP AND TEAR his way through hell and back

    57. War Eagle

      Dark Souls: You are trapped in a room with demons Doom: Demons are trapped in a room with you Doom ETERNAL: The room has been destroyed

    58. I Want Cider

      Nobody: Doom guy: silent liberal !


      You are but one man... Yes.. but one angry man

    60. kaan güllük

      Trailer #2 is coming tomorrow!!!